IRC logs for #trustable for Friday, 2016-10-28

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ChrisPolinHi all, is everyone happy with a google hangouts chat with Robert Seacord and a few other key players in the standards field on Wednesday Nov 2nd at 4pm?12:44
jmacs_That works for me12:44
ChrisPolinsambishop, paulsherlood?12:44
jmacs_paulsher1ood ^12:45
sambishopThat date and time is fine for me ChrisPolin12:47
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ChrisPolinI sent out an invite for a google hangout to everyone for next week.16:56
ChrisPolinHave a good weekend all.16:56
jmacs_Thanks ChrisPolin16:57
jmacs_Where is the OpenControl mailing list? I can't find it16:58
ChrisPolinJust looking myself. I signed up at the very beginning and haven't received a single email from them since.17:00
ChrisPolinIt was a mailchimp list, I think it was just for the symposium though.17:01
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