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JPohlmannHi folks!09:13
rjekHello JPohlmann!09:20
rjekHow's stuff?09:20
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pedroalvarezJPohlmann: o/09:27
JPohlmannrjek: Really good! Flat situation is in limbo (might have to move again just after having moved in) but apart from that everything is well.09:28
rjekJPohlmann: \o/09:28
JPohlmannApparently I'm back in the Codethink fold, so I thought I'd say hi ;)09:28
rjekWelcome :)09:29
pedroalvarezgreat news09:30
JPohlmannThanks, indeed :)09:30
mwilliams_ct! welcome back JPohlmann :D09:30
bashrcah, JPohlmann is back. Welcome to codethink09:36
JPohlmannbashrc: I had to /whois you to see who's behind the username, you changed it. Hi :)09:37
bashrcwell, I've had this nick for quite a while, but at codethink I use a different one to avoid confusions09:38
radiofreewelcome back09:38
SotKwelcome back JPohlmann!09:38
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JPohlmannTa :)09:46
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edcraggi built a full system last night with ybd. Now when i run rawdisk deployment it suddenly wants to rebuild the whole thing10:04
edcragganybody have any idea what that's about?10:05
edcraggreally very far from ideal10:05
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edcraggit's like it's lost its cache10:06
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edcraggeven when i try to build the same system again rather than deploying it10:07
edcraggcould it have re-computed the cache key for the whole system for some reason?10:10
rdaleedcragg - if ybd sees you've got less the 10gb available, it starts deleting cached artifacts - you need to lower that value in the defaults10:10
edcraggthanks rdale!10:10
edcraggsurely that's a bit of an iffy thing to do silently10:11
rdalei wasted a day once before i discovered what was happening10:11
rdaleyes, i agree10:11
tiagogomesIf starts deleting artifacts without user's consent that is really bad10:11
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rdaleedcragg: look for 'min-gigabytes: 10' in ybd.conf10:12
rjekThat is an awful option name10:12
edcraggi have noticed it :)10:12
edcraggluckily i copied off the whole system artifact, if i copy that back maybe it'll work10:13
edcragganyone made an issue about that?10:13
rdalei think there isn't a seperate gc option for 'ease of use' reasons10:14
JPohlmannwin 1310:15
JPohlmannOops :)10:15
pedroalvarezedcragg: garbage collection10:16
rdalethat's the name of the equivalent morph command to tidy the cache - garbage collection10:16
pedroalvarezlike `morph gc`10:16
edcraggyep, cool10:16
edcraggi guess something to do with ybd being a scriptable tool?10:16
edcraggit reminds me of my old samsung phone which spent a long time silently deleting my old text messages when it got full, though10:17
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pedroalvarezI would have hated that phone10:17
Zarasame, eep10:19
rdalegood phone to run via continuous integration though10:21
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paulsherwoodi'll take a patch to set min-gigabytes: 0 be default, since folks seem so unhappy about it :)10:51
paulsherwoodi won't be turning the functionality off myself, though :)10:52
gtristanpaulsherwood, it did bite me once fwiw, maybe it needs to be a bit smarter... does it cull artifacts which are required for the given build for instance ?10:53
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gtristanI dont recall exactly why, but it did kill a gcc build which I didn't want discarded ;-)10:53
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edcraggtristan: it emptied the ybd cache entirely for me, just after i'd built a new image overnight11:03
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paulsherwoodedcragg: are you sure? can i see the log of that?11:08
edcraggpaulsherwood: it was full, and now it's empty11:08
edcraggone sec11:09
* paulsherwood is *surprised* to say the least... it would have had to build, and *then* cull.. to leave an empty directory11:09
paulsherwoodrjek: please recommend a better name11:12
paulsherwoodrdale_ct_: there are no separate options because ybd is designed to be run by automation. repeatedly.11:13
rdale_ct_but a zero or low default would still be more user friendly imho11:14
paulsherwoodrdale_ct_: well, with zero... ybd will FAIL a build that the user was expecting to succeed11:14
paulsherwoodas morph does11:15
paulsherwoodand 10GB is a low default imo11:15
paulsherwoodi'm still unconvinced that edcragg's situation is what he's said it is11:16
rdale_ct_my laptop doesn't have much free space, and 10gb is quite a proportion11:16
paulsherwoodbut i've been wrong before :)11:16
edcraggpaulsherwood: what i did was run a deployment11:16
edcraggi also cancelled it half way through if that matters11:16
rdale_ct_edcragg's problem has happened to me - when you are testing ybd you are often rebuilding something you've just already built, for which you need zero extra free space11:17
rjekpaulsherwood: What is the option for?11:17
rjekThen, "10G" for 10GB11:18
rjek(Or "10GB")11:18
paulsherwoodi s'pose :)11:18
paulsherwooddeployment requires *a lot* of free space, iiuc11:19
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rdale_ct_i would have thought the tool should know better than to delete the thing it is about to deploy in order to create space for the deployment11:20
paulsherwoodand the cull is *supposed* to happen on oldest artifacts first.... so the system  artifact should have still been around, or at leasted deleted last11:20
paulsherwoodrdale_ct_: agreed. that would be a useful improvement11:21
rdale_ct_it used to just do an os list of the artifacts dir, and delete whatever comes up first11:21
paulsherwoodpatches gratefully accepted ... or i'll take a look this week11:21
* paulsherwood believed that it culled oldest first, but the code doesn't seem to support his theory11:23
edcraggpaulsherwood: i think this log covers it
edcraggi submitted to reduce min-gigabytes to zero11:30
paulsherwoodedcragg: yup, i saw that thanks11:31
paulsherwoodedcragg: that log doesn't show it deleting anything - it shows that you had 9GB with an empty artifact cache?11:32
edcraggthat was the first thing i did after i'd built it, though11:33
paulsherwoodpossibly :) but ybd reports how many artifacts it has to delete to clear the space11:33
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paulsherwoodso i think it didn't delete any in either of the runs from that log11:35
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edcraggmaybe. unless ybd keeps a log automatically (i don't think it does?) the log of the original deployment may have been lost inside another tmux session11:40
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N-a-NHi! I'm having some issues when trying to upgrade my baserock VM to devel VM. If I use Virt-Manager for the VM I have an error "unable to look up" when I do "git clone git:// --branch baserock-15.47.1". If I use KVM I can clone the repository, but when I do "morph build..." I have an error that I13:37
N-a-Ndon't have enough space on disk. Can anybody help me with that?13:37
edcraggN-a-N: you may want to add a new virtual disk to your VM, so you have space to build13:39
edcraggi guess the not cloning thing is down to the network setup in the VM13:39
mwilliams_ctN-a-N: there's some detail on how to do as edcragg suggested at
N-a-Nok! thanks mwilliams_ct and edcragg13:40
mwilliams_ctgood luck!13:40
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pedroalvarezgreat, latest storyboard upgrade includes "due dates". Now you can put deadlines in their boards15:28
pedroalvarez good stuff15:29
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* paulsherwood thinks it's about time ybd became a first-class citizen at baserock. setting up a devel VM is clearly not the quickest quick-start16:00
ssam2yes, would be good to have a getting started guide that didn't involve all that VM faff16:08
ssam2not sure what you mean by "first class citizien"16:08
ssam2and the VM guides I guess are useful for folk on Windows and such16:08
ssam2for Linux, a Baserock chroot is way easier16:08
* edcragg thinks ybd documentation should be there for new users to find, so they have the choice16:09
edcragggood point though, ybd doesn't make it easier on windows, particularly16:10
paulsherwoodedcragg: Vagrant works on windows iiuc16:10
* paulsherwood hasn't tried it, though16:10
paulsherwoodssam2: i mean that our docs are by default morph-oriented, since that's what we started with. i held off on re-organising the wiki so far, for example16:11
ssam2we should be able to replace all our VM guides with Vagrant, in theory16:12
ssam2every time I've tried Vagrant it just wasn't as good in practice as it seemed in theory, though16:12
ssam2paulsherwood: true, it would be good to document YBD in the wiki docs more16:12
paulsherwoodssam2: it's working fine for me, so far16:12
ssam2the main annoyance is that you need a different base image for each virtualisation method16:12
paulsherwoodbut i don't deploy there16:13
* edcragg idly wonders if ybd might work in cygwin16:18
ssam2should do, but probably an order of magnitude slower16:19
ssam2and the resulting chunks would all be built to run under Cygwin16:19
ssam2unless it could cross-compile to Linux16:19
edcragghmm, good point16:22
ssam2cross-compile to Windows would actually be cool for Baserock to support, in theory16:25
ssam2for building stuff like GTK and GStreamer for Windows16:26
ssam2pipe dream though :-)16:26
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