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flatmushSTANDUP! Order: flatmush, Shaun, ikerperez10:16
flatmush## Ben Brewer (flatmush)10:16
flatmush* Done10:16
flatmush  - Initial configs for meson and ninja10:16
flatmush  - Reading into systemd dependencies10:16
flatmush  - Reporting buildstream bugs and helping iker a bit10:16
flatmush* Doing10:16
flatmush  - Further look into systemd10:16
flatmush  - Prepare another e-mail about systemd10:16
flatmush## Shaun Mooney (Shaun)10:17
ikershaun is not at his desk now10:18
ikerI will add mines10:19
iker## Iker Perez10:19
iker* Done10:19
iker   - Add latency-measure to the minimal distro10:19
iker   - Add latency-measure test to test-minimal-system10:19
iker* Doing10:19
iker    - Make work latency-measure in the CI10:19
iker    - Analyse the way the minimal distro uses buildstream10:19
iker* Issues10:19
iker    - Latency-measure works when is executed from a qemu running the minimal system, however it doesn't work in the CI.10:19
iker## Shaun Mooney10:19
Shaun* Done10:23
Shaun  - Drawn control model functional diagram10:23
Shaun* Doing10:23
Shaun  - Researching STPA for autonomous cars prior work10:23
Shaun  - Writing up autonomous car STPA10:23
Shaun* Next10:23
Shaun  - Install XSTAMPP and draw autonomous control model10:23
Shaun  - Summarise STPA material10:23
Shaun    - Explain autonomous car functional control model as an example10:23
Shaun* Issues10:23
Shaun  - None10:23
Shaun# Discussion10:23
flatmushSTANDUP ENDS!10:31
paulsherwoodShaun: is there some merge request in need of review then? :)10:43
paulsherwoodiker: mines?10:43
Shaunpaulsherwood: Should I put the rendered png in there as well or just the input text file (with README instructions on how to generate the png)?10:56
ShaunI guess I could do a makefile for the documentation which outputs a pdf with the text and diagrams?10:57
paulsherwood+1 for the makefile10:57
paulsherwoodlet's start as we mean to go on :-)10:57
paulsherwoodflatmush, iker - i'm guessing willbarnard may not have time to do this
willbarnardintegrating at the gitlab CI level is not too difficult, but it would be better to see if we can integrate more deeply inside buildstream11:21
flatmushgitect is for storing test outputs right?11:24
paulsherwoodone step at a time11:24
paulsherwoodlet's do the smallest thing that works, first11:24
flatmushthe smallest thing that works is incredibly large if we want systemd, which I think we do11:25
paulsherwoodwe can consider the buildstream integration as a nest step11:25
paulsherwoodflatmush: heh11:25
ikerI can give it a go11:25
willbarnardHave a look at the .gitlab-ci.yml in the gitect repo as an example how to do the instrumentation11:41
willbarnardThere are a few settings to change in gitlab, these are detailed in the configuration guide, but you can copy from the gitect or the overview projects11:44
ikeris this the gitec repo?
ikerok. I will ask you in case of doubt11:46
ShaunThe diagram uses ditaa to render the plain text into a png. This is given as a .jar file. Is it appropriate to include this in our distro as I'll need it to make the docs?12:43
ShaunIf not how is this usually done?12:43
locallycompactjust whack it in a docker12:46
locallycompactI have a base you can use12:46
locallycompactif you're producing pdfs12:46
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