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tiagogomesflatmush ctgriffiths are you happy if I import fhs-dirs from trove to the distros group?11:15
flatmushI guess if we're modifying it, it makes sense to do that11:17
tiagogomesI think it makes sense, even if we don't modify it11:22
tiagogomesThe minimal-distro applies a local patch on it anyway, so it is already being modified11:23
tiagogomesI also think the canonical location for a repo should not be on Trove, as it makes contributing much harder11:26
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ironfoottiagogomes: do you want me to migrate that repo to our baserock gitlab org?12:02
ironfoot(we just migrated the ones that needed modifications, not all of them at once)12:02
tiagogomesironfoot it is already there, but configured to mirror from Trove12:02
ironfootaha, right, then the only thing left is to change that bit of configuration to make trove to mirror from gitlab instead12:03
ironfootnow it's easy to contriburte if wanted12:11
tiagogomesHmm… I was thinking in letting Baserock/* to rest in piece, but I can contribute to Baserock/fhs-dirs instead of forking it on trustable if your prefer12:12
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ironfootheh, rest in pieces :P12:14
ironfootI don't mind, I just wanted to make possible the contributions. Feel free to have a fork for now, and then think about this later12:16
jjardonHi, do you have a list of packages that you absolute need for ? I was wondering if we can adapt freedesktop-sdk so it fits better for your use case13:26
jjardonso you can depend on only those instead the entire base.bst, for example13:26
jjardonalso, you were working some time ago on switching repos to git in freedesktop-sdk; are you planning to keep working on that?13:28
tiagogomesjjardon I'd like that, if possible, freedesktop-sdk used busybox instead of bash for the bootstrap13:56
jjardontiagogomes: busybox includes much more stuff than bash and is not completely compatible13:57
jjardonthat is another issue I think, my question was more if we can do something in freedesktop-sdk so you use less components13:58
tiagogomesyes, remove bash14:00
tiagogomeswe don't want bash, but we still have to use it because it is on the bootstrap14:01
tiagogomesAnother thing, we don't want var -> usr/var and etc -> /usr/etc14:45
jjardontiagogomes: why not bash? licensing?14:56
flatmushjjardon: I had a few more things switched to git which I haven't yet pushed, I'll have a look at it in a bit15:22
flatmushbut I'm not working on it anymore15:22
jjardonflatmush: cheers15:23
jjardononly wanted to avoid duplicate work already done :)15:23
tiagogomesflatmush, ctgriffiths
tiagogomesjjardon doesn't seem a good fit for a minimal system16:01
jjardontiagogomes: can you elaborate, please?16:01
tiagogomesbesides the awful commit history16:01
flatmushtiagogomes: Approved, we should probably change the upstream of Linux to just use kernel.org16:02
flatmushnot much point in using trove for just a single element16:02
tiagogomesAssuming there won't be cloning timeouts if we did it16:03
jjardonyou will get clone timeouts, eventually; having mirrors is always a good thing (and buildstream supports that feature in the client side)16:05
flatmushjjardon: The reason we have bash in the final image was cause I included runtime components of bootstrap to avoid going through two junctions to get glibc16:09
flatmushtiagogomes says we should just junction bootstrap directly in our image, so may try that16:10
flatmushseems obvious to me that using proper tools like bash at build time makes sense though16:10
jjardonyeah, there should be a clear separation to what we use to build to what we actually deploy on the target; if this is currently difficult with freedesktop-sdk/buildstream please let us know and we will try to find a solution16:12
tiagogomesWhy is this building from scratch
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