IRC logs for #trustable for Thursday, 2018-11-01

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tiagogomesThe job is still failing10:09
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ikerperez           #trustable Thursday standup  time10:45
ikerperezorder: ikerperez -> jorgesanjuan10:46
ikerperez# Sentences10:46
ikerperez## Iker Perez10:46
ikerperez* Done10:46
ikerperez* Doing10:46
ikerperez   - Create fossology docker for trustable10:46
ikerperez   - Understand fossology's docker container10:46
ikerperez     - Try to run fossology in the CI from a Docker image10:46
ikerperez  - Try to build and run fossology in the CI from source10:46
ikerperez* Next10:46
ikerperez   - Discover how to apply spdx to fossology10:46
ikerperez  -  Have a look to the openchain self-certify process10:46
ikerperez## Jorge Sanjuan (jorgesandman)10:46
jorgesanjuan* Doing:10:46
jorgesanjuan - Handover other project mainly.10:47
jorgesanjuan - Help with making licensing tools work take off.10:47
jorgesanjuan# Discussion10:47
ikerperezSTANDUP ENDS10:48
paulwthanks ikerperez10:49
toscalixikerperez: I put time some months ago on the openchain process. Maybe I can explain it to you so you do not start from scratch.11:12
ikerperezyes, that would be very helpful11:13
ikerperezwhen could we do it?11:13
toscalixtoday I cannot and I am on vacation tomorro. Monday?11:13
ikerperezMonday sounds good for me11:27
ikerperezI have a meeting from 2pm to 3pm, the rest of the day I am available11:28
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ikerperezDoes anyone know why this CI crashes on line 183?15:38
ikerperezthe only difference that I can see to the previous version is the change from multi-line to single line from line 178 to 184 in the new version and from line 189 to 197 in the old version15:39
ikerperezold version:
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