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paulsher1ood(as my attempt at ssam2's suggestion)07:52
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paulsher1oodironfoot, ssam2 - pls could you review either or both
paulsher1oodor tiagogomes?13:24
paulsher1oodand we should consider mirroring morph into gbo from its new location iiuc13:25
* tiagogomes checks the date to ensure that time machine is not malfunctioning13:38
paulsher1oodyou mean, patches to morph? :)13:38
tiagogomesyep :)13:40
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tiagogomesI thumbed up both PRs for morph13:42
ssam2bah, now I have to figure out GItlab13:47
paulsher1oodtvm tiagogomes13:47
paulsher1oodi think there's one for definitiosn too13:48
paulsher1oodtiagogomes: are you willing to *approve* them?13:48
* paulsher1ood is wondering what to do about cross-bootstrap vs ybd... 13:49
tiagogomespaulsher1ood, doesn't it need a second approval? At least is what gitlab says]13:49
ssam2the repo URLs only contain the word 'baserock' one time, this is nice13:49
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paulsher1oodtiagogomes: i think it needs precisely one approval. thumbs up is not the same as approval13:52
* tiagogomes is rusty on gitlab13:52
ssam2i managed to approve it13:53
ssam2i think tiago lacked permissions, I had a big "Approve" button whereas he didn't13:54
paulsher1oodtiagogomes: would you like more superpowers?13:54
ssam2i'll leave the definitions patch to folk who are actively working with definitions. it seems correct by the sounds of things13:55
tiagogomespaulsher1ood could do13:55
paulsher1oodjjardon: ^^13:56
jjardontiagogomes: simply request access in or in the subproject you want to be member of13:59
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