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ikerperezin the test-minimal-system script there is code to write to the stdin of the   image running in qemu (like process.stdin.write('latency-measure -w register -d 1\n'.encode('ascii'))). How can I do to, instead of writing to that machine write to the host machine? I tried os.system("command") but it gives me errors. Can I change the direction of the w11:54
ikerperezriting of the process.stdin.write command? change to which stdin points to?11:54
ikerperezdon't answer that, I just discovered12:13
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ikerperezflatmush, ctgriffiths, tiagogomes this is what I was saying in the meeting:
ikerperezThe first case is when I am not checking the stdout and the second one when I do it13:51
ikerperez I fixed13:54
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ikerperezWhy it is not recognised this command?
ironfootikerperez: could you please use a public paste service? that one is not15:01
ironfoota suggestion: but there are many others, feel free to pick your favourite15:02
tiagogomesikerperez try `command = ['test', '-e' 'results.dat']`15:16
ikerperezI finally made it work like this. command = ['$','(test -e./results.dat)','$?']. Now I am trying to get the output from that command15:18
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