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ikerperezSomeone understands which is the reason of this error in the CI?10:57
ikerperezIt is happening in an old commit which previously hadn't any error and was successful in al the CI steps10:58
ikerperezBut the same is going on in other commits and branches10:58
paulwflatmush, ^^ ?10:59
flatmushikerperez: Yes, the private key was deleted from gitlab CI's variables11:00
flatmushso I had to upload a new set of keys11:00
flatmushwhich means old branches without the new key will fail11:00
flatmushit was not me who deleted the key, I don't know how that happened11:00
ikerperezok, so I need to apply the new key for the old branches?11:00
flatmushif you need them to build on CI, you should rebase them against master11:01
flatmushor at least the commit that adds the new key11:01
ikerperezok, thanks11:01
ikerperezflatmush afte rebasing I am having the same error11:08
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flatmushikerperez: That's not rebased against master11:12
flatmushneeds to have that commit in it11:13
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ikerperezo yes, sorry11:55
ikerperezI thought I had master updated11:55
ikerperez#trustable FRIDAY standup12:02
ikerperezorder: ikerperez -> jorgesanjuan12:02
ikerperez# Sentences12:02
ikerperez## Iker Perez12:02
ikerperez* Done12:02
ikerperez  - Ping Javier Jardon for help, meeting on Monday12:02
ikerperez* Doing12:02
ikerperez   - Create fossology docker for trustable12:02
ikerperez   - Understand fossology's docker container12:02
ikerperez     - Try to run fossology in the CI from a Docker image12:02
ikerperez  - Try to build and run fossology in the CI from source12:02
ikerperez  - Work in the merge requests related to issues #9 and #512:02
ikerperez* Next12:02
ikerperez   - Discover how to apply spdx to fossology12:02
ikerperez  -  Have a look to the openchain self-certify process12:02
ikerperez## Jorge Sanjuan (jorgesandman)12:02
jorgesanjuansorry, _o_12:02
ikerperezSTANDUP ENDS12:03
ikerperezflatmush the key is applied but the problem persists12:14
flatmushit's an issue with the key, and the pipeline is working on master right?12:14
flatmushikerperez: This pipeline?
flatmushthat's not the same problem12:16
ikerperezNo, this one:
flatmushikerperez: Don't know why it failed, but re-ran the pipeline and it works12:23
flatmushI guess it was caching something it shouldn't12:24
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ikerperezAnyone knows which is the IRC nick of Mathieu Bridon?13:12
laurence-ikerperez ^13:14
ikerperezthanks laurence-13:20
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ikerperezcan be deleted the projects buildstream remote cache?15:48
ikerperezI am having this erros in a different branch:
ikerperezIn orde to fix it I think I could try this:
ikerperezHow can I do that before building the distro? Should I patch some of the elements that are built in buildstream?15:55
ikerperezflatmush, ctgriffiths,tiagogomes ^^16:07
ctgriffithswhy are you trying to start docker?16:10
flatmushikerperez: I can delete the cache, but that's kinda the nuclear option16:11
ctgriffithsunless I've misunderstood you're trying to run the docker systemd service inside a docker container16:12
ikerperezI am trying to start docker because fossology runs in docker16:15
ikerperezflatmush I have been talking with bochecha and he thinks that something may be wrong with the server cache ssl configuration16:16
flatmushikerperez: It was setup according to the documentation16:16
flatmushthe only hiccup was that a key was deleted so it's running with new keys now16:17
ikerperezI don't say it is has been wrongly set, but maybe because of the key change now it is complaining16:17
flatmushI don't really know what to do about that16:18
ctgriffithsI think the prefered solution is to expose the docker socket to the CI container, this would be configured on the gitlab runner:
ikerperezthe ABU check keeps complaining although I have changed, so it might be that it is trying to check some resources that were generated with the previous key16:18
ctgriffithsrather than a fresh install inside a docker container16:19
ikerperezctgriffiths I will have a look to that now16:19
flatmushthe ssh key issue should only affect the building of previous branches, the artifacts themselves should be identical16:21
ikerperezI don't know which is the issue, but in the logs can be read "Invalid private key." so it is probably something related to it16:37
tiagogomeswhere does it show that?16:44
ikerperezCould be the reason be that in the project.conf in line 131 says "  url:" and in the Ci says " url:"16:46
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flatmushikerperez: No, that's correct17:03
flatmush11001 is the public cache17:03
flatmushthe CI uses the private cache because it pushes17:03
flatmushthe private cache is 1100217:03
flatmushso it's deliberate that the CI uses that cache17:03
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