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ChrisPolinHi all, we have been granted permission from SEI to make a derivative version of CERT-C. This is good news as it means OpenControl can be expanded to include this standard in its 'repertoire'.13:46
ChrisPolinHowever, the letter of agreement for permission states:13:46
ChrisPolinNaming of Derivative Works.  Codethink shall not name the Derivative Work in such a manner as to create a likelihood of confusion as to the origination of such Derivative Work.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Derivative Work shall not be named [“Introduction to CMMI” or any translation thereof] [with the same name as any of the Materials].  Additionally, Codethink must name the Derivative Work13:46
ChrisPolin to include "Codethink" in13:46
ChrisPolinthe title (for example, you may call your derivative work "Codethink's Training on Implementing the CMMI® Model.”13:46
ChrisPolinThat might be a potential issue, as while we have created the yaml, it isn't a 'Codethink' version.13:49
ChrisPolinI'm going to ask if this requirement can be removed in the circumstances, but perhaps someone with a little more experience in legalese might be able to advise?13:49
paulsher1oodwell, let's consider what we would *like* to call this work... and then ask for that13:51
paulsher1oodbut what's CERT got to do with CMMI?13:52
ChrisPolinIdeally we'd like to call it 'CERT-C Coding Standard', as anyone who wishes to use OpenControl for that purpose will only be looking for the standard name.13:52
ChrisPolinI think CMMI was used as an exampe.13:52
ChrisPolinEither that or it was a poorly-proofed cut-and-paste.13:53
paulsher1oodso, what about 'OpenControl CERT-C Coding Standard', 'OpenControl CERT-C'13:53
ChrisPolinThat could work, although it's not in keeping with the titles of the other standards on there.13:54
ChrisPolinAnd might lead the user to think that it's a standard produced by or with some affiliation to OpenControl.13:54
ChrisPolinThe other two on there are named 'NIST-800-53-Standards' and 'PCI-DSS-Certifications', which is unambiguous.13:55
ChrisPolinI can forward you the agreement letter paulsherlood, if you'd like to read it.13:57
paulsher1oodyes please13:57
paulsher1oodi guess the key point to query with them is that we're aiming to do the work in the open as a community effort, not affiliated to Codethink. in any case, whatever we call it, others could fork and rename13:58
ChrisPolinThis is true. I'll put it to them like that.13:58
ChrisPolinOpenControl have invited me to join their github, they're happy for me to create a new repo on there for it, so it's just a case of making sure we're ok with SEI.14:00
paulsher1oodwe should update robert on this14:01
ChrisPolinMm, he would be interested to hear about it. It might also move things forward with Misra.14:02
paulsher1oodyup... but probably best to get the naming+repo sorted first14:03
ChrisPolinWill keep you updated.14:03
paulsher1oodi guess we could even try calling it 'Trustable-C-Standard' if they are concerned about it being misconstrued as CERT14:04
paulsher1oodthis could be considered to be more inflamatory in other senses though :)14:05
ChrisPolinWas just about to say that lol.14:05
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