IRC logs for #trustable for Thursday, 2016-11-24

paulsherwoodChrisPolin: ok, but i don't know if Robert has ever participated in a git workflow, so i think he may need others to participate and assist08:12
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paulsherwoodeek gives 50008:34
* paulsherwood googles 'high integrity software' and discovers - it's a small world after all08:37
AndrewBanksSomeone I know spoke at that conference.......08:38
paulsherwoodseveral people i know were at it. unfortunately i was not aware of it at the time :)08:38
AndrewBankssuggests a date for the diary 2017-10-17 :-)08:39
paulsherwoodbut iiuc that's a SCSC event? there isn't another project behind it?08:40
paulsherwoodAndrewBanks: can we add you to the trustable gitlab team?08:41
* paulsherwood mentions before he forgets it08:51
AndrewBanksNo probs Paul - I'm AndrewBanks on GitLab (but that seems to be taken on GitHub)09:10
AndrewBanksDon't think HIS is an SCSC event...09:13
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ChrisPolinpaulsherwood, no problem, happy to assist. At the moment though, TS 17961 is up as a private wiki which is simply editable from the browser - there's an edit history there. As I understood it, this was the format Robert had suggested. I'll also push the markdown to the repo, so that option is also available.10:11
jmacspaulsherwood: Bug noted, I'll see what's up10:12
jmacsIt's broken on my local install as well.10:21
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