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rokrauwell - actually it works out of the box - go figure00:11
rokraui plugged in my touchscreen and it actually works - now i have no way of trying multi touch and actually figuring out whether this is simulating a mouse pointer00:12
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radiofreeok, that's good!00:13
rokraubut i guess i could try to build a Qt hello world and find out more there00:13
radiofreeif you're using the gdp there's some qml example on there00:14
radiofreeqml-example i think..00:14
rokrauyeah - not sure what it does - i will try some more stuff to show up00:15
rokraubut I guess i always have to do the LayerManager "dance" to get it to show on the screen00:15
radiofreeit's about as simple as an example gets, you should be able to see if touchfocus is working however00:15
radiofreeclick the input box, cursor flash should happen, click the button, animation for button should happen00:15
rokrauno fonts00:16
radiofreethere's a patch for that on the mailing list00:16
rokrauneed to update my git repo to Changyeok's lates00:16
rokrauneed to update my git repo to Changyeok's latest00:16
radiofreehowever i don't think you need fonts for this test00:16
rokraudoes show up though - no need for song and dance - this is starting to get workable :-)00:16
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rokrauqml-example does not show text correctly, app is white with a box in top right and a "line edit" -  just has  glyphs00:22
radiofreethat's your font issue00:23
radiofreedoes pressing the button at least do the "button pressed" animation?00:23
rokrauyep - gotcha - qt compiled w/o fontconfig00:24
rokraubutton changes color?00:24
rokrauyes it does that - nothing else i see00:24
rokrausorry - i see no other changes00:25
rokrauCalled the C++ slot with message: "Hello from QML (buttonOne)"00:25
radiofreeif you did it with the touch screen, at least you know touch is working there :)00:26
rokrau it does - will restart without mouse and only touchscreen connected now.00:26
rokrauand that works too!!!!00:27
rokraujust pulled latest from cbae branch00:30
rokraubitbaking once more00:30
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rokrauUpdated GDP-19 with my findings, good night and talk tomorrow02:13
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CTtpollardgood morning07:10
jobolCTtpollard, good morning too07:10
CTtpollardlooks like rokrau has had some touch success!07:13
CTtpollardmorning jobol07:13
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leon-anavihi chbae08:10
chbaeHello leon-anavi08:14
CTtpollardheh, the raspi does not like displaying video to my touchscreen from boot. So I can boot on another monitor, and then switch hdmi after the HMI launches and that works...08:15
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chbaeCTtpollard: I thought that it may be similar problem with keyboard.08:17
chbaeCTtpollard: Could you report this problem(GDP-149) to ics? Roland Krause may work but I would like to assign the issue to experts.08:25
CTtpollardchbae: have you seen the email fro jonathan? I believe he has reviewed your branch in meta-genivi-demo and would like to merge most of it08:25
CTtpollardchbae: sure, I believe Roland was talking in the channel some hours ago ( rokrau ) and reported that his touchscreen was working with the raspi and your branch :)08:26
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CTtpollardI'm unsure if that included any additional changes08:31
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leon-anavihi CTtpollard09:29
leon-anaviCTtpollard, can you please have a look at my patch for meta-genivi-demo? I applies the recommendations of chbae regarding RVI SOTA client recipe.09:30
CTtpollardleon-anavi: yes, I'm just currently assembling a display that I've received from Genivi for the AMM09:31
CTtpollardalso, I'm going to have to bring in the race condition patch for ivi-extension today I think, the pipelines continually fail due to it09:32
leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok, in the mean time I will push another patch for meta-genivi-demo that updates RVI SOTA client to the latest version from ATS repository.09:33
CTtpollardleon-anavi: you may want to wait till later today to base patches from meta-genivi-demo, if the restructure patch gets merged.09:34
leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok, I will wait for it.09:34
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CTtpollardinteresting, this touchscreen presents itself differently to weston-launch from udev11:04
CTtpollardstill eGalax though11:08
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leon-anavinice :)11:59
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I tested my patch that updates RVI SOTA client to latest version. I am ready to write a cover later and submit them :)12:01
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fredcadetehello room12:27
fredcadeteI was just reading the "How to Bake a service" document that stephane just sent to agl-discussions12:27
fredcadeteit's great but it surprises me that it recommends configuring the network by doing a bbappend on systemd12:28
fredcadeteis this really how the network should be configured? shouldnt the network configuration file be on a recipe separate from systemd?12:29
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jobolhello waltminer12:53
waltminerhello jobol12:53
jobollooking for the code12:53
waltminerGetting more coffee than will open the bridge12:56
jobolwaltminer, found12:57
waltminerBridge open13:02
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dl9pfStephane ?13:19
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: chbae's restructure of meta-genivi-demo is now merged to master13:23
leon-anaviCTtpollard, great :) thanks :)13:23
CTtpollardso if you do a patchset rebased off that in meta-genivi-demo, it should be able to be merged by the next release cut off13:24
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, I will rebase my patches.13:27
waltminerdl9pf : are you on the call?13:28
dl9pfwaltminer: no audio reconnecting13:28
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: hopefully by the end of today I'll know when we're updating all branches to use it13:35
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rokrauMorning. Tom, you around?13:37
CTtpollardrokrau: I am indeed :)13:37
CTtpollardwell, I presume I'm the Tom you're looking for13:37
rokrauAwesome - I lost network in my office yesterday night - Trying to see if it works now. How do I get the output from weston-launch? I have two more monitors I can touch with - one is s Lilliput which is very similar if not the same as if we use13:38
CTtpollardrokrau: the majority of the log I've been posting has come from the journal13:38
rokrauI also have a backtrace of the crash of gdp-hmi-background13:39
CTtpollardjournalctl --user-unit=weston > weston.log13:39
rokrauGotcha- looks like my office network is still down. So no way I can check until 9PST13:40
CTtpollardrokrau: in relation to touch working for you on the raspi2, it was just a clean build from the branch, no changes in the rootfs?13:40
rokrauThe Sharp I am using worked out of the box13:40
rokrauclean build no changes13:40
rokraufrom cbae branch13:40
rokrauI rebuilt with font fixes and actually there is even sound over HDMI which completely surprised me13:41
CTtpollardrokrau: yep, chbae fixed the audio driver being missed from the kernel also13:41
rokrauI will test the Porter board I have -13:42
rokrauI have a DELL and the Lillyput to test plus for kicks I have the 7'' official RPi touchscreen also13:42
CTtpollardrokrau: yeh the weston journal from the working sharp monitor would be great to compare on my end. These faytech hdmi + usb  monitors are correctly setting themselves as touchscreens in libinput, but I can't register any touch events, no even frame focus13:43
waltminerdl9pf can you fix the +2,-2 issue in Spec-15713:43
dl9pfdid already add a rule, need stephane to recheck13:43
rokrauI will see that I can get to the office quickly and send journalctl output13:44
rokrauIn general: If I want to make changes to e.g. the hmi-launcher. How do I find the code to change? E.g. for the launcher there are at least 4 places I counted where the source is. Which one is the right one to change? How does this work in Yocto?13:45
CTtpollardrokrau: it depends what you're wanting to do, do you already have the the patch you want to apply?13:47
rokrauNo - I want to change the code directly - not through a patch13:47
rokrauThis will eventually result in a patch13:47
rokraubut I need to do some trial and error first :-)13:47
rokrauSo I guess the question is: How do I develop a patch13:48
CTtpollardrokrau: in this instance, the working dir where the git source is checked out is gdp-src-build/tmp/work/cortexa7hf-vfp-vfpv4-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/gdp-hmi-launcher2/1.0-r0/git13:49
rokrauSweet! Thanks! Then if I modify that I can rebuilt just that component with bitbake gdp-hmi-launcher213:50
rokrauand update the rpm?13:50
CTtpollardif you rebake the image any know changes will be recompiled and a new rootfs will be generated13:54
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CTtpollardhi jeremiah14:22
rokrauyeah - that sounds rather impractical :-) for any real work that is. I'll see how to go about this then. I see loads of people are interested in or hacking the existing launcher.14:22
RzRCTtpollard, hi do you own a minnowboard ?14:22
CTtpollardRzR: yes14:22
RzRCTtpollard, ok I'll give you something to test your screen14:23
CTtpollardminnow/raspi2/renesas h2 boards14:24
CTtpollardand e214:24
RzRe2 ?14:25
RzRporter ?14:25
CTtpollardh2 is porter14:26
CTtpollarde2 is silk14:26
CTtpollardI believe, I may be confused14:26
RzRI have no renesas device14:27
CTtpollardis the test generic across devices?14:32
CTtpollardok I've seen the update to your ticket14:35
CTtpollardI've generate the same output for both the touchscreens I have14:35
CTtpollardit's hard to get a consistent environment though, but as we have the screens which will be used at the AMM, I think that's the best to concentrate on14:36
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CTtpollardboth show as eGalax in udev, as the same udev rules applies the calibration to both14:40
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CTtpollardRzR: updated the ticket14:54
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, I noticed that my patches for RVI SOTA client are missing from the master branch of meta-genivi-demo. They are present in qemu-ci only.15:29
CTtpollardleon-anavi: sorry I thought I had mentioned this earlier when you were talking about sending a new patch, I asked if you could rebase after the restructure work was merged?15:32
CTtpollardas they won't apply cleanly anymore, due to the file location changes15:32
leon-anaviCTtpollard, are you planning to update branch qemu-ci too?15:33
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: qemu-ci can be forced pushed to be updated yes15:36
CTtpollardqemu-ci pipeline for qemu is having problems however, so it's not a stopper right now15:36
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, what kind of problems is it having?15:38
CTtpollardqemu-ci pipeline is a pre merge branch in which we would hope all patches would be tested to build15:39
CTtpollardhowever, it's having troubles with the known race condition in ivi-extension which we're waiting on upstream to merge15:39
CTtpollardand I don't want to hold back your contribution because of that15:40
CTtpollardand I have limited time to tackle the go.server right now :/15:40
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok, so what the best option in this case? Should I rebase all my git commits related to RVI SOTA client against the master branch and send them through the mailing list?15:48
CTtpollardleon-anavi: your patches to the genivi-demo-platform qemu branch should not be an issue. It would just be patches to meta-genivi-demo that would need rebasing, and for that I would take master15:49
CTtpollardleon-anavi: if updating the qemu-ci branch for you to the latest meta-genivi-demo would help you I can push that15:50
leon-anaviCTtpollard, yes, may be it will be nice to have qemu-ci branch of meta-genivi-demo updated to the latest version.15:51
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gmacariogmacario: Hi there!16:02
jlrmagnusHey. Do you have the current status of the persistence manager?16:02
gmacariojlrmagnus: Here I am!16:02
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gmacarioDo you mean "Persistence Administration Service" or what else?16:03
jlrmagnusSorry for starting with you, but I'd rather get a quick wiki pointer from you than digging through confluence.16:03
CTtpollardleon-anavi: Like I said I'm pretty sure the only patches that you will need to rebase are in meta-genivi-demo, the rest I can handle if needs be16:03
CTtpollardleon-anavi: but for now I have to leave, I'll catch you tomorrow16:03
jlrmagnusThat's a good question. We need the client library that can store key-value API (with notifications and subscriptions)16:03
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gmacarioOK so you want the persistence-client-library16:04
jlrmagnusAh. yes please.16:04
gmacarioCode is here:;a=summary16:04
jlrmagnusWhat would you say that the maturity is of the whole persistence system?16:04
gmacarioMaybe better if you start from
gmacarioWhich includes documentation etc16:04
leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok16:05
gmacarioIf you get lost throw an email to
CTtpollardleon-anavi: wednesday is a very busy day for me with genivi calls16:05
gmacarioAs the maintainers do not hang out on #automotive quite often16:05
jlrmagnusOk. I'll dig through the project(s) and send an email.16:06
jlrmagnusThank you.16:06
gmacarioFYI: Persistence Client Library is integrated in GDP16:06
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I have to go as well. See you tomorrow.16:06
gmacariowhich could make things easier for you16:06
jlrmagnusOk. Are the other Persistence components integrated into GDP as well?16:07
gmacarioYou should better check with the GDP maintainers - but at least about PCL I am pretty sure16:07
jlrmagnusOki. Thanks16:08
gmacarioActually also persistence-admin-service should be integrated as well16:08
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rokrauAllright - finally back16:39
rokrauTom - you still around?16:39
rokrauMar 30 03:48:33 raspberrypi2 weston-launch[162]: [03:48:33.417] input device 'SHARP LL-S201A', /dev/input/event2 is tagged by udev as: Touchscreen Mar 30 03:48:33 raspberrypi2 weston-launch[162]: [03:48:33.418] input device 'SHARP LL-S201A', /dev/input/event2 is a touch device16:41
rokrauOkay - let me try this again16:41
rokrauinput device 'SHARP LL-S201A', /dev/input/event2 is tagged by udev as: Touchscreen16:42
rokrauinput device 'SHARP LL-S201A', /dev/input/event2 is a touch device16:42
rokrau[03:48:33.675] EDID data 'SHP', 'LL-S201A', '128207270'16:42
rokrau[03:48:33.675] Output HDMI-A-1, (connector 27, crtc 25)16:42
rokrauThis is for my touch screen - which is the sharp16:43
rokrauThe RPi boots fine but the gdp-hmi- apps crash when a keyboard is connected.16:44
rokrauI have a trace for that16:44
rokrauAlso the system does not crash when I plugin the keyboard after the fact.16:44
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rokraudmesg | grep touch16:46
rokrau hid-multitouch 0003:04DD:969B.0001: input,hiddev0,hidraw0: USB HID v1.11 Device [SHARP LL-S201A] on usb-3f980000.usb-1.4/input016:46
rokrauI will put the rest of the info and the stack trace somewhere else, maybe send it to the mailing list16:47
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aeicherokrau, Was it you last week who said you'd done some work/looked into updating the GDP HMI launcher?17:01
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rokrauaeiche yes. that was me.17:39
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rokrauanyone here that knows how to work with the R-Porter boards? I got mine up and booted but it doesn't seem to start weston or the gdp- stuff23:23
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radiofreewhat's the weston error23:29
radiofreedid you install the gpu drivers?23:29
rokrauyes i did install them as part of the build process.23:30
rokraudo they need copied on the board too?23:30
radiofreei would assume that should have been taken care of23:31
radiofreewhat's the weston error?23:32
rokrauthis is when i launch from ssh23:33
rokrauwonder which kernel modules should be loaded and whether I did the installation wrong23:35
rokraufollowed this link for deployment23:37
rokraubut might try to rebuild the image from scratch if there were any changes lately23:38
mvickrokrau: I'll expose my ignorance here and say that I didn't think we could start Weston via ssh.23:38
mvickThose instructions worked for me late last year, but the inevitable march of progress might have caused a regression.23:39
rokrauwell - it doesn't launch at boot - and i can't find a service for it either23:39
mvickDoes the result change if you just log in via serial?23:40
rokraualso - the serial connection on this board  - which is brand new btw... it is so fragile - i have to put my wallet on the cable and prop it into just the right angle LOL23:41
mvickDarn. :/23:41
rokrauIt is the most hilarious setup23:42
rokraubut the error message is the same23:42
mvickEven if you remove the wallet? ;)23:43
mvickBut, really, I haven't had the chance to look at it recently. It's the slow path, but you might want to shoot the error out to the mailing list to catch those asleep right now.23:43
rokrauyeah - i guess - wallet setup photo included :-)23:44
rokraugonna try the 2nd board for a more stable setup over serial but I can login find via ssh now23:44
radiofree[23:29:29.462] failed to create output for /sys/devices/platform/rcar-du-r8a7791/drm/card0 seems to be the error23:44
radiofreewhy.. i'm not sure23:44
radiofreeare you using the latest gpu binaries?23:45
rokrauno idea - whatever came from the website23:45
radiofreeif you're launching as root you may as well just launch "weston"23:45
radiofreeweston --tty=123:45
rokrausame output23:46
radiofreei'm afraid i've reached the limit of my knowledge when it comes to pvr drivers23:46
rokraulsmod shows near nothing23:46
rokrauModule                  Size  Used by23:46
rokraubc_example              5886  023:46
rokraupvrsrvkm              448206  1 bc_example23:47
rokraui'd expect a little more stuff loaded here - right?23:47
radiofreepvrsrvkm is the gpu driver23:47
radiofreeno idea what "bc_example" is23:47
radiofreedoes your screen work?23:47
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rokrauyes - i had it on the Pi all day23:48
rokrauand been using this one for some time23:48
radiofreeis it a touchscreen?23:48
rokraui ordered the one we are using for the hands-on today.... better get this working23:49
radiofreedo you see anything on boot? tux? login prompt etc.23:49
rokraufunny thing is it says it started weston on boot23:51
rokrau[  OK  ] Started Weston reference Wayland compositor.23:51
rokrau         Starting Weston reference Wayland compositor...23:51
radiofreeis weston still running?23:51
rokraubut there is not23:51
radiofreesystemctl status weston23:51
rokrauroot@porter:~# ps -ef | grep we23:51
rokrauroot       445   311  0 23:51 ttySC6   00:00:00 grep we23:52
rokrauthat's it23:52
rokrauis there a log?23:52
radiofreeshould be one in the journal23:52
radiofreejournalctl -u weston23:52
radiofreehowever you can always add --log=/tmp/weston.log as well23:52
radiofreeis your device hdmi?23:53
rokrauthe ts? yes23:53
radiofreemaybe try a different device and see if that works23:53
rokrauouch - this thing doesn't keep its ip-address constant either23:55
rokrauokay - enough of this for the day23:57

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