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jmacsJust had an error from trustable software mailing list:12:09
jmacs  trustable-software@lists.veristac.io12:09
jmacs    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>:12:09
jmacs    host []: 550 Unrouteable address12:10
jmacsLooks like the sysadmin as fixed it12:34
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jmacsI realise now I posted that message just as you were changing the server over; sorry!12:54
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paulsherwoodjmacs: what's your latest thinking on minimal tooling to track from requirements and compliance through arch to tests etc?14:07
* paulsherwood was asked about this again today, and found himself wanting to point at mustard14:07
paulsherwoods/at mustard/at a live instance of mustard/14:07
jmacsI don't think I've had any recent thoughts on that14:08
jmacsWould you like me to look into it?14:08
jmacsI still don't have any real examples of captured requirements in mustard or anything else, unfortunately14:09
paulsherwoodshortest route to content may be the Baserock GENIVI Baseline mustard if you can find it14:13
laurenceurhegyiI have just pinged Marc Dunford regarding this as well, as we have a potential example there.14:14
* paulsherwood dreams of - feed it the url of a suitable yaml repo and it does the rest14:19
jmacsThat sounds entirely possible14:21
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jmacsI can find the Baserock GENIVI project, but no mustard repo for it14:23
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pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I'm not sure about this, long time ago, but I believe that mustard project wasn't open14:35
pedroalvarezoh /me sees #baserock14:36
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paulsherwoodooh... just a thought - if we put the yaml in gitlab, could we use gitlab workflow for reviews to mustard content, and check that mustard parses it as a ci test?14:53
jmacsI'm sure we could14:55
jmacsI will try and get that set up14:56
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