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szlin#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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szlin#topic rollcall09:00
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szlinplease say hi if you're around09:00
szlin#topic AI review09:00
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szlin1. Provide the script for CIP kernel config collection - bwh09:01
bwhI think this is done09:01
szlinbwh: thank you09:01
szlin2. Work out a solution for LAVA master backups - patersonc09:01
patersoncNot done. Sorry!09:02
szlinpatersonc: no worry09:02
szlin3. Provide the cases to cip-testing to build up the test environment - Iwamatsu-san09:02
szlinIwamatsu-san cannot attend today's meeting, I will ask him after the meeting09:02
szlin4. Ask cip-dev which configurations need testing - patersonc09:03
patersoncI asked, no response yet though :(09:03
szlinpatersonc: it's in my work queue, sorry for late09:03
pave1If you are collecting configurations, would it be possible to add the results to the README file?09:04
pave1Name of target we normally use, name of target in the LAVA lab, config...09:04
patersoncpave1: That's my plan09:05
pave1patersonc: Thanks!09:05
patersoncpave1: I just need to get the info from those who know :)09:05
szlin5. Confirm we can enable high-res timers for every board - pavel09:05
pave1I guess I need to hear from people who konw about the configs...09:06
pave1...or we can just enable it and see what happens. I don't expect problems there.09:06
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patersoncThe RZ/G boards should be okay09:07
szlinHow about sending the email to cip-members mailing list09:08
pave1It was outlined in "plan for rt testing" email, but I did not get much response there.09:08
pave1I can try again I guess.09:09
szlinpave1: thanks09:09
szlin7. Test LTS (pre)releases directly - patersonc09:09
patersoncNothing done on that front yet.09:10
szlin8. Discuss the primary repository in CIP kernel development ( or gitlab) - kernel team09:10
szlinI plan to send the email to discuss this item before this week09:11
szlin#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:11
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szlinpave1: do you have any updates on kernel maintenance?09:11
pave1There was ton of patches in stable. Reviewed 4.19.61, 4.19.62,
pave1Hopefully it should now calm down now.09:12
szlinpave1: thank you.09:12
szlinbwh: do you have any updates with this topic?09:12
bwhno I don't09:13
szlinany other points?09:13
szlin#topic Kernel testing09:13
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patersoncChanges to the directory structure of cip-kernel-config broke my CI setup :(09:14
patersoncSo I've submitted some new versions of gitlab-ci.yml to the ML09:14
patersoncIt would be good if they could be reviewed/applied asap09:14
pave1Yep, thanks, I'll take a look and merge them.09:14
patersoncI'm still waiting on official approval to move the linux-cip-ci project to the cip-project namespace09:15
szlin#action Review and merge "gitlab-ci.yml" - pavel09:15
patersoncWhen I get approval, I'll submit more updates for gitlab-ci.yml - sorry for the churn.09:15
patersoncAnd when people tell me what configs they want to build, there will also be more updates to the CI files...09:15
patersoncPowerpc support is done, although not merged yet. I'm just waiting for confirmation from Toshiba that they are happy to ignore the build warnings triggered by gcc v8.1.009:16
patersoncIdeally we should fix these warnings though...09:17
pave1patersonc: Well, they are known to be caused by gcc bug...09:17
patersoncAh, so not a bug in the code then?09:17
pave1...and testing any changes there will not be trivial.09:17
patersoncHere's a question - did CIP ever decide on a GCC version we're meant to be using/supporting?09:18
pave1I posted pointer to gcc bugzilla IIRC... so no, this not kernel problem.09:18
pave1And yes, it could be solved by using different gcc version.09:18
szlinkazu: ^ do you have any idea ?09:18
pave1But I believe just disabling the warning is also fine.09:18
fujita[m]GCC version should be follow to CIP core09:19
kazuWe discussed about this topics,09:19
szlinkazu: let's have some discussion after the meeting09:20
szlinany other points?09:20
szlin#topic CIP Core09:20
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kazuthen planning to drop the requirements about this issue09:20
kazuwe would like to share the information later...09:21
kazuregarding CIP-Core, thank you very much for many discussion in OSSJ!09:21
kazuPackage decision process (PDP):09:21
kazu[WIP] A script to generate run-time package lists are now being implemented09:21
kazuWe would provide a draft in the next TSC meeting09:22
kazuCIP security depends on this work, so working with high priority09:22
kazuFYI: DebConf19 info: #link
kazuregarding Reproducible Builds,09:22
kazuShort summary: The most (around 90%) packages CIP requested are reproducible, under the condition the build path is not variant09:23
kazuNow we (TOSHIBA) are planinng to09:23
kazu1. try steps to reproduce packages with srebuild (in our local)09:23
kazu2. look at remaining Reproducible Builds issues in buster/bullseye then consider creating patches to fix them09:23
kazuIf you are interested in this topic, please let me know09:24
kazuDebian LTS/ELTS:09:24
kazuI've summarized the latest state, especially about ELTS (current target: wheezy). Please check the email to cip-members about this09:24
kazu[WIP] TOSHIBA is now confirming the requirements of ELTS for jessie.09:24
kazuWe will send the summary to Renesas members then share our direction in TSC.09:25
kazuThat's all from me, If any other AIs I'm missing, please let me know09:25
szlinkazu: thank you for your update.09:25
szlinany question?09:25
szlin#topic Software update09:26
*** brlogger changes topic to "Software update (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:26
szlinkazu: is Daniel around?09:26
kazusorry, I cannot tell the updates about this topic today...09:27
szlinkazu: thanks, I will jump to next topic09:27
szlinany other points?09:27
szlin#topic AOB09:27
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szlinany other business?09:27
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brloggerMinutes (text):
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szlinthank you all09:28
pave1Thank you!09:28
yamamodothank you09:28
fujita[m]Thank you!09:28
szlinkazu: regarding the gcc version09:28
szlinkazu: IIRC, we use the version in Debian09:28
bwhthank you09:28
kazuI should confirm again but, we used the kernel 4.4 + that config for PPC target with Debian GCC in squeeze09:30
kazuRegarding GCC version supported in CIP, it would be gcc versions supported in Debian (9, 10, ...)09:32
szlinkazu: squeeze is Debian 609:32
patersoncFYI, at the moment for CI building the Kernel I'm using the prebuilt compilers from
kazuszlin:Yes, we used that with old Debian (4-5 years ago maybe)09:33
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pave1I believe we should try to support newer gcc-s as well.09:35
patersoncpave1: Did you push my gitlab-ci changes? I've just seen  a lot of test jobs come through :)09:35
pave1Running old distributions is okay on targets, but not so much fun on development machines.09:36
pave1patersonc: Not me :-).09:36
szlinkazu: that means we need to use gcc v8.3 (Debian 9)09:36
pave1Actually, can you check? It seems that Iwamatsu applied your yml updates last night.09:37
patersoncIt looks like Iwamatsu-san committed about an hour a go09:37
patersoncHappy days09:37
patersoncAnyway, back to GCC discussion...09:37
kazuszlin: Yes, I think it's OK for kernel testing...09:37
pave1:-) Ok, so nothing to do  for me here.09:38
kazuI didn't mean that we require old gcc (squeeze) for kernel testing09:39
kazuWe (Toshiba) should check the config for PowerPC again...09:40
szlinkazu: you mean we have to use gcc v8.3 in testing, right?09:40
kazuszlin: sorry, I don't correctly understand the current kernel testing policy, but09:41
kazuIs gcc v8.3 is the current gcc version used in kernel testing?09:42
kazuor using newer one?09:42
patersonckazu: At the moment I'm just using GCC from, v8.1.0. That's because it's the newest one there. What I want to know is, which compiler *should* I be using. What are CIP planning to support for 10+ years? Do we plan to use a different GCC version for each Kernel version?09:42
szlinAccording to the link which Chris provided, the version of gcc is v8.109:43
kazupatersonc:thank you, understand09:43
kazuCurrently, we have several Debian versions that CIP should maintain09:44
kazu(stretch, buster, ...)09:45
patersoncAlso, I'm currently building in an Ubuntu 18.04 container. Should I be switching to pure Debian? Or does it not really matter?09:45
kazuBut, regarding the combination of tested kernel version & complier, as far as i know, we don't have clear decision yet.09:45
patersonckazu: Okay. I'll hold off changing the compiler until a decision has been reached.09:46
kazupatersonc sorry, i would add this topic to my action items09:46
patersoncOkay. Thank you!09:47
kazuthank you too09:47
pave1I'd say that Ubuntu container is okay for now.09:48
szlinkazu: we will use the version of gcc which will be maintained in cip-core09:49
kazuI also think that there is no problem with this, at the moment09:49
kazuI guess it might be better to use one of gcc versions that are (or will be?) supported by CIP (Debian 9, 10, ...), but more discussion is required to select the best one...09:51
kazupatersonc  I would like to reply about this topic ASAP09:52
szlinkazu: got it, thank you.09:52
patersonckazu: Thanks09:52
patersonckazu: Who at Toshiba is managing Kernel configurations?09:53
kazupatersonc  Currently, daniel is mainly doing09:53
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patersonckazu: Okay09:54
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kazupatersonc: I will make a decision with Daniel & Iwamatsu-san about this topic soon09:57
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