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paulwjorgesanjuan, ikerperez - could we have have standups at 10:45 please - could one of you please run them. Thanks09:48
ikerperezyes, I can do it09:54
jorgesanjuanHi. We have generated a .doc/pdf licenses+copyright report of Buildstream (as an example) using the higher level tools from FOSSOLOGY. We have done this using their docker contained server that you can talk to from from a browser.10:03
jorgesanjuanWe have yet to understand all the details of this initial report but I was thinking next step would be to understand how that report was generated so we can have some control of the intermediate states10:04
paulwcould you send to the list for info and just give the above in the above as context?10:07
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ikerperezI am generation a report from steam-runtime project in order to have two different reports and be able to compare results10:08
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ikerperezjorgesanjuan, is this what you were talking about yesterday?
jorgesanjuanikerperez, yes. So my suggestion was to customize that Dockerfile so the we can use the container as a toolkit rather than the final server instance that this keeps running in the foreground10:23
ikerperezgreat, ok10:27
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ikerperez#trustable standup  time10:45
ikerperezorder: ikerperez -> jorgesanjuan10:46
ikerperez# Sentences10:46
ikerperez## Iker Perez10:46
ikerperez* Done10:46
ikerperez  - Add policy check dependencies to minimal distro policy check10:47
ikerperez  - Add the standard deviation test10:47
ikerperez  - Add memtester to test-minimal-system10:47
ikerperez  - Make the execution of test-minimal-system to be printed10:47
ikerperez  - Add ABI check to the minimal distro's CI10:47
ikerperez  - Read the OpenChain Specification.10:47
ikerperez  - Summarize the openchain Curriculum (Training file)10:47
ikerperez  - Check difference between docker and valgrant10:47
ikerperez  - Generate report with Scan-source tool10:47
ikerperez  - Install fossology10:47
ikerperez  - Generate report with fossology10:47
ikerperez* Doing10:47
ikerperez   - Read the fossology documentation10:47
ikerperez   - Understand fossology's docker container10:47
jorgesanjuan## Jorge Sanjuan (jorgesanjuan)10:49
jorgesanjuan* Done:10:50
jorgesanjuan - Initial FOSSOLOGY/QMSTR discussions.10:50
jorgesanjuan - Try FOSSOLOGY "out of the box". Generate initial report.10:50
jorgesanjuan - Discussed next steps.10:50
jorgesanjuan* Doing:10:50
jorgesanjuan - Look into FOSSOLOGY internals.10:50
jorgesanjuan - Come up with more future tasks.10:50
jorgesanjuan# Discussion10:50
ikerperezSTANDUP ENDS!10:51
ikerperezpaulw where should I copy the standup notes?10:52
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paulsherwoodflatmush: iiuc you may be interested in using buildstream with an existing CAS?12:15
paulsherwoodbest person to talk to would probably be juergbi12:15
flatmushpaulsherwood: You mean instead of attempting to keep our trustable cache running?12:19
paulsherwoodnot necessarily, unless someone downstream with an existing cas is interested in offering it as a cache12:21
paulsherwoodi was mainly thinking about the situation where a downstream consumer of (say) minimal distro may want to reconstruct it in an environment where they already have a bazel cache setup12:22
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ikerperezpaulw jorgesanjuan gitlab offers some basic licensing
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