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flatmushSTANDUP! Order: flatmush, Shaun, ikerperez09:45
flatmush## Ben Brewer (flatmush)09:45
flatmush* Done09:45
flatmush  - Catchup meeting09:45
flatmush  - Look into SSH, SSL and systemd09:45
flatmush  - Create branches for dropbear and openssh09:45
flatmush* Doing09:45
flatmush  - Figure out how to apply SSL patch to openssh using buildstream09:45
flatmush  - Add systemd to minimal distro (in a branch)09:45
flatmush## Shaun Mooney (Shaun)09:45
shaunmooney* Done09:47
shaunmooney  - Read through relevant parts of "Engineering a Safer World" book09:47
shaunmooney  - Read through STPA handbook09:47
shaunmooney* Doing09:47
shaunmooney  - Researching STPA for autonomous cars prior work09:47
shaunmooney  - Creating functional control model for autonomous cars09:47
shaunmooney* Next09:47
shaunmooney  - Install XSTAMPP and draw autonomous control model09:47
shaunmooney  - Summarise STPA material09:47
shaunmooney    - Explain autonomous car functional control model as an example09:47
shaunmooney* Issues09:47
shaunmooney  - None09:47
shaunmooney## Iker Perez ( ikerperez )09:47
ikerperez* Done09:47
ikerperez - Install QEMU in the virtual machine09:47
ikerperez   - Build the minimal distro in buildstream09:47
ikerperez  - Add latency-measure to the minimal distro09:47
ikerperez* Doing09:47
ikerperez    - Add latency-measure test totest-minimal-system09:47
ikerperez    - Analyse the way the minimal distro uses buildstream09:47
ikerperez# Discussion09:47
flatmushSTANDUP ENDS!09:48
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paulsherwoodshaunmooney: have you created a repo yet?14:02
shaunmooneypaulsherwood: No not yet, just typing it up14:03
shaunmooneyI can create the repo now if you want?14:03
paulsherwoodby all means14:04
* paulsherwood is pondering what we'd have by way of review process and CI14:04
shaunmooneyIt's tricky because to begin with it's just documentation really14:05
paulsherwoodwe have lint on other documentation repos14:08
locallycompactneed documentation CI bruv?14:10
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: do you have some ideas?14:11
locallycompactI maintain pandoc solutions of varying types that support latex, diagrams, R plots, deploys to HTML, pdf and slide options via gitlab14:11
paulsherwoodultimately the work needs to be passed into stampp, or some better equivalent for validating models14:12
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: interesting. can you point to examples of the diagrams?14:12
locallycompactanything this supports
locallycompactfor example
locallycompactalso plots like
locallycompactThat's waiting in the wings, that I will amend to this site:
locallycompactwrite in markdown, deploy to html or pdf14:15
locallycompactI think I can also make it support mermaid to pdf, if you like14:16
locallycompactthere's a pandoc filter for it but it's not in my docker14:16
paulsherwoodi think currently shaunmooney believes that mermaid is not able to handle the diagram(s) he wants to create14:17
shaunmooney  this is the diagram I am trying to draw14:18
locallycompactI thought that was the kind of thing mermaid did, which part is it missing?14:18
shaunmooneyMaybe I should stick with it then. The two main problems I am having are the control diagrams are supposed to follow a top down approach i.e. the ordering top to bottom matters, and mermaid is putting things side by side when I try to put things into sub graphs, and the second problem is it looks awful14:21
locallycompactDiagrams might be worth it in the long run then14:23
locallycompactIt will do quite precise things with arrows and composition of subdiagrams14:23
paulsherwoodshaunmooney: can you show me your latest wip source text?14:24
* paulsherwood has wrangled a few mermaid diagrams14:25
shaunmooneypaulsherwood: This is how far I got then gave up with mermaid as it wasn't playing how I wanted14:27
paulsherwoodshaunmooney: this is a public channel, best to use a public paste please14:28
paulsherwoodthat is pretty ugly, i have to say14:35
paulsherwoodi think you're right, we need something better14:37
locallycompactwhat did they use in this handbook14:46
locallycompactmaybe not generated14:46
shaunmooneyMaybe just have to use something like inkscape and generate an image which is linked to in the markdown14:53
paulsherwoodideally not - we want to be able to diff diagrams if possible15:01
locallycompactmaybe they did it in tikz15:01
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shaunmooneyditaa has given me a nicely rendered diagram in png (with a few small details I'm sure I can overcome) and the plain text input is nice and easy to read itself :)15:30
shaunmooneyHave to dash now but will add it to the repo in the morning15:30
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