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dungvugood morning everyone :)01:48
dungvucould I ask you a question related to the vagrant and CIP?01:54
dungvudear all01:57
dungvuwhen I run vagrant up01:57
dungvuI got the problem like this01:57
dungvu The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status. Vagrant assumes that this means the command failed!              apt-get -yqq update             apt-get -yqq install rsync   Stdout from the command:    Stderr from the command:  stdin: is not a tty W: Failed to fetch  W: Failed to fetch  W: Failed to fetc01:57
dungvuplease help me01:57
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toscalixah, the LAVA update brings QEMU NFS07:40
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patersonctoscalix: Good morning. Would you be able to help/direct help with dungvu's questions?
toscalixhe wrote the question on gitlab and I routed him to the mailing list. I missed this question.07:53
toscalixin IRC07:53
toscalixdungvu: around?07:53
dungvuDear Toscalix07:53
dungvuI am here07:53
dungvuActually, I have many problems07:53
dungvuwhen I work on board-at-desk-single-dev  project07:54
patersonctoscalix: Thank you. I think our team in Vietnam are still having IT issues with the mailing list. Hence the question here.07:54
toscalixah, you cannot send mails to the mailing list?07:54
dungvumy company did not approve me to send mails to the mailing list07:55
toscalixrajm: is around shoot07:55
dungvuonly my manager can send mails07:55
toscalixrajm: is around, shoot07:55
toscalixdungvu: I see07:55
rajmcan you paste the compete session to pastebin dungvu ?07:55
dungvuyes, I am asking my manager07:55
dungvuI can paste my question to the gitlab07:56
toscalixno, not in gitlab, wait, I will give you the link to pastebin07:56
dungvucould you give me a full instruction to run LAVA2 including BBB?07:56
dungvuyes, I am very grateful for your help07:56
toscalixdungvu: open an account in
toscalixand past your logs there and provide here the link so we can see the log in the pastebin tool07:58
toscalixrajm: maybe an example would help dungvu07:58
dungvuyes, thank you so much07:58
dungvuI have just signed up to pastebin07:58
dungvumy email is:
toscalixit will show you how to use pastebin07:59
toscalixyou will need it to request help through IRC here or in any other channel, so the time you invest on it will be worth it07:59
dungvuyes, thank you so much08:00
dungvualthough I am a personal in charge in my company, but my company's policy does not allow me to send email outside08:01
toscalixdungvu: I understand08:02
dungvuThank you so much08:02
toscalixlet's see if we can assist you through IRC only. It will be harder but let's try08:02
dungvuThank you so much08:03
toscalixyou need to tell us where you are at08:04
toscalixwhen generating the VM with Vagrant08:04
patersoncdungvu: If there is any information that can only really be shared via email, please forward it to me (, and I'll share it with the others.08:04
dungvuI am a senior engineer at Renesas Vietnam08:04
toscalixI meant where you got stuck when generating the VM with Vagrant08:05
dungvuyes, toscalix08:05
dungvu1. when I run "vagrant up"08:05
dungvuit asks me to update -yqq08:06
dungvubut I don't know08:06
dungvuon the otherhand, many links are died08:06
dungvuso I cannot fetch08:06
dungvuone more thing, I don't know how to lauch lava-server08:07
rajmyou've done a clone of and are in that directory?08:07
dungvuyes, I cloned this one08:07
rajmare you trying to up the vm from a terminal - I see it claims that it isn't a tty? does the computer have http internet access?08:08
dungvu2 months ago, by working on testing and kernelci-debian  project,08:08
dungvuit seems run well08:08
dungvubut now, it is not good08:08
dungvucould you help me?08:08
rajmsorry what was 2 months ago? if it was the clone can you try a git pull before trying vagrant up again?08:09
dungvu2 months ago, I worked on testing and kernelci-debian, now I turn to work on board-at-desk-single-dev08:10
dungvuI will try a git pull before trying vagrant up again, thank you rajm08:11
rajmexcellent if it still fails are you able to paste the complete session into pastebin?08:11
dungvuyes, I have just logined to pastebin08:12
dungvucould you show me the session in this site, rajm?08:12
rajmyou need to try a pull and a vagrant up and if that fails copy the complete session from the terminal from the vagrant up to the final error and past eit into the pastebin box and then copy the url it gives you into this irc session08:13
dungvuYes, I got it, thank you rajm08:14
rajmok, let me know how it goes!08:14
dungvuYes, I will report you very soon08:14
rajmGwaihir the sha for the real kernelci-backend is 282e68603293bda06cab48113e630000ec3cbcea which appears to be the latest08:50
Gwaihirrajm, you have everything needed then, not sure why it is still uploading the data at the wrong path... double check that the upload action is really setting the correct path, and that the version field once in the DB is 1.1 (or the frontend will build the old-style URLs)08:53
rajmthough it's the file system path (at least) that is at fault - the builds are at /var/www/images/kernel-ci/$tree/$kernel/$arch-$defconfig09:05
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dungvuDear rajm09:23
dungvualthough I run "git pull"09:23
dungvuwhen I run "vagrant up"09:24
dungvuI got the problem like this:09:24
dungvu==> default: Installing rsync to the VM... The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status. Vagrant assumes that this means the command failed!              apt-get -yqq update             apt-get -yqq install rsync   Stdout from the command:  WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!   rsync   Stderr from the command:  stdin: is not a tty W: Failed to fetch
rajmdungvu can you give me the full session in a pastebin link (from the vagrant up)09:25
dungvuwait me a minute09:25
dungvuI have just pasted it to the pastebin, how can I share with you>09:29
dungvuPlease see it, Mr. rajm :)09:29
rajmthank you I'm just  re-upping a fresh pull so I can compare with yours09:31
dungvubased on this error, it has not any file in the vagrant@jessie:~$09:36
rajmNo I want to see what happens before that error, my session starts like this so I'd like to see the context09:36
dungvulet me make it again09:36
dungvuit seems take me a long time09:40
dungvuso that, I will capture all the situation then report you as soon as possible09:41
toscalixdungvu: is slow in general09:42
rajmok no problem - I see further down you're getting connect (101: Network is unreachable) [IP: 80] are you able to ping that ip address?09:42
dungvuno, I cannot ping to this
toscalixI do and I am not at the Codethink network09:44
dungvuit means that I need to check my connection?09:45
toscalixhummmm dungvu corporate firewall maybe?09:45
rajmyes - wonders if your behind a firewall that's blocking it? (I'd still like to see the full session though!)09:45
dungvudear rajm09:49
dungvuthis is my session09:49
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dungvuand the problem will be occured at the end of this session09:50
rajmthanks am reviewing it09:52
dungvuthanks you09:53
toscalixI can ping
dungvuI cannot ping
patersoncBoth and are blocked for me, so it is likely a firewall issue (although the Renesas Europe will have different policies to Renesas Vietnam...)09:57
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toscalixpatersonc: we are in a team meeting now. We will talk about what can we do, if anything10:08
patersoncOkay, thanks. Corporate firewalls will always be a problem! We'll see if we can get this debian site unblocked.10:09
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rajmGwaihir there doesn't appear to be anything in mongodb so it appears there's an issue in the interface between kernelci-build and the backend10:52
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Gwaihirrajm, if the backend looks for files in one location, but they are not uploaded there, it won't be able to parse the build.json data, double check even looking at the backend logs where the uploads are happening and which is the path they are uploading to11:55
Gwaihirif you are using the script, it should upload to the correct path, but better safe than sorry, double check that too11:56
rajmah yes publish_path needs fixing - just checking...12:04
rajmthanks Gwaihir I now have output in /var/www/images/kernel-ci/cip-new/cip_v4.4.27/v4.4.27/arm-tinyconfig/ now to see why the backend is still not finding them12:08
Gwaihirif that is the actual URL where the data is uploaded, it is not correct, at least for the latest code in the backend12:09
rajmit should be $arch/$defconfig ?12:11
Gwaihiryeah, it should end in that way12:14
rajmand wait a bit and I see builds in kernelci \o/12:28
rajmso what should BAD-SD do with's a merge request or a scripted edit?13:04
toscalixI think it is time to open the discussion about the name: Board at Desk - Single Dev should die13:25
toscalixif you have any suggestion....13:27
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toscalixit seems that we are back to where we were before the kernelci update. Gwaihir thanks15:42
Gwaihirtoscalix, you guys are welcome! I hope I was able to help15:43
rajmyes thanks you gave us the right pointers!15:44
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