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paulsher1oodgtristan: i approved
paulsher1oodcould you take a look at (and particularly, advise how buildstream will handle this usecase)08:59
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gtristanohhh, ok so thats the thing... now I'll have to support migrations of it :-S09:21
gtristanpaulsher1ood, so binary inputs are supported already by buildstream from a long time, basically we support it by simply stating that you use an 'import' element, which can use any 'source' implementation to "put files into the artifact"09:22
gtristanwe only support currently ostree, git and 'local' source types (currently relying on ostree for the bases we've used so far)09:22
gtristaniiuc, this requires some kind of artifactory source implementation ?09:23
gtristan"YBD can now handle binary inputs from urls, as well as git inputs" this sounds very abstract09:23
gtristanbinary inputs can be tarballs, can be anything, most anything is retrieved by a url, including gits09:24
gtristanusernames and passwords are better suited in user configuration, rather than project data (just a randomly related comment), hopefully they can be avoided, too09:25
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paulsher1oodi agree about the usernames and passwords... but rjek pointed out that there may be situations where multiple auths are required, per component09:49
paulsher1ood(seems a bit daft to me, tbh)09:49
paulsher1oodthe implementation i've done is *supposed* to work with jrandom (un+)authorised url09:50
paulsher1oodso not just artifactory09:50
rjekOr multiple different artifactories09:50
gtristanWhat we want from a source implementation (which is pretty much the same for any build input you'd want for YBD, plus one added feature) is basically:09:52
gtristan  o An alias-able url09:52
gtristan  o An exact identifier, usually implemented as a checksum09:52
paulsher1oodwe discussed checksums earlier, and concluded that we need to support up to two per component09:53
gtristan  o A symbolic tracking reference, allowing us to get the latest exact identifier for that tracking reference (usually a symbolic branch or tag name)09:53
gtristanthat last is more than what ybd normally supported, but I suppose is similar to what ybd now does with the 'sha'/'ref' distinction09:54
gtristanA source should be able to fetch remotely the latest exact identifier on demand and return it (from Source.track()) and it should be able to set it onto a core provided dict with Source.set_ref()09:55
gtristancore uses this to rewrite projects inline09:55
gtristanSo anyway... I think method of obtaining and mirroring sources should be implementation specific09:56
gtristanmeaning, we'd probably want one for artifactory and another for other things09:56
paulsher1oodgtristan: no, this is for binaries - if we're downloading a blob, rjek argued that md5 is insufficient, so this new implementation supports md5 + sha25609:56
gtristanSo this is download a data blob, much like what we'd do for the tarball source09:57
gtristanexcept with no tar extract09:57
paulsher1oodi expect that instructions on what to *do* with the blob are in *-commands09:58
gtristanThat I think is same for everything09:58
paulsher1oodunclear how to checksum for case of url =
gtristanI mean, when you get that blob, the way you currently use it... is I suppose it appears in the build dir09:58
gtristanwith a name09:59
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* paulsher1ood is just commenting here, in case anything in this use-case is surprising for buildstream09:59
gtristanSo with a Source, we either use it as a Source for a BuildElement derivative (where we'll use commands to manipulate it)09:59
gtristanor we use an import (like a literal "put the content of this here" statement)09:59
paulsher1ood(and checksumming?)10:00
gtristanfwiw, in semi-related news, today the conversion gained support for the integration commands10:00
paulsher1oodw00t :)10:00
gtristanand a build of gnome passes, without requiring root at all, even with the system integration commands10:00
* gtristan thought there might have been chowns in there, but there are only groupadd/useradd)10:01
paulsher1oodwhole of gnome, including build essential and device nodes?10:01
gtristanpaulsher1ood, right for the checksumming what we want for tarballs, is basically automatically update the exact identifier with an sha256 sum on demand (with bst track)10:02
gtristanSo the user doesnt have to memorize shas10:02
gtristanand of course, no symbolic refs10:02
gtristanpaulsher1ood, device nodes are omitted in the base, that's a part of the manual port I needed to do for build-essential10:03
gtristanso I still have to try to boot it, but it should not be a problem, udev or systemd will create the nodes10:03
* gtristan out for dinner, back in a bit...10:09
* paulsher1ood looks forward to confirmation that it boots :)10:09
* gtristan has to write the deployment for that... coming this week10:09
gtristancurrently I've whipped something up for the splits10:09
gtristanwhich, were a sort of a trainwreck imho10:10
gtristanbut still pertinent feature to have, wielded properly10:10
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* ironfoot ponders the deprecation of,, and openid.baserock.org11:01
paulsher1oodyou're right to raise this11:09
ironfootWe are in the process of renovating the SSL certs, and I went through the services we currently have11:11
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ssam2fine by me11:14
ssam2would be nice to dump the storyboard database somewhere for reference though11:14
ironfootYeah, I was pondering only swiching them off, but I can try to extract that information first, yes11:15
ironfootAlso, it looks like we won't need the database and mail VM's either11:16
ironfoot(we might if we decide to selfhost gitlab in the future)11:16
ssam2they're fully represented in the Ansible scripts in baserock-infrastructure.git so nothing to lose from destroying them now if we don't need them11:17
ssam2can redeploy within an hour or so from the Ansible scripts11:17
ironfoothehe yes, unless django package upgrades, and breaks openid11:18
ssam2if we need an OpenID provider, Ipsilon is probably better to use now11:19
ssam2although the docs are truly awful11:19
ironfootright, will start announcing changes soon via baserock-dev11:19
ssam2but I know the maintainer who says it is actually possible to link in a simpler password storage system than Kerberos or LDAP11:19
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