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jlrmagnusobdii, ?02:11
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westonhi all11:25
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westonI just see that   --> Songpa-gu is mentioned..Is this correct?11:26
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obdiigood morning14:37
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leon-anavihi obdii15:11
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obdiiwhat are you guys working on?15:45
leon-anaviI am focused on RVI SOTA client right now15:48
leon-anavia lot of people are putting efforts on the port of GDP to rpi2 and rpi315:49
leon-anaviobdii, you can check details in JIRA15:49
chbaePlease see for GDP porting on rpi2 and 316:00
chbaeand build & flash guide in
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leon-anaviRight now I am having some issues with GDP built for rpi2.  gdk-pixbuf fails due to missing
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jlrmagnusobdii ?16:26
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obdiisorry, im here16:28
jlrmagnusnp. Sent you a reply on the m1 issue.16:29
jlrmagnusYou just need to create a directory to store config data in.16:29
obdiiyes, i just saw it16:29
obdiiwill create it right away, i will let you know what happens16:29
jlrmagnusGive it a shot. Please upload a screen shot on imgur if you get something.16:30
jlrmagnusrstreif, I don't know if you are there, but the YAML conversion of VSS is complete.16:33
jlrmagnusWorking on nested includes and other stuff to ensure that we have a toolset that works.16:33
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obdiiweird, i got a different error16:57
jlrmagnusLet me check on your box.16:57
obdiii know i know, im becoming a nightmare16:57
jlrmagnusNah. No worries. I'll do the same run next week, and this will save me time.16:58
jlrmagnusPlease note that you will only get a demo up and running.16:58
obdiithat is fine, but will there be a way to make it actually work?16:58
jlrmagnusIn order for this to work in a car, the Apex plugin must be rewritten to handle an ELM327 command set instead of the Apex one.16:58
jlrmagnusSee above.16:58
jlrmagnusThe ELM integration and some more build cleanup is needed, but it is definitely in reach.16:59
obdiii can get a friend to help me with that16:59
jlrmagnusThis is the cable you will need.16:59
jlrmagnusAnyghing ELM327 w/ USB should work.16:59
obdiialready have that one from my previous project16:59
jlrmagnusThis is what you need to implement17:01
jlrmagnusHow is your screen doing?17:01
obdiinothing coming up17:02
jlrmagnusOk. The above is what you need to copy to plugins/elm327_device and adapt.17:02
jlrmagnusIs your screen blank?17:02
jlrmagnusBTW: If you run a windows manager, you need to shut it down.17:02
ToxicGumbo-workjlrmagnus: That cable looks like the same one I have.  It's a Chinese knock-off using an unprotected ELM327 firmware that was highly copied.17:03
obdiii have nothing but the basic raspbian user interface17:03
ToxicGumbo-workAT commands may return a higher version number than is accurate17:03
ToxicGumbo-workAnd some commands might not work right17:03
ToxicGumbo-workFor most things, it's fine17:03
ToxicGumbo-workJust FYI17:03
jlrmagnusYou need to shut down the user interface to get a command prompt.17:03
jlrmagnusOne sec.17:04
jlrmagnusToxicGumbo-work, We are not doing anything magic with the device.17:04
ToxicGumbo-workI thought everything you produce is magic17:05
ToxicGumbo-workNo worries17:05
obdiiit will be17:05
jlrmagnusWe do OBD-II init to figure out type. We then query for supported PIDs and then retrieve the PIDs in a specific schedule.17:06
obdiithis is what i get
jlrmagnusOk. You need to shut down the windows manager so that you have a console login prompt17:08
jlrmagnusOne sec.17:09
jlrmagnusI can do this for you17:09
jlrmagnusDo you want me to?17:09
obdiiyeah, go ahead17:09
jlrmagnusWill reboot after17:09
obdiibut i will not be able to see the screen cause my pi is at home17:09
obdiiim connected to it using vnc and ssh17:09
jlrmagnusSo the m1 uses the raw framebuffer (/dev/fb0), so I am not sure that VNC works against that (most likely not)17:11
jlrmagnusI'll see if I can get a screen grab and transfer it.17:11
jlrmagnusM1 is running. Grabbing /dev/fb017:13
jlrmagnusTouchscreen calibration screen, run the first time.17:16
jlrmagnusYou need to tap the touchscreen (or click on the mouse), to get past that17:17
jlrmagnusColors are off.17:17
jlrmagnusI think this was fixed in the m1_core master branch, which still needs to be merged into the pi branch.17:17
obdiiall right, awesome, cant wait to get home and try it with my touchscreen17:18
jlrmagnusI think the touchscreen should work, although you may have to point to the right device.17:18
jlrmagnusOne sec.17:18
obdiinow in order to make it functional we have to make it work with the elm17:18
jlrmagnusYes. Plus some packaging.17:18
jlrmagnusThere are a ton of support functions that we are not using.17:19
jlrmagnusThe system detects USB memory sticks with upgrades, and can install them through the UI.17:19
obdiibut, if i get an apex cord, should it work?17:19
jlrmagnusYes. Let's see if they are still existing17:19
jlrmagnusYes. But expensive as hell.17:20
obdiiyeah, i found it for 14017:20
obdiibut hey, if they work i pay the price, i would just looooove to se this revived17:21
jlrmagnusShould work out of the gate17:21
obdiiok, so im ordering one of these tomorrow, hopefully we can make it work in my 08 mustang17:21
jlrmagnusYep. That would be a CAN-based OBD-II with good response times.17:21
obdiihey look, they are made here in texas lol, shouldnt take long to arrive17:22
obdiii saw that you guys used a mustang ass well17:23
obdiion the carshows17:23
jlrmagnusYep. I personally bought it from Ford for $1.17:26
jlrmagnusIt was a show car solely targeting SEMA.17:26
obdiihey, by the way, i think i have one of those, its probably an apex cause i tried it once and my software did not recognize it17:26
jlrmagnusPossible. The Apex command set is quite custom and not widely supported.17:27
obdiiand when i pluged it in all my lights on the dashboard would come up17:27
jlrmagnusOuch. Shitty CAN termination.17:27
obdiii will check on that as soon as i get hom17:27
ToxicGumbo-work^ total win17:28
obdiii got it cause when i took my car to bmw dealership the technician left it on my passenger seat17:28
jlrmagnusIf it doesn't say Apex on it, it is something else.17:28
jlrmagnusThere are a lot of specialized tools out there used by dealers only.17:29
obdiireally dont remember, has been siting in my house for a year17:29
ToxicGumbo-workMaybe return it?17:29
obdiioh ok, but will still buy the apex17:29
obdiiit was not here on texas, i was in atlanta for vacations17:30
obdiiat the moment i tought it was just another cheap wire from amazon like the one i had, but this one had serial connection instead of usb17:30
jlrmagnusIf it is a BMW-branded tool, then don't use it. It has a custom DDS2 (iirc) protocol.17:31
obdiiall right, thanks for the tip17:32
ToxicGumbo-workjlrmagnus: As an encore to the above, think you can convince Matt Jones to start a tech incubator in the Midwest?17:37
jlrmagnusThat will, sadly enough, be hard.17:39
jlrmagnusWe've invested quite a bit of money in Portland, and this is where we will stay.17:40
jlrmagnusWe are hiring, though...17:41
ToxicGumbo-workYes, and one listed position is right up my alley.  Alas, rooted here for now.  I'll come looking for a promotional keychain next time I'm in the area.17:43
jlrmagnusPing me when you do. I'll give you a tour.17:44
ToxicGumbo-workMuch appreciated.  Will do.17:44
jlrmagnusGood employmee deals on Jags... Just saying.17:44
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jlrmagnusTotally works.18:19
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