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franredssam2, I've received a message from saying "You (or someone pretending to be you) have asked to register an account at"14:30
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* franred follows instructions to ignore the test message14:31
pedroalvarezfranred: could you msg me the contents of tha email?14:31
franredpedroalvarez, sure14:31
franredpedroalvarez, double biff14:33
pedroalvarezoh, I see. That email was sent to <> that by default goes to baserock ops team14:35
pedroalvarezI'll try to remove you from that list14:35
franredpedroalvarez, cheers :)14:36
pedroalvarezfranred: done14:43
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pedroalvarezfranred: and I think this is the last thing to let you go:
franredpedroalvarez, go aheadd merging it15:02
franredpedroalvarez, and thank you for doing this for me :)15:02
pedroalvarezhah np :)15:02
lc_what does TROVE_GENERIC mean in this doc?
ssam2it means to configure at boot-time, instead of at deploy time15:44
ssam2well, that's not really true any more15:44
ssam2config is always done at boottime, by trove-setup.service15:44
ssam2but if you use TROVE_GENERIC, the machine doesn't contain /etc/trove/trove.conf, and won't "become a trove" til you create that file and run trove-setup.service (or reboot)15:45
ssam2which is what you want if creating an OpenStack image, for example15:45
ssam2without TROVE_GENERIC you set all of the config up at deploy-time and /etc/trove/trove.conf is present in the actual rootfs15:45
ssam2this should be documented somewhere15:46
ssam2but doesn't seem to be15:46
lc_Oh, so I can't have the cluster refer to the keys?15:46
ssam2you can if you don't set TROVE_GENERIC15:46
lc_And that works with openstack?15:47
ssam2the point is that with OpenStack, you deploy an image, and then you can instantiate the image many times15:47
ssam2but you probably don't want to create 3 troves containing the same SSH private keys15:47
ssam2and that could even be a security risk15:47
lc_I just want the one15:48
ssam2it will happily work that way15:48
lc_Why does the doc say15:48
lc_      FSTAB_HOMES: /dev/vdb /home auto defaults,noatime,rw 0 215:48
lc_but no ATTACH_DISKS?15:48
ssam2not sure15:49
lc_how do I reference disks in openstack actually15:49
pedroalvarezATTACH_DISKS won't do anything in openstack deployments15:49
pedroalvarezin those docs "--ephemeral size=160,format=ext4" will create /dev/vdb15:51
lc_what does ephemeral mean15:51
pedroalvareznot sure, but sounds like you don't want that if you want your data to persist15:52
lc_it does sound like that15:52
pedroalvarezthat option means (i think) create an ephemeral disk for this instance15:52
franredI thought ephemeral were the openstack volumes15:53
pedroalvarezI think it's an ephemeral volume, that will be deleted whenever you delete the instance15:53
franredso they are independent of the VM you have created being able to link it to another VM (after un-attaching them)15:53
franredpedroalvarez, then why /dev/vdb and not /dev/vda ?15:54
pedroalvarezwell, it's difficult to explain, better you give it a try :)15:55
franred:) - I will whenever I have some free time15:55
pedroalvarezif you use a flavour that includes an ephimeral disk, it will appear in the instance as a new disk, so it won't be 'vda' because that is the image you are booting. This ephimeral disk won't be accesible from the volumes tab in horizon, so it's not a volume15:56
pedroalvarezand it will be deleted whenever you remove the instance15:57
lc_ what's a flavour15:57
franredpedroalvarez, ooh, I see, it is extra-space attached to your disk image.15:58
pedroalvarezlc_: "Virtual hardware templates are called "flavors" in OpenStack, defining sizes for RAM, disk, number of cores, and so on. "16:01
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pedroalvarezfor deploying and configuring trove in openstack16:04
pedroalvarezI can't remember what I did in them, but I hope they help :)16:05
lc_hmm ybd seems not to support this trove.OPENSTACK_PASSWORD=your_openstack_password16:06
pedroalvareznope, you will have to put that within the cluster morphology16:07
pedroalvarezand try to not commit/PUSH that into git :)16:08
lc_it says It says ERROR: API version must be v2.0 in https://...'16:09
lc_where that's the url16:09
lc_in openstack.check16:09
pedroalvarezis your url like "" ?16:11
lc_it is now16:11
lc_now I have a different error16:11
lc_keystoneclient.openstack.common.apiclient.exceptions.AuthorizationFailure: Authorization Failed: SSL exception connecting to https://... [SSL: UNKNOWN_PROTOCOL] unknown protocol (_ssl.c:590)16:12
pedroalvarezare you sure it's in https?16:12
pedroalvareztry http16:12
lc_next one16:13
lc_16-03-07 00:00:23 [0/6/256] [trove-system-x86_64] ERROR: configure extension failed: /src/definitions/extensions/cloud-init.configure16:13
lc_ /src/tmp/tmp9fa8wn: line 63: can't create : nonexistent directory16:13
lc_that first16:13
pedroalvarezthat's because you are wearing red socks16:14
pedroalvarezI don't have a clue :/16:14
lc_that's potentially difficult to debug16:14
pedroalvarezheh, my guess is that is line 63 of  /src/definitions/extensions/cloud-init.configure16:15
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lc_cool, makes no sense16:16
franreddo your system has cloud-init?16:16
pedroalvarezfranred: it's a trove, so yes16:17
* lc_ tries morph16:17
* paulsherwood sobs, quietly16:17
pedroalvarezfranred: also, I included a check for that case16:17
franredpedroalvarez, maybe some of the cloud-init services are not installed for some reason16:17
lc_can ybd and morph use the same artifact folder?16:17
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: bad news16:17
pedroalvarezlc_: nope16:17
pedroalvarezwell, yes, same folder16:17
pedroalvarezbut not same artifacts16:18
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: more bad news than the above?16:18
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: $MORPH_LOG_FD16:18
paulsherwoodwhat on tearth is that?16:18
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I think that might be the cause of lc_ 's error16:18
* lc_ tries16:19
paulsherwoodcan we fix it?16:19
franredpedroalvarez, urgh16:19
pedroalvareza fix would be possible16:19
pedroalvarez(if that's the cause)16:19
pedroalvarezlc_: just put /dev/null in there instead of that variable and try16:20
lc_it gets further but still no16:21
lc_sec paste16:21
pedroalvarezoh yeah16:23
pedroalvarezthat other bug16:23
* paulsherwood wonders if lc should spend the rest of the day upstreaming patches for this16:24
ssam2the extensions probably shouldn't break if MORPH_LOG_FD is set16:24
ssam2don't just remove that though, proper logs from deployment extensions is really useful16:25
ssam2patch for that is trivial I guess16:25
franredssam2, we should rename it and give a default value16:25
pedroalvarezlc_: I commented a workaround in that link pasted before16:26
franredpaulsherwood, does ybd has a deployment log defined or just shows everything on stdout?16:27
lc_pedroalvarez, what?16:27
ssam2franred: yeah16:27
pedroalvarezthat's the bug you have, right?16:27
paulsherwoodfranred: everything in stdout16:27
franredpaulsherwood, ok, I'll make the patch.16:28
pedroalvarezcheck if that variable is set and if not set to stdout?16:29
ssam2trove-setup.configure is actually doing this wrong anyway16:29
ssam2echo foo >"$MORPH_LOG_FD"16:29
ssam2it should be doing: echo foo >&"$MORPH_LOG_FD" right?16:30
ssam2otherwise the log just goes to a file named '3' or something stupid16:30
ssam2so MORPH_LOG_FD should default to 0, so that logs go to stdout by default16:31
ssam2making the name generic would make sense too16:31
ssam2cloud-init.configure, not trove-setup.configure16:31
franredssam2, yeah, but MORPH_LOG_FD is not defined like in ybd it will be to empty16:32
pedroalvarezlc_: could you try that patch? ^16:37
lc_after this deployment16:38
franredssam2, - I have a question about your patch16:43
franredin fact 0 is stdin :/16:45
ssam2you're right, well spotted16:45
* benbrown_ should have noticed that.16:46
benbrown_franred: nice catch16:46
franredssam2, merged, thanks for the fast patch16:49
franredbenbrown_, :), no probs16:49
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