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toscalixgood morning rajm07:47
toscalixwhere do you think we should place the howto created by donbrown ?07:48
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rajmmaybe we need a page on building advice which can cover more than just this?07:52
toscalixfor somebody that approach the tool and our docu for the first time, is this howto a "must read" or the tool can be used without going through these steps?07:57
rajmit depends whether we are going to provide an initramfs in a consistent location07:59
toscalixI believe you are in favour of doing so08:00
rajmwhich our provided tests link to (can argue that the BBB kernel also needs building)08:00
rajmI think but am open to being proved wrong(!) that we could put a version of all the artifacts within  the provisioned box so that 'just works' (TM)08:01
rajmbut that doesn't solve it for the folk building from git08:02
toscalixand we need to assume that the building process will be done with bitbake and debian tool externally08:02
toscalixso based on this, my original question still remains08:04
toscalix[09:56] <toscalix> for somebody that approach the tool and our docu for the first time, is this howto a "must read" or the tool can be used without going through these steps?08:04
rajmyes I think it's going to need to be a building page somewhere as part of the installing process which will need adding to with more building processes, maybe the kernel build from the testing page should be hived off there08:06
toscalixand which step should be this one in our critical path? Should these instructions be executed before connecting the board to the laptop or right before the user start testing?08:08
rajmbefore the user starts testing I think08:10
toscalixso 1.- deployment 2.- set up 3.- connect the board 4.- initiramfs 5.- test08:11
rajmyes though I think the kernel build should also go in (new) step 408:12
toscalixwe will need to provide in our download service the kernel built08:12
toscalixyes, 4 should be about artifacts08:14
rajmso that both sets of users can access it - yes08:14
toscalixwe will have the mailing list for sharing tests in a couple of days08:15
toscalixI will create a new wiki page for step 4 so you can populate it and then modify the other wiki pages links to ensure the content critical path can be easily followed08:17
* rajm had 2 failing BBB health checks and then realised the USB cable was unplugged - HC then ran ok08:26
toscalixrajm: can you go through and check if I missed something?08:35
toscalixpoor david relow08:36
* rajm reads08:37
rajm*artifacts (in the text title is ok) thinks on whether adding a health check for the BBB is a good thing - it's now in step 2 and will need amendment depending on where the user puts initramfs - but I suppose it can link to our downloadable area so should be ok?08:41
toscalixah, I forgot the titles must be changed08:41
toscalixchecking what you mean...08:43
toscalixyou mean that since the build now does not come by defect, it needs to be downloaded when using vagrant to build the VM?08:44
rajmthe Configure the LAVA Health Check Jobs for both Devices section pastes in /vagrant/tests/bbb_debian_ramdisk_test.yaml it's all a question of what's in that file as urls08:44
toscalixstep 11.08:44
rajmyes - though if we redo the health check links it should be ok08:45
toscalixkeep an eye on that. I am crewating the page and adding links to it in several places08:46
toscalixartifacts or artefacts ?08:48
toscalix new wiki page08:49
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rajmartifacts - as the b@d uses that spelling elsewhere says we should use the 'e' variety  but that makes the usages different08:54
toscalixok, thanks09:00
* rajm checks that the non local new BBB HC runs ok (so the one with fixed links to linaro rather than that using a local build) runs ok09:09
rajmso toscalix at the moment I have a tests.tgz which I can checksum and sign - should I name it differently for uploading to the download area?09:10
toscalixI think so yes09:11
rajmtests-0.9.1-fix.tgz ?09:11
rajm..and where to upload it to a new tests directory?09:12
rajmunder the 0.9.1 hierarchy09:12
toscalixdo you want to link the test number to the tool number?09:14
toscalixto me they are independent outcomes09:14
rajmYes was about to say that, they should *just work* whatever the version09:14
toscalixI would start with 0,109:15
toscalixsince it will change more often than the tool version09:15
toscalixor maybe by date09:15
rajmso a version 'number' embedded in the file name - dates maybe a problem with americans getting confused if we use yyyy-mm-dd09:17
toscalixyyyy-mm-dd is a iso standard, I think09:17
toscalixso no confusion theree09:17
toscalixbut the date works well with predictable releases09:18
toscalixbut this is not09:18
toscalixpredictable and frequent09:18
rajmI'm going to remove the notional 0.9.1 version on the frontend-config reference in features I added yesterday as it isn't there09:18
rajmyes the name is tricky09:19
toscalixis tests.... linked somehow to the kernel?09:20
rajmnot if they're accessing the linaro verion there's a template test for use with locally built kernels but that's got non version specific placeholders09:24
toscalixok, 0.1 for now09:25
rajmso tests-0.1.tgz09:25
toscalixbuilsd or tests?09:26
toscalixbuilds or tests?09:26
rajmit just contains tests - not sure why you think builds is an option?09:27
toscalixI find tests too generic09:27
toscalixcan we be more specific?09:27
toscalixalthough I see the path /vagrant/tests/09:28
toscalixfine then09:28
rajmyes that path was my logic - ok09:28
rajmand linked on the download page in a separate table?09:30
toscalixyes, different outcome09:31
toscalixdifferent table09:31
toscalixin fact, different section09:31
toscalixlet me check09:31
toscalixah, no, we have the release column09:31
toscalixwe can use that column to reflect a different outcome09:32
toscalixfor now09:32
rajmnot sure what you mean, add a new set of headers within that table? just before the public key link?09:35
* rajm edits feature page to remove k-f-c version (that's an acronym with associations ;-) )09:38
toscalixyes, the left column would not be B@D but a different thing like tests09:39
toscalixI have added the link to the new bug board in several pages like the landing page and the known issues page09:52
* rajm has added tests to the download page, now to add the text to known issues10:34
rajmI've amended and added to the section in known issues - I will re-read and review after lunch!10:59
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rajmand that review, and a few corrections , have been done12:07
rajmUnfortunately #103 has diverged into 2 streams, the initramfs and the provision of a tests download, redo the acceptance criteria? removing 0.9.2 and add boxes that can be ticked to mark what has been done?12:13
rajmthough the initramfs has now been taken over or as a dependency by #10512:14
rajmI've created a MR #30 so that the tests changes get back into git12:24
toscalixrajm: go ahead please. The ticket needs to reflect to task12:27
toscalixgreat about the MR12:27
rajmok will fix it12:30
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