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patersonciwamatsu: ping08:21
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szlin#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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szlin#topic rollcall09:00
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szlinplease say hi if you're here09:00
szlin#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:01
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szlinpave1: do you have any update?09:01
szliniwamatsu: are you around?09:01
pave1sziln: Update on what?09:01
szlinabout kernel maintenance09:01
pave1Actually, yes.09:02
szlinwe're in topic of kernel maintenance09:02
pave1I tried reviewing -stable kernel in the rc stage...09:02
pave1And it seemed to make a lot of sense:09:02
pave1That way people actually react to the review, and it is still early enough to prevent "bad" patch from going to -stable.09:03
pave1It does not add much work because we'd review the patch a bit later...09:03
pave1So I wanted to ask if it is okay to do that?09:04
patersoncSeems sensible to me09:04
bwhOf course, it is just a tight timetable09:04
szlinLGTM, any objection?09:04
pave1bwh: Yes, it is a bit tight. I don't think we can make it every time, but if we miss the deadline, we are no worse than today :-)09:05
szlin#agreed Start to review stable kernel in rc stage09:05
szliniwamatsu: do you have any comment?09:06
iwamatsuI am reviewing stable-rc tree and released tree too, and some partches are applied into 4.19.y.09:06
szliniwamatsu: thanks!09:07
szlinbwh: do you have any update on this topic?09:07
bwhI don't09:08
szlinany other comment?09:08
szlin#topic Kernel testing09:09
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iwamatsuShould we send the results of the review to cip-dev as well?09:09
patersoncI have a question for iwamatsu regarding Kernel configs09:09
iwamatsupatersonc: please09:09
patersoncWhere did the v4.19 version of renesas_shmobile_defconfig come from in
iwamatsumaybe, it was used
iwamatsuIf my memory is correct...09:13
patersoncOkay. I'll update it to what is in v4.1909:13
szliniwamatsu: that will be great, we can discuss the working model in my previous email09:13
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iwamatsuszlin: OK.09:14
szlinpatersonc: give the floor to you09:14
patersoncAs it looks like CIP will join KernelCI, I propose we don't create our own instance of, instead we submit any test results to the central website.09:15
patersoncThe only reason not to do this is if there are CIP specific test results we don't want to share to kernelci.org09:15
patersoncAny thoughts?09:15
sangorrinThey will be available on LAVA which is also public09:16
patersoncI'm not sure will add much for us09:17
patersoncinfo: I've asked the LF admin to stop working on CIP's KernelCI instance whilst we wait for the outcome of whether CIP will join the KernelCI project or not.09:17
sangorrinWe could use ours for practicing before sending the results to the official one... but it depends on the costs09:18
patersoncAt the moment we haven't got the LAVA->KernelCI link working anyway09:18
szlinany comment?09:20
sangorrinThen let's wait until it is decided finally as you say09:20
patersoncOther update: We hope to have an RZ/G2E board in the CIP lab this week.09:20
szlinpatersonc: thanks!09:21
szlinany comment?09:21
pave1I tried to play with LAVA. Sorry if I spammed some kind of mailing09:22
pave1list with results.09:22
patersoncNot at all. I'm glad you managed to run some tests :D09:22
patersoncLet us know if there is anything we can do to help09:22
szlin#topic CIP Core09:22
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pave1 Is there some "more interactive" way to run commands?09:22
szlinpave1: sorry that could we can discuss this matter after the meeting?09:23
patersoncpave1: You can use lavacli to programatically submit test jobs09:23
pave1Yep, sorry. Lets talk after meeting.09:24
szlinpave1: thank you09:24
sangorrinthere are ssh sessions09:24
szlinCIP security working group will come out the essential packages list and all dependencies09:25
szlinkazu_: do you have any update on CIP core?09:25
kazu_I've summarized the comments about the package list in cip-dev09:25
kazu_Also created the list of binary packages (and corresponding source packages) installed by deboostrap minbase09:26
kazu_I'll send this information to cip-dev later09:26
kazu_I would like to confirm how I consider the remaining packages suggested by security WG: acl, pam, shadow / auditd / openssh / tpm2-tools09:26
kazu_Maybe should I wait the report from security WG?09:26
szlin#action Send list of binary packages to cip-dev - kazu09:27
szlinkazu_: yes, please.09:27
kazu_szlin: thanks!09:27
szlinkazu_: thank you.09:27
szlinany other comment?09:27
szlin#topic Software update09:28
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sangorrin_back here09:28
sangorrin_software updates?09:29
szlinthe Debian package of swupdate is still in NEW queue09:29
sangorrin_we just had a 1h online conference with Christian09:29
sangorrin_Suzuki-san was able to create a Lua handler for A/B sw updates using swupdate and rdiff09:29
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sangorrin_Next step: Christian will be sharing some code and we will integrate it on ISAR09:30
szlinsangorrin_: thanks09:30
szlinany other comment?09:30
sangorrin_Apart from that we had discussions with Linaro, but so far nothing has been decided09:31
szlin#topic AOB09:32
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szlinany other business?09:32
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szlinthank you all09:33
pave1thank you!09:33
szlinpave1: feel free to discuss any matter :D09:33
bwhOh, I received a mail from Gitlab saying that linux-cip mirroring is paused (again)09:33
pave1sangorrin: Thanks for hacking-session pointer.09:34
pave1Is the network configured in such a way that it is going to work?09:34
patersoncI haven't tried yet. It's on my todo list09:34
pave1patersonc: Ok, if you get it to work, be sure to let me know :-)09:35
sangorrin_maybe we need to enter some VPN09:35
pave1Actually... if it was possible to "take over" automatic test session and to start running commands there, that would be nicest.09:37
pave1(Some of my tests "hung" and it would be nice to connect, issue ^C, and look around the system while the test is running).09:37
pave1But I assume that it would be tricky as LAVA does not support that.09:37
sangorrin_you can run multiple tests without rebooting the board, and one of them (the last one) can be the ssh session09:38
sangorrin_Now you can also control the serial port and do whatever you need (using a docker container on the LAVA slave, which is connected by serial to the board)09:39
pave1Hmm.. Okay. If the first test is ssh server, that would do the trick.09:39
sangorrin_Remi Dufour is the person who knows everything about LAVA, you can ask him on the mailing list for complicated setups.09:41
pave1Setting up docker containers sounds quite complex :-(.09:41
pave1Ok, let me play with existing configuration first. ssh should be all I really need.09:41
szlinbwh: uh, the error code is "4 deadline exceeded"09:42
bwhszlin: Yeah, I don't know what it means09:46
pave1Bye for now!09:51
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szlinbwh: I plan to raise this issue in next TSC meeting09:53
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szlinI couldn't start the manually update, either.09:55
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