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toscalixgood morning08:07
toscalixpatersonc: talking about the kernelci VM, I will send the bi-weekly report today. There is one remaining issue after updating kernelci that prevent us to get to a point where you can create the VM with vagrant and use it as before the update08:10
toscalixwe are working on it08:10
patersonctoscalix: Okay, thank you for the update.08:16
toscalixthe issue is that the builds tests are not shown in the dashboard. Since we had to change some paths and ports in order to put kernelci and lava in a single VM, we are struggling with the consequences of the update08:17
toscalixwe have a strategy to prevent users to suffer issues related with upstream updates in the future08:18
* rajm has built with latest kernelci-backend and no longer gets the port being of incorrect type error but still doesn't see any build info via the webserver08:19
toscalixdo you have any good guess why?08:23
rajmnot at the moment - inspecting /var/log so see if there's any helpful insights08:24
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rajmthough with a new TREE_NAME I'm getting a 400 error on build.py08:32
toscalixplease keep us posted about progress, as usual08:43
rajmwill do!08:45
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rajmI've changed to resubmit if the response.status_code is not 202 and the second time am getting a 415 (unsupported media type error) but maybe that's a consequence of the attempted resubmission?09:43
toscalixbi-weekly report sent10:28
rajmGwaihir do you have any thoughts on the current state? - I've updated to cover some of these points10:41
Gwaihirhey rajm, looked at the issue, but unfortunately no: assuming you are passing the git_branch in the POST data itself and that you are running master code of the backend, that should be enough for builds to be parsed and show up11:08
Gwaihirthe 415 error seems weird, make sure the requests library is not changing your Content-Type when you re-send it11:09
rajmGwaihir thanks for the extra pair of eyes! Though I just get a 400 error the first time and then with apparently the same data a 415 - we're using kernelci-build/ as is12:14
Gwaihirrajm, if you get a 400 error, printing the entire response might give you more clues on what is wrong12:17
toscalixlchlan: can you describe brieftly what you mean by firewall settings?12:20
rajmI print response rather than just response.status_code and I get <Response [400]> or is that the default string conversion12:27
rajmI installed and am running dillo on the vm but browsing to localhost:5000 doesn't give me anything12:29
rajmah response.text and maybe not unexpectedly One or more mandatory keys are missing: ['git_branch'] -  I thought we were setting that but apparently not, doesn't do that for us?12:43
rajmSo         build_data['git_branch'] = git_branch now gives me a 202 return value :-) but still nothing on the jobs/builds tab of the webpage12:52
lchlanI found one firewall setting still set to port 80 - but I think it makes no odds.13:14
rajmAnd the path is still http://localhost:8010/$TREE_NAME/v4.4.27/$ARCH-$configuration/ so not git_branch in the path13:33
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Gwaihirrajm, that is weird though, if you are running master, the new path should be $tree/$branch/$kernel/$arch/$defconfig15:32
rajmwe are a673826d529d8bbea1e181c8f4ba92d04040d5c1 kernelci-backend15:35
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Gwaihirhmmm... I can't find that sha on kernelci-backend :-/15:53
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lchlanI think that sha is from the kernelci-backend-config.18:16

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