IRC logs for #trustable for Wednesday, 2016-10-26

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leemingarugh email "Hi Andrew, You have a new mention from the OpenControl team ( " ... doesn't tell me the context09:40
ChrisPolinIt was an entire-channel ping.09:43
laurenceurhegyiAye. Some videos from the break-out sessions of the symposium are up.09:45
laurenceurhegyiI note with interest one of them was regarding Verification in Open Control. The last session in Room 4.09:46
laurenceurhegyi'How to work with component verifications / Continuous Monitoring'09:47
laurenceurhegyiVideos here:
laurenceurhegyiThose are for the first half, agenda and introduction.11:46
laurenceurhegyiSecond half was breakout sessions, each with specific topics.11:46
laurenceurhegyiNotes for those here:
ChrisPolinNote trustable mailing list digest for Robert's response to my email. I've got back to him to ask if we'll run into the same issues with the publisher, so we'll see what he says.12:04
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