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jmacs No licence yet, but could be another source of example specifications12:25
ChrisPolinHad we settled on gitlab for the study group wiki?13:04
paulsherwoodyeds i believe so13:06
ChrisPolinOk cool, thanks.13:07
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rjekpaulsherwood: wrt to your email just now, I struggle to think of one beyond "never accept code from people who have submitted entries to the Underhanded C Contest"14:49
rjektrust, IMO, is earned and I'm not sure there is a way to word a rule that could be applied to source code that would provide any judgement.14:51
paulsherwoodmy main hotspot is about provenance - be clear about who wrote the code. i don't know whether that leads to any rules that can be encoded into a standard, though14:51
rjekBeyond "use good version control" and "avoid copy and paste from other sources", I'm finding it difficult14:52
rjekBut then we're into process rather than use of language14:53
* paulsherwood thinks there could be an interesting exercise to establish a set of toplevel 'trustable software' 'requirements' and/or a compliance standard in mustard or opencontrol14:53
rjekYes, but I also think all of those would apply to all software regardless of language, and perhaps do not belong in a document that is specific to one14:54
paulsherwoodwell that's another thing i've been meaning to mention onlist - by implication can't the core concepts in the C rules be made more widely useful, for other languages?14:55
rjekSome, perhaps14:56
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jmacspaulsherwood: Provenance can be established by requiring signed commits in git, for example15:00
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ChrisPolinI've been doing a bit of reading around the mailing list before starting the gitlab wiki, couple of points before I proceed:16:51
ChrisPolin1) Are we happy to call it 'Trustable C Coding Standard'?16:52
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ChrisPolin2) Does this want a new project to itself? And if so, the project path is going through my gitlab account, do we want this?16:53
ChrisPolin(as opposed to using the existing trustable gitlab project, or setting up a new account for this study group?)16:54
paulsherwoodChrisPolin: i think Robert has the final say on what to call it16:54
paulsherwoodif we can't even come up with an example of a 'trustable' rule... etc16:55
paulsherwoodit can/should be done under trustable gitlab16:55
AndrewBanksEvening all... can't hang around but (at least in certain sectors) "Integrity" is what matters... I'm not sure that "Trustable" is a good enough hook. Ditto "Trustworthy"...16:56
paulsherwoodAndrewBanks: hi!!!16:56
ChrisPolinHi AndrewBanks16:56
paulsherwoodi'm not worried about the hook, tbh - that's marketing16:56
paulsherwoodthis is an engineering discussion16:56
ChrisPolinIsn't the project open?16:57
AndrewBanksIndeed... personally, I like "High Integrity" which addresses process as well as language.16:57
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paulsherwoodAndrewBanks: ack, but i think that term is also much more widely circulated already17:41
paulsherwoodChrisPolin: yes? do you believe it not to be?17:42
paulsherwoodjmacs: i see that is a thing now... :-)17:42
paulsherwoodis it pulling from a public repo?17:43
jmacsYes, it's running.17:43
ChrisPolinAh I resolved the issue, my concern was posting TS 17961 to an open repo, but I realised that my user privileges didn't allow me to create a project within trustable.17:43
jmacsIt is displaying the contents of, but it doesn't pull automatically yet.17:43
paulsherwoodChrisPolin: try now17:44
paulsherwoodjmacs: ack17:44
ChrisPolinpaulsherwood, yep it's ok now, leeming upgraded my membership.17:45
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ChrisPolinHi all, I've created the study group wiki under trustable. It has the longest name ever (sorry about that).18:19
ChrisPolinAll of the content is on the wiki page, everyone on the trustable team should be able to view and edit it, but nobody else.18:20
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ChrisPolinI'll put it out to the mailing list and add Robert to the team, and then he can take care of participants etc.18:21

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