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flatmushI've justs cleared the trustable cache, that might mean the next time you run a pipeline it'll take a while ikerperez09:41
tiagogomesHave you also started a build to repopulate meanwhile?09:46
ikerperezI am adding code to check if the results file has finished being written. For that I added the next line: ssh_command =  ['ssh', '-oStrictHostKeyChecking=no', '-oUserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null', '-p5555', 'root@', '[[ lsof | grep ./results.dat ]]']10:02
ikerperezssh_command will store the output of the [[ ]] test?10:02
ikerperezif not, what could I do?10:02
ctgriffithsikerperez: you could wait for the command that writes the file to complete
ctgriffithsso have this line after you create the process: await process.wait()10:16
ikerperezctgriffiths, I tried that yesterday but it wasn't working properly. I will try it again today just in case the new changes modify the behaviour10:31
locallycompactCan I have cow powers to create repos in trustable?10:38
locallycompactpaulsherwood? ^10:41
locallycompactanyone else has powers?11:20
* locallycompact has obtained powers11:40
ikerperezctgriffiths, flatmush, tiagogomes can we trust the process.wait() statement? i have achieved results with it and without it and the files obtained without it are larger.11:46
tiagogomesI don't understand that output. I will also need more context to provide any help12:17
ctgriffithsikerperez: there's quite a significant variation in file size for both cases, is that expected?12:44
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: use them wisely :)12:44
flatmushikerperez: Surely "wc -l" would be a better method (count the number of lines)12:46
locallycompactpaulsherwood: if you could establish how this builds on OSX that would be helpful
locallycompactdunno if we'll continue with this specifically but probably will do something gtk on haskell shaped13:01
ikerperezctgriffiths, i just did some longer test out of the script. The size of the files still vary:
ikerperezflatmush, but that command will only give me the number of lines written at the moment of the execution, right? They could be more lines left to be written. Or that command will wait until the file is completely written?13:14
flatmushjust for use right now13:16
flatmushyou're currently comparing file sizes which are variable because of the number of characters in a number13:16
flatmushbut surely, the number of lines should be the same each run?13:16
flatmushso using "wc -l" instead of comparing file sizes would make more sense13:16
flatmushI'm not suggesting you put any of that into a script or anything13:17
ikerpereza ok.13:19
ikerperezJust did it, the number of lines vary too13:19
ikerperezBut there are closer between them that the size13:20
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: sorry, what do i need to do?14:14
locallycompactwhat's the first error you hit if you run `stack build` in that repo with stack installed14:15
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paulsherwoodlocallycompact: hmmm. so i'm now just running randoum builds from the internet :/15:20
paulsherwoodhaskell community happy to just download stuff at will, i expect?15:21
locallycompactyou're building from a stackage manifest15:24
paulsherwoodwhatever that means, it's falling into the usual trap of pulling loads of stuff from the internet15:26
locallycompactso this i guess
* paulsherwood is not guessing15:28
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locallycompactmm that's new15:50
* paulsherwood is not surprised15:51
locallycompactI don't know these gtk doodads15:52
locallycompact ?15:52
locallycompactjjardon: what's the difference between gdk and gtk?15:58
locallycompactI think this one would have covered the others
jjardonlocallycompact: gdk is a low level library gtk talks against. So you can still use gdk APIs from gtk and gdk implement the platform dependent stuff16:01
locallycompactor is that gtk216:02
jjardonThere are backends  for x11, Wayland, win32, quartz (osx) etc16:02
locallycompactI see16:03
jjardongtk2 is only the version; current is gtk3. In development is gtk416:03
locallycompactjjardon: trying to install gtk3 on osx but this says version 2.something
jjardonlocallycompact: yeah that is gtk2, no gtk316:04
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locallycompactsurely 3 exists for osx16:06
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jjardonlocallycompact: not so sure; you have to have someone that actually do the job to port to gdk3/gtk3; not sure that happened (or if the current status is less complete than the one in gtk2)16:11
jjardonThat might help:
* locallycompact is only speculating that 3 is required here16:14
locallycompactfelt like it had been out a while though16:14
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locallycompactmaybe this
paulsherwoodseems to have completed17:03
paulsherwoodok it runs, does nothing useful. i assume this is just a hello world?17:09
locallycompactyes hello world17:27
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