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tiagogomes_flatmush ctgriffiths
ctgriffithslooks good to me, merged09:17
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jorgesanjuanikerperez, that gitlab tool seems interesting. That surely will integrate nicely into gitlab's CI pipelines. paulw, what do you reckon?09:51
jorgesanjuanAlthough, it may be a premium feature09:51
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jorgesanjuanso it essentially uses which seems to be useful for whitelisting and blacklisting license types. Maybe FOSSOLOGY is still better for generating reports10:01
tiagogomes_Hi, who set up the certificate for Seems invalid10:21
flatmushtiagogomes_: I did10:30
flatmushfollowing the BuildStream documentation10:31
flatmushtiagogomes_: If you want to generate some new certs for me to upload, I'm happy to do it10:32
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tiagogomes_flatmush and the server.crt on the certificates directory is the same as the one passed to --server-cert in bst-artifact-server?11:15
flatmushtiagogomes_: Should be11:15
flatmushunless it's been changed without my knowledge11:15
tiagogomes_here is the problem: Issued By Common Name: cache.trustable.io11:19
tiagogomes_that won't work, because is not a known certificate authority11:20
tiagogomes_flatmush, can you access the server and monitor the log of the systemd service which is running the artifact server. I was told there is more information there regarding why server-cert is not working11:31
flatmushtiagogomes_: will check now11:38
ikerperez#trustable Wednesday standup  time11:45
ikerperezorder: ikerperez -> jorgesanjuan11:45
ikerperez# Sentences11:45
ikerperez## Iker Perez11:45
ikerperez* Done11:45
ikerperez  - Generate report with fossology11:46
ikerperez   - Read the fossology documentation11:46
ikerperez* Doing11:46
ikerperez   - Create fossology docker for trustable11:46
ikerperez   - Understand fossology's docker container11:46
ikerperez## Jorge Sanjuan (jorgesandman)11:47
jorgesanjuan* Done:11:47
jorgesanjuan* Doing:11:47
jorgesanjuan - Look into FOSSOLOGY internals.11:47
jorgesanjuan - Come up with more future tasks.11:47
jorgesanjuan - Other project hand over.11:47
jorgesanjuan# Discussion11:47
ikerperezSTANDUP ENDS11:47
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tiagogomes_flatmush, on
tiagogomes_you missed "projects:"13:55
flatmushtiagogomes_: What do you mean?13:57
flatmushalso, yeah the ports change because the bst server is running twice13:57
flatmush11001 is pull only and public (no client certs required)13:57
flatmush11002 is push and pull, with client certs needed13:57
tiagogomes_do we need two?13:58
flatmushit's what the documentation suggests13:58
flatmushI followed these instructions13:58
tiagogomes_yeah, I am looking at that13:58
flatmushwhat do I need in the "projects:" section?13:59
flatmushis there documentation for this?13:59
tiagogomes_  minimal-distro:13:59
flatmushah, ok13:59
tiagogomes_    artifacts:13:59
tiagogomes_I don't understand why we can't have a push/pull server, which just forbids push unless the client certificate and key is given14:00
flatmushtiagogomes_: Please review:
* tiagogomes_ looks14:16
flatmushtiagogomes_: Relevant pipeline:
tiagogomes_looks good14:34
tiagogomes_flatmush can we merge it?15:48
flatmushtiagogomes_: Yeah, that's why I asked you to review it, so you could merge :)15:52
tiagogomes_merged. I think the author of the merge request should merge it, provided he has authorized to15:57
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tiagogomes_The policy job is always failing17:08
tiagogomes_ikerperez ^17:12
ikerpereztiagogomes_  The error is produced when sending the evidences to the server, I guess that there is some maintenance on it or something like that17:17
ikerpereztry again later or tomorrow17:17
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