IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2016-03-06

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gtristanI'm a believer ;-)11:18
* gtristan thinks he could get better performance with instances: 3 / max-jobs: 311:20
paulsherwoodgtristan: what's your machine spec?11:28
gtristanquad core very fast i7 (up to 3.9GHz) and plenty of SSD11:29
gtristanbut I dont use half of it with this build setup11:29
gtristanbecause configure scripts and shell scripts and such on the emulators are slow11:30
paulsherwoodwell i reckon max-jobs: 4, and instances: 2 or 311:30
gtristanI'm doing max-jobs 4 right now but I only really leverage 311:30
paulsherwooddid you manage to take a look at my latest attempt at 'claim' ?11:30
gtristanhave to make the network interface virtio11:30
gtristanI did11:30
gtristanI didnt get to test it yet11:31
gtristanI like the patch, it make claim() cleaner11:31
gtristanand it certainly wont break my fix, as the point of my fix was to move yeild outside of the exception handling of flock()11:31
gtristanI only dont understand why your fix, fixes cntl-c :)11:31
paulsherwoodme neither! :)11:31
gtristanI would like to understand that11:32
paulsherwoodrichard_maw turned me onto contexmanagers and with statements ages ago... now i can't resist that pattern :)11:32
gtristanOh, as the not-python guy that I am, that took me a solid hour to figure out11:33
gtristanI presume it will come more naturally with practice ;-)11:33
gtristanI was reading on generator functions to understand what yeild does, but clearly it's used differently with that contextmanager decorator11:34
paulsherwoodmy understanding is it just hands control to the code_block11:34
* paulsherwood waves his hands as if magic happens11:35
gtristansigh... I have to kill this build, I forgot to include 'make' in build essential.... but breaks my heart11:35
gtristanit's gotten so far !11:35
paulsherwoodyup... you're soooo close11:35
* gtristan is building sqlite3 & libffi11:35
gtristanperl and cmake took a good hour11:35
gtristanbut the rest are going by pretty quickly11:36
paulsherwoodgtristan: maybe spin up an aws server, build there?11:36
paulsherwood(this would also force you to reproduce your env :-))11:36
gtristanI guess glibc, gcc, perl and cmake are the tough ones, the former two take hours11:36
gtristanwell, good point... lets try that later in the week11:37
gtristanshould be able to speed things up with virtio network11:38
gtristanand Rob Landley says... he saw a 20% performance gain in configure by using a statically linked busybox11:38
gtristanbecause of how memory paging works in qemu11:39
gtristanthat may not be plausible as some things require better tools than what busybox provides11:39
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