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ikerperezflatmush this is the memory test you were talking about in the meeting?
flatmushikerperez: Yes, it's already included in minimal distro11:06
flatmushyou just need to pick a memory size for it to run on and then run it for a number of iterations11:06
flatmushI think when I ran it, the max size on my host was 16384 or something11:06
flatmushand probably don't want too many iterations or the CI will take ages11:06
ikerperezok, I guess that should be included in the test-minimal script11:06
ikerperezok, I will start with that then11:08
ikerperezflatmush, I am testing the memtester command in my ubuntu VM and in the minimal distro. In the minimal distro is still running in the first loop but in the Ubuntu machine has already done 187. I was checking the memterster documentation and I couldn't find a way to define the number of loops. Is that what you were talking about the number of iterat12:34
ikerperezions? or you were suggestion to execute it using a for loop?12:34
ikerperezAs well, How much memory should be allocated? all of it?12:34
flatmushif you don't give it a number, it'll loop forever12:37
flatmushthe VM is a _LOT_ slower than the host for this12:37
flatmushor it was when I tried12:37
flatmushhence the advice to pick a small number of iterations (maybe just 1)12:38
ikerperezI just found it12:38
ikerperezI don't know how I didn't see it before12:39
ironfoottrustable password13:28
flatmushthanks ironfoot, now I have to change all my passwords too :/13:53
paulsherwoodpls can someone explain what's happened?14:24
flatmushI was pretending that my passwords were all "trustable password" for the purposes of humour14:25
flatmushafter iker accidentally pasted his actual password14:25
paulsherwoodthat's what i thought happened. just checking :)14:37
ikerperezthe bc command is not added into the CI. How can I add it?15:08
paulsherwoodbc command?15:08
flatmushikerperez: You can add the bc package from freedesktop-sdk15:09
flatmushI think I saw it, but I'll check15:09
flatmushyup, in base/bc.bst15:09
ikerperezyes it is15:09
flatmushadd it to the test.bst file15:09
flatmushif you need an example of junctioning from freedesktop-sdk, just look at any of the elements that contain "junction:"15:10
ikerperezgreat, thanks15:10
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tiagogomes_what do you need bc for?15:33
ikerperezTo calculate the standard desviation15:41
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