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* paulsherwood fails to build the bits for mustard, again09:29
jmacsAre you trying to install a new instance of mustard?09:31
paulsherwoodyes, locally09:31
jmacsI've been doing that recently; anything I can help with?09:32
paulsherwoodi'm trying again... let's see if it's consistent09:32
paulsherwoodbut the first time, it broke with 'missing git2.h'09:35
jmacsah, not seen that one since I don't use setup.py09:37
paulsherwoodoh? how do you install it then?09:37
* paulsherwood is only following the instructions09:37
jmacsI just clone it and use it as is, with ./mustard-render09:38
paulsherwoodno need for special libgit, pygit?09:45
jmacsI had to install libgit2 manually, but I thought you were already past that stage09:45
jmacsAnd the pygit2 with pip rather than apt09:45
* paulsherwood tries that09:53
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jmacsLooksl like a different version of yaml to what Mustard expected09:56
ChrisPolinI've posted to the mailing list re: the study group wiki. I ran it by Robert yesterday to be sure it was what he had in mind before publicly announcing it, and he suggested separating the sections out onto their own pages.10:29
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