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obdiihey everyone00:39
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CTtpollardgood morning07:02
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CTtpollardhey leon-anavi08:11
leon-anavihi CTtpollard how are you?08:12
CTtpollardleon-anavi: not bad, back after the easter break08:12
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I hope your mailbox is not too full cause I sent a patch on Friday that adds meta-rust to bblayers.conf :)08:13
CTtpollardleon-anavi: heh there is a lot to get through... but I've seen it08:13
leon-anaviyes, I guess so, it always a challenge to catch up with the emails after a holiday08:14
CTtpollardleon-anavi: if we're adding the layers to layer conf (that will probably fix the error the CI server is having re not finding the cargo.bbclass) do you think it should be added to packagegroups to be built by default into the GDP?08:15
leon-anaviCTtpollard, building cargo and rust will require extra time. It could be annoying for someone to wait them if he is not including RVI SOTA client or another Rust application in his GDP image.08:17
CTtpollardleon-anavi: longer than qtwebkit? ;)08:17
CTtpollardleon-anavi: I'll push your patch to the ci branch, and then hunt for caffeine08:18
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I am not afraid neither of qtwebkit, nor of cargo and rust because I have experience with building Crosswalk as part of Tizen images :)08:18
CTtpollardleon-anavi: I'm not aware of it, but your comparison fills me with fear08:21
CTtpollardleon-anavi: branch pushed again with the bblayers patch08:21
leon-anaviI have a couple of patches for meta-genivi-demo in the queue but first I want to try them with the latest version of GDP on rpi208:22
CTtpollardleon-anavi: yeh I've seen the discussion around the structuring there from chbae's raspi inclusions08:23
leon-anaviCTtpollard, yes, I don't find it convenient this way. I would prefer it to be the same as for qemu and do add another layer for rpi specific stuff.08:25
leon-anaviCTtpollard, what is your opinion on this topic?08:26
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: I have suggested that the raspi branch could have a separate layer commited to it for raspi specifics, but chbae's implementation is also ok in my opinion08:32
leon-anaviCTtpollard, what is the plan for long term? Are you planning to maintain a separate branch for each supported device?08:35
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: I'm hoping to discuss some PoC work around switching to a single branch08:39
CTtpollardat the amm08:39
CTtpollardto make things easier to maintain08:40
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I agree. I think that Poky is an excellent example.08:42
leon-anaviIn my opinion the easiest to use and maintain way will be a single branch for GDP + BSP layers and eventually additional layers to GDP if there is anything specific for a given platform08:44
CTtpollardthe creation of the gdp submodules repo was a first step into making it easier to create the build environment ( instead of having a readme with a list of repos and sha's and local/layers conf info)08:46
CTtpollardit's something I've been playing around with in spare time, but I don't have enough time to dedicate to it with the AMM so close08:50
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, I think that having the same meta-genivi-demo layer for QEMU and rpi is a step in this direction. meta-raspberrypi-gdp should be kept separate09:38
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: having meta-raspberrypi-gdp (or another named dir) as a sub dir in meta-genivi-demo should not be an issue for qemu though09:51
CTtpollardwell I know it doesn't have an issue09:51
leon-anavisure, it is not a problem10:17
leon-anaviaccording to me, one way or another, it will be convenient to have the same structure of meta-genivi-demo for all targeted devices.10:18
CTtpollardleon-anavi: yes that's the aim, chbae is using a branch in meta-genivi-demo for the restructure. The plan is to merge it so all targets continue to use the same10:20
CTtpollardsorry if I'm misunderstanding your point10:20
leon-anaviok, we are on the same track :)10:29
CTtpollardso meta-genivi-demo/meta-genivi-demo for common, meta-genivi-demo/$board/bsp for specific board stuff.10:33
CTtpollardwhere we can't use upstream of course10:33
leon-anaviCTtpollard, so meta-genivi-demo is heading to option 4 from these options:  right?10:33
CTtpollardleon-anavi: without further objections, yes10:34
leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok, very good10:34
leon-anaviCTtpollard, why don't we adjust meta-genivi-demo branch qemu-ci to this structure right away?10:35
CTtpollardleon-anavi: if you want to add a review for the restructure patch from chbae to the list, it will bring it closer to merging to master10:36
CTtpollardah sorry slight problem their, the patch was too big for git email. I believe he provided an external github link to the diff10:37
leon-anaviI had a look at the whole discussion but it is quite long so I didn't read it carefully.10:37
CTtpollardyes, I'll try digging out the list10:38
CTtpollardleon-anavi: here
CTtpollardanother instance of where gerrit would make things cleaner10:40
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, yes, Gerrit would make these reviews cleaner10:45
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, I will write a short reply at the mailing list to note that I hope this will be merged in branch qemu-ci10:48
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: great10:56
leon-anaviAccording to the article for GDP on rpi2 branch chbae/raspberrypi should be used:
leon-anaviI don't see such branch. There is chbae/raspberrypi2. Is this the right branch?10:59
CTtpollardleon-anavi: good spot, yes 211:00
leon-anaviok, I fixed the wiki11:01
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CTtpollardchbae: hi chbae11:15
chbaeCTtpollard: Hello.11:15
chbaeCTtpollard: I wonder that youtube in browser is played in other devices?11:24
chbaeCTtpollard: I tested in raspberrypi2. It doesn’t work.11:24
CTtpollardchbae: yep, doesn't work11:25
CTtpollardno html5 support maybe11:25
CTtpollardI think there's an effort to get Chromium into the GDP11:25
chbaeCTtpollard: Ah. ok :)11:26
leon-anavihi chbae11:26
chbaehi leon-anavi11:35
chbaeAnyone can follow up issue?11:38
leon-anavichbae, I still have follow-up tasks for RVI SOTA client. After that I can ask my bosses and eventually if allowed I can spend several hours working on the rpi2/3 ports.11:44
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waltminerAGL Dev Meeting in five minutes12:56
chbaeleon-anavi: Thanks. :)12:59
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waltminerAGL dev meeting. Slight mixup in meeting time due to time change in Europe.13:07
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waltminerALS Demo apps and Hardware13:12
waltminerMicrochip will provide a two display MOST ring13:13
waltminerVideo server running on Porter board providing connectivity to MOST13:13
waltminerNeed schedule from Renesas for their Porter Expansion board13:14
waltminerMicrochip also to provide video input from MOST in V4L213:15
waltminerNeed a media player with video capability13:15
waltminerAM/FM Tuner app waiting on Audio manager updates13:17
waltminerNeed a parts list for assembly (assuming we use bluetooth dongles and such rather than the Porter Expansion) and for displays13:19
waltminerWalt will put together an initial schedule for hw and sw development for the ALS demo13:22
* JEEB wonders what would be the requirements licensing-wise for the video player13:23
waltminerChris pointed out that we will need to recompile the kernel for V4L with the correct settings13:26
waltminerMedia player needs to be updated for video support13:30
waltminerWalt to contact Hitachi about navi updates13:31
waltminerAnother option might be to use OpenStreetMaps and try to resue the JLR POC that was done for Tizen.13:36
waltminerAGL Call ended13:42
waltminerThanks everyone13:42
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leon-anaviwaltminer, are you referencing as another option the Maps application from JLR HTML5 app suite for Tizen?15:35
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waltminerYes that was what was discussed15:36
leon-anaviok, afair it was using Google Maps and actually it offered a very statical demo. Just an embedded Google map with 3-4 predefined routes.15:41
JEEBI think it had some audio stuff too, which was nice when it was working with the policy management and audio stuff15:44
JEEB(so you got your music lowered and the navi sounds would pop up at the normal loudness)15:44
leon-anaviFor sure it required Crosswalk which caused a lot of troubles for my case :)15:45
leon-anaviat least for the particular version of Tizen which I was using.15:46
JEEBalso getting crosswalk talk with the policy management was :eff:15:46
JEEBbut it kind of worked in the end15:46
leon-anaviwell... it was just a PoC after all.15:46
JEEBthe ICO side had much stricter policy management (window management included), but it had some quite complex logic so it wasn't 100% perfect15:47
JEEBand it was an engineer UI :)15:47
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, I sent a patch that applied chbae recommendations for improvements of the RVI SOTA client recipe.16:04
leon-anaviCTtpollard, soon I will send another patch that updates RVI SOTA client but before that I am waiting for a couple of patches to be merged in the upstream of RVI SOTA client in ATS repo in GitHub:
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AlisonChaikenAnyone out there in AGL land using a Cortex-R as a system controller?22:44
AlisonChaikenI know that V850 is King of the Hill, but the Grownups are concerned about ASIL levels and suchlike.22:45
AlisonChaikenIt seems like Cortex-R in general is scarce, and automotive-grade Cortex-R is as likely as Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot.22:46
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rokrauwonder if anyone is around that's working on the various issues of GDP-9 on RPi hardware or in general, e.g. touch not working properly23:16
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rokraujust adding evtest to my image to see what I can find out about touch support23:34
radiofreerokrau: i think CTtpollard was working on that23:35
radiofreeas far as I remember there's some additional things you now have to set in the udev rule23:35
rokrauyeah - i read his comment23:35
rokrauwell that i don't quiet get yet23:35
rokraumod the udev rule to get teh device recognized as a touch screen and then it will actually work?23:36
radiofreewell i'm not sure if it fully "works" yet, however it "works" in the sense weston recognises it23:37
radiofreei think it would be useful to test this outside of ivi-shell23:38
radiofreei.e desktop-shell, "weston-simple-touch" (or whatever it's called)23:41
radiofreethen launch weston-simple-touch in ivi-shell/ivi-extension, set the relevant input flags, and test there23:42
rokrau I assume this wasn't submitted as a patch yet?23:43
rokrauweston-simple-touch segfaults immediately last I tried23:44
radiofreewas that within desktop-shell?23:44
rokrauwithin ivi-shel23:45
rokrauwithin ivi-shell23:45
rokraui also don't know yet howto modify a udev rule to trace this23:46
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radiofreeI can't remember what the bodge for the gdp is to start weston without ivi-shell, it's probably easier to add --ignore-config to the systemd unit that launches weston23:48
radiofreesorry, --no-config23:48
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radiofreeit would be useful if we could ascertain whether or not this is an issue with upgrading weston/libinput or the upgrade to ivi-extension23:48
rokraumod weston.ini?23:49
radiofree--no-config would work, you basically just want to say "don't use weston.ini"23:49
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rokrauokay - i assume that all gdp-hmi-* services will fail then too23:50
radiofreeactually they do launch23:52
radiofreethey just appear as a load of windows within weston23:52
radiofree(at least hte last time i tried any of this it did)23:52
rokrauoh okay23:53
rokraucreating image - will try in 5 mins23:53
radiofreeafter that modify /etc/udev/rules.d/whatevertheruleis23:54
radiofreeadd ENV{ID_INPUT_MOUSE}="0" and ENV{ID_INPUT_TOUCHSCREEN}="1" to your touch screen rule23:54
radiofreethen I *think* the touchscreen should at least work in weston desktop-shell23:54
rokrauokay -23:55

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