IRC logs for #trustable for Thursday, 2016-10-27

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laurenceurhegyiWe've had a response from Robert Seacord regarding CERT-C.15:47
laurenceurhegyiWe raised a few things with him, namely that we've had no success with the avenues he suggested on the Mailing List (negotiating a little more with CMU and looking at the book version of the standard, by Addison Wesley)15:49
laurenceurhegyiWe also sent him the YAML file and asked if this even constitutes a 'derivative work'15:49
laurenceurhegyiHe's come back to say there are a few interesting questions raised here, and we should schedule a call next week.15:50
laurenceurhegyiAlso he's in the UK (Leatherhead) the week after, so would like to meet face to face.15:54
laurenceurhegyiWe think that could be incredibly useful, as the time zone differential cuts communication almost down to one response a day.15:55
laurenceurhegyiThis is encouraging to see.15:56
laurenceurhegyiChrisPolin, as I am away next week, do you mind arranging this with Robert? I think Paul and Jim need to be in there with you.15:57
ChrisPolinI think so too, no problem. I'll wait for both to return from their holidays and arrange it.15:58
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