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paulsher1oodrjek: any ideas what's happened to ?16:14
rjekIt has a MIME attachment16:14
rjekMailman 2's archiver can't cope with them16:14
paulsher1oodcan we fix it somehow?16:15
paulsher1ood(for that email, i mean)16:15
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* ironfoot copies email to somewhere else, to help readers of #baserock that are not subscribed to baserock-dev16:17
rjekWell, beyond moving the list to another provider and copying the archive across.16:17
rjek(Another provider who doesn't use Mailman 2, that is)16:17
paulsher1ooddoes anyone object to justin's suggestion of migrating morph upstream to gitlab?16:20
ironfootI wouldn't expect anybody to object16:21
ironfootgiven that Gerrit is read-only at the moment :)16:21
ssam2yes, seems sane to move it to Gitlab16:27
ironfootThat should work, although I can't see that page (permissions)16:29
paulsher1oodit's been sat there for a while16:29
* paulsher1ood is tempted to kill that and try https://16:30
ironfootI'd say is just a matter of waiting, but you can try16:31
* paulsher1ood is not patient16:32
ironfootyeah.. nor am I.. and doesn't help16:36
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ironfoothmf.. it now says: "No repository" when opening
ironfootah, activity shows that the import was re-triggered17:56
ironfootmaybe quicker to push things manually17:57
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ssam2would be good if someone could update the Morph README, it's mostly obsolete18:43
ssam2at least a note describing the maintenance status of Morph18:44
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