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CTtpollardah leon-anavi is not here yet08:15
NearEDGEHow can I figure out what sized flange nut I need to get to mount my power steering?08:16
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NearEDGENevermind, that was a stupid question XD08:28
CTtpollardleon-anavi: I've seen your message in backscroll, yes genivi-projects with a cover letter :)08:43
leon-anavihi CTtpollard, ok, thank you.08:44
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: do you have a touchscreen monitor?10:50
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I have the official Raspberry Pi screen10:51
leon-anaviit has a touch screen although I haven't played much with it.10:51
CTtpollardok, so non hdmi10:52
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pedroalvarezhm.. does GDP work with that screen?10:56
pedroalvarezCTtpollard: if it does... time to buy some? :P10:57
leon-anaviCTtpollard, sorry, I have no hdmi touch screen.10:58
leon-anaviRzR, as far as I remember you were bringing a HDMI touchscreen display with you on FOSDEM, right?10:58
RzRyes I had one10:59
RzRand I need to fix its driver10:59
RzRCTtpollard, do you want me to test gdp on it ?11:00
CTtpollardRzR: I'd like to see if there's any touch response from weston on it, going to weston1.9 and libinput1.1.1 seems to have removed all touch in gdp11:01
RzRCTtpollard, ok do you have an egalax one  too11:01
RzRI needed to tweek udev to get it working11:02
RzRlibinput can workaround that11:02
RzRnext time I boot GDP I'll call you ok ?11:03
CTtpollardwe used to get minimal touch (un calibrated cursor) in weston 1.6, now that's gone11:03
RzRwhat is your screen reference ?11:04
RzRmine is a car tft as shown at
CTtpollarddmesg shows: 'input: eGalax Inc. USB TouchController as /devices/platform/pci-rcar-gen2.1/pci0'11:06
RzRok egalax11:06
RzRthat's what I suspected11:07
RzRlsusb ?11:08
CTtpollardthis image doesn't have lsusb sadly11:08
RzRcan you unplug it ?11:08
RzRthat said you have it in dmesg or /proc11:08
CTtpollardI've built gdp with evemu before, and shown it streaming data when touching it11:08
RzR input: eGalax Inc. Touch as /devices/platform/bcm2708_usb/usb1/1-1/1-1.2/1-1.2.4/1-1.2.4:1.0/0003:0EEF:0001.0002/input/input211:09
RzRmine has 2 inputs11:09
RzRfake mouse11:09
RzRand touchscren11:09
CTtpollardinput: eGalax Inc. USB TouchController as /devices/platform/pci-rcar-gen2.1/pci0004:01/0004:01:02.0/usb4/4-1/4-1.1/4-1.1:1.0/input/input811:10
CTtpollardinput: eGalax Inc. USB TouchController as /devices/platform/pci-rcar-gen2.1/pci0004:01/0004:01:02.0/usb4/4-1/4-1.1/4-1.1:1.0/input/input911:10
CTtpollardhid-generic 0003:0EEF:0001.0008: input: USB HID v2.10 Pointer [eGalax Inc. USB TouchController] on usb-0004:01:02.0-1.1/input11:10
RzRok hid11:10
RzRI used an older one which used usbtouchcreen driver11:10
RzRwith this hack11:10
RzRno more needed on recent models11:11
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CTtpollardfrom weston journalctl
CTtpollardtrying to see if I can compare the journal against older weston versions in gdp builds11:33
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CTtpollardfrom 1.6
RzRlook at libinput utilities too11:43
RzRok you have a similar screen11:43
RzR2 inputs11:43
RzRone is emulated11:43
RzRneeds to be blacklisted11:44
RzRI think I am near to fix that11:44
RzRand commit fix upstream11:44
RzRbut... priorities11:44
CTtpollardI'm ok with it classing the device as a pointer instead of a touchscreen/tablet, but I'm unaware to why it's not working11:44
CTtpollardespecially in the 1.9 log, where it shows it applying the calibrations11:45
RzRit't not a tablet11:45
RzRit't not a mouse11:45
RzRforce it to touch11:46
CTtpollardcan you do that from within the same udev rule?11:48
CTtpollardmy rule is TTRS{idVendor}=="0eef", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0001", ENV{LIBINPUT_CALIBRATION_MATRIX}="-0.023790 -1.648534 1258.140869 0.610853 -0.024403 10.678101"11:48
dl9pf_CIAT EG call starting in a few ...11:59
paulsherwooddl9pf_: is there a web link?12:00
paulsherwoodooh, gotomeeting has had a makeover :)12:01
* paulsherwood is lurking12:01
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CTtpollardso I've rolled a system back to weston 1.5 with evdev:
CTtpollardit's correctly mapping as a touch device12:55
dl9pf_AGL dev call starting:
CTtpollardso talking with #wayland with all of this, they think the problem is at kernel / udev level13:04
dl9pf_# Update on new repositories in gerrit based on use-cases from
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dl9pf_# Request for new repo through jira ticket (see above link)13:09
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dl9pf_# Issues on gerrit on jira (public access to issues) from last meeting are closed.13:17
dl9pf_# discussion about13:27
dl9pf_# and13:28
dl9pf_# decision, we won't include these (finger, rdist) and skip the ltp tests in question13:28
dl9pf_# end meeting13:29
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CTtpollardhas anyone got experience with manipulating device tags in udev?13:57
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dl9pf_CTtpollard: somethig like this : ?14:14
dl9pf_SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", DRIVERS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0403", ATTRS{idProduct}=="6001", ATTRS{serial}=="A402OJ6K", SYMLINK+="serial-bbb"14:14
dl9pf_its "Match + Action"14:15
CTtpollarddl9pf_: I have ATTRS{idVendor}=="0eef", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0001", TAG+="touch", LABEL="touch", TAG-="Tablet", ENV{LIBINPUT_CALIBRATION_MATRIX}="-0.023790 -1.648534 1258.140869 0.610853 -0.024403 10.678101"14:17
CTtpollardwhich is correctly setting the matrix to the device, but not changing the tags14:17
CTtpollardweston is still stating udev is listing a Tablet tag14:19
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I have just sent a couple of patches for layer meta-genivi-demo.14:24
leon-anaviDetails are in the cover letter14:24
radiofreeCTtpollard: a quick check of the libinput source code would suggest the correct TAG is ID_INPUT_TOUCHSCREEN14:27
CTtpollardradiofree: thanks for that, but I'm more confused by why it's still stating that udev has a Tablet tag for it, after I've removed it14:29
CTtpollardI'll add that as well14:29
CTtpollardwhich makes me think that the tag actions aren't being applied14:31
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I sent another patch which adds meta-rust to GDP.14:33
leon-anaviI have tested building GDP with the new patches for QEMU and ARM (rpi2)14:34
leon-anaviBtw RVI SOTA client depends on crate openssl. Yesterday I found an issue with the latest version of this crate. Fortunatelly it was a minor bug so I fixed it and my patch was quickly merged in the upstream:
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CTtpollardsuppose it would be a start to be able to list udev tags for a device14:41
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: sorry got my head deep into something, I see them on list :)14:46
leon-anaviCTtpollard, no worries, pls have a look at the patches at a convenient for you time.14:49
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: I will15:03
leon-anavithanks in advance15:03
jlrmagnusGood morning.15:03
leon-anaviI hope that this time I am submitting the recipe to the right layer :)15:03
rjekHi jlrmagnus15:04
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radiofreeCTtpollard: did that work?15:58
CTtpollardradiofree: was in a meeting, hooking things back up to check, do you think just a += append with that value then?15:59
radiofreeis the "touch" tag some generic udev thing? not sure why that would work?16:01
CTtpollardback when it worked with weston 1.5 / evdev, it was reporting a 'touch' tag16:02
radiofreeweston asks libinput (
radiofreewhich eventually ends up
radiofreeoh, well maybe that's just the printout?16:02
radiofreewell the code at least refers to tags for this, so try it with TAG yes16:03
CTtpollardso I've come back to it and now weston isn't even launching, great16:04
radiofreeCTtpollard: ok, use ENV16:06
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radiofreeENV{LIBINPUT_CALIBRATION_MATRIX}="1" i guess16:06
radiofreeENV{ID_INPUT_TOUCHPAD}="1" i guess16:07
CTtpollardno change with just TAG +="ID_INPUT_TOUCHSCREEN" added16:08
radiofreeit works?16:10
CTtpollardno, but at least it's affected weston
radiofreeMar 22 11:54:59 porter weston-launch[242]: [11:54:59.711] kernel bug: device eGalax Inc. USB TouchController failed touchpad sanity checks16:11
radiofreeis that a mainline kernel module?16:12
radiofreeoh wait16:12
radiofreeit's not a touchpad, it's a ID_INPUT_TOUCHSCREEN right?16:12
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radiofreeif you copied my ENV directly that might be the problem16:13
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CTtpollardyeh screen, I'm guessing tablet / touchpad is what's meant there16:14
radiofreeyou probably don't want it as a tablet16:14
radiofreeis that eGalax module mainline?16:15
CTtpollardI think so going by discussion I've had in #wayland today16:15
CTtpollardok, this looks better:
radiofreeyeah, hid-ids.h:#define USB_DEVICE_ID_EGALAX_TOUCHCONTROLLER  0x000116:16
radiofreehid-ids.h:#define USB_DEVICE_ID_EGALAX_TOUCHCONTROLLER  0x000116:16
CTtpollardI'll see if simple touch / calibrator is responsive at all now16:16
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radiofreeoh, so it's fine with that libinput bug?16:17
radiofreemaybe try ENV{ID_INPUT_MOUSE}="0"16:17
radiofree(in addition to the other things)16:17
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CTtpollardso this is a new one, running weston, killing all hmi process, and running simple-touch crashes weston '[1]+  Trace/breakpoint trap '16:19
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radiofreecould be the libinput bug, try adding ENV{ID_INPUT_MOUSE}="0"16:20
CTtpollardyeh, even just touching the display when it's in the the desktop shell just kills it16:22
CTtpollardthe ENV got rid of the bug at the end of the journal16:22
CTtpollardbit of success! with the current gdp you have to click to gain focus on a surface, tapping the screen now does that16:24
CTtpollardweston still dies when at the desktop, but at least some progress!16:25
CTtpollardradiofree: thanks for the input, pardon the pun16:27
rjekwhat, CTtpollard punning?16:28
rjekCTtpollard: Who are you and what have you done with the real CTtpollard?16:28
CTtpollardrjek: I'm sat at your desk, it has influenced me16:28
rjekIf you're using my desk, please remember to make a complaint about the cleaner having arbitrarily moved things around on Thursdays.16:29
radiofreeCTtpollard: that actually made me laugh16:29
CTtpollardradiofree: heh, needs some more tinkering but at least it's a start16:31
CTtpollardwhen weston fails the log is unparsable to endless drm errors, which doesn't help16:33
radiofreei would suggest that's an issue with whatever terrible drm driver you're using16:34
radiofreeyou should submit a bug report to the relevant people16:34
radiofreewas that canceling out of the gdp ui?16:35
CTtpollardit's always been that way unfortunately16:35
radiofreethat's not good? what's the driver16:35
CTtpollardsomething proprietary from Renesas16:35
radiofreeoh right16:36
radiofreeis that the one that explodes after an hour or use?16:36
CTtpollardbut touch not working is an issue on the raspi2 and minnowboard both using mesa16:36
CTtpollardso if I find a fix in one place, hopefully it will apply to the others16:36
radiofreeprobably easier to test that on a minnowboard then?16:36
CTtpollardthe weston journal pretty much matches that of the old 1.5 evdev system now16:37
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, I created a JIRA issue for my efforts with RVI SOTA client.17:00
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leon-anaviI assigned it to you as at the moment my patches are pending for a review :)17:01
toscalixleon-anavi: thanks17:04
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toscalixleon-anavi: worked a little on your ticket to add it to the current release plan17:08
toscalixto see if we can make it17:08
toscalixfor this release or it will come with the first update17:08
toscalixthe plan is to declare gold master on March 30th. We are tight.... let's see if we make it. Please join tomorrow's GDP call17:09
toscalixso you explain a little what are the patches about and what are your expectations17:09
toscalixwe will like to listen directly from you your plans beyond this patchset17:10
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leon-anavitoscalix, ok, thank you. I will join it.17:19
toscalixby the way, the requisites for the hands on sessions at the 14th AMM event related with GDP has been published:
toscalixoh wait....every hands on session is related with GDP :-)17:19
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leon-anavitoscalix, where can I find the details regarding the GDP call tomorrow? Will it be again at 16:00 UTC using the same link as for the previous meeting?17:24
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leon-anaviI have to go, see you tomorrow.17:45
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