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ChrisPolinSo SEI are unwilling to change the permissions agreement; looks like it's going to have to have 'Codethink' in the name of the yaml.08:37
ChrisPolinI guess we can put an explanation in the README, but the issue of an automatic affiliation to Codethink remains.08:38
paulsher1oodi think we proceed with that, put it at codethinklabs for now08:39
paulsher1oods/we/we should/08:39
paulsher1oodthen re-raise the discussion with robert. i think he may have more options than us08:40
ChrisPolinWill do. I can try and test it with compliance masonry (and jmacs_' web front end) from codethinklabs in the meantime.08:41
paulsher1oodgood idea08:42
ChrisPolinRobert may be able to help, the response I got was a bit 'computer-says-no'.08:42
ChrisPolinI'll ping him an email.08:43
ChrisPolinOr would you rather call/ping him yourself?08:43
paulsher1oodi'm on holiday :)08:43
ChrisPolinHaha enjoy!08:44
leemingclearly struggles as much as rjek on the concept of "holiday" :)08:44
laurenceurhegyiChrisPolin, am I right in saying you've joined the OpenControl Github, and have created a repo in there for the CERT-C yaml files, but this is now 'on hold' whilst you contact Robert, and in the meantime put it on Codethinklabs Github?10:03
ChrisPolinAlmost, I haven't created the repo yet, but I can do whenever I need to.10:05
ChrisPolinI'm putting it on codethinklabs atm.10:05
laurenceurhegyiOK, thanks, just wanted to confirm my understanding.10:06
laurenceurhegyiRegarding contacting Robert - are you thinking privately or on the Trustable Mailing group?10:07
ChrisPolinI think it should probably be on Trustable, however he's more likely to respond if it's directly to him. May be worth ccing his personal email in and getting both at once.10:08
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