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furyThat’s starting to sound like an AGL issue...hmm. Lemme ssh into my build server and see.00:19
furyHmm. Seems like it got past that step but I was building for porter since that was my most recent build. Haven’t done qemu in a while. I’ll try that one00:37
furyhmm, libhomescreen failed :/00:50
LoveMHzfury: Thanks00:50
LoveMHzSeg fault?00:50
fury| Could not find qmake configuration file linux-oe-g++.00:50
furydifferent than the one you failed on, think this is earlier in the process than that00:51
furyI could swear I ran into an issue with libhomescreen once before and I worked around it O_o00:52
furyabout 3 weeks ago cause i have that exact error in my pastebin account00:55
furywell, dunno how i worked around it...guess i didn’t O_o00:58
furyhope a bitbake –continue agl-demo-platform resolves it. oh boy iOS 11’s new auto-em dashing is going to make it really annoying to type commands into an SSH client01:02
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furyThis is why I should file JIRA issues more often :D01:06
furyEww. Lots of red flying across the screen now.01:19
furyI wonder what I broke O_o01:20
furyStill nothing that looks like segfaults tho01:21
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akilawhi fury01:40
furyHi! How’s it hangin?01:41
akilawthe pastebin output is not for my PR right?01:42
furyRight. I’m trying to build AGL for qemu to see if there’s a problem causing segfaults in the compilation01:42
furyAnd I keep running into other things :D01:42
akilawcan you see this01:42
akilawHere is the PR I added zebra recipe01:43
furyI see it :D01:45
furyI wish I knew enough about GDP to be able to comment. I haven’t used it. Prolly should01:46
akilawits ok <fury>01:48
furygah. Looks like I have to delete my build folder and start over again01:52
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LoveMHzI was about to say don't look at me. I'm just a web dev guy with a EV car project haha.02:02
akilawoh really02:03
LoveMHz75' Datsun 280Z conversion.02:04
akilawmy story is also similar to yours02:04
LoveMHzawesome. any details? I'm just starting but eager to hear anyones story on the subject.02:06
akilawI worked on electric car project02:07
akilawits a high performance electric car02:08
LoveMHznice, I wanted to do something a bit more but looks like I'm going with a single Warp9 and simple battery set up. maybe next time.02:10
furyLoveMHz: my build of qemu worked, may be the Ryzen thing. You might try pinging the mailing list to see if anyone else has tried it and/or worked around it02:13
furyI had a bunch of old temp files laying around that were breaking my build, once I blew away the directory and reinitialized it, it brought everything over from the sstate cache and everything was fine02:13
LoveMHzI'll try it on another system first. Would hate to bother anyone on the list because of a possible CPU issue.02:13
furyOn the contrary, not a bother, it’s another data point that may help track it down and fix it02:14
furyOr at least save someone else some head scratching wondering why their fancy new setup is failing02:15
furySomeone with more knowledge of yocto or AGL might have some ideas02:16
LoveMHzThat's true.02:16
furyDoes seem strange to me that it’s always that same recipe. I woulda thought if it was the Ryzen bug that it’d just be randomly failing all over the place02:21
LoveMHzMaybe it's Ubuntu then.02:22
furyCould be. I’m rocking 16.04 with no problems. You could rule that out by trying the AGL SDK Docker image; I think it contains all the necessary things to build an image02:24
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furydo everything up to `bash ./ 0` - skip the xds-server stuff unless/until you get a working image building environment. (Or you could try downloading one of the snapshot builds for qemu, if you don’t want to customize the image and just want to run it/use the SDK)02:31
LoveMHzNo idea what I want to do, but I'm thinking I'll have to do a bit more than just app development.02:33
furyBut I’m not very familiar with how to run the qemu images - I’ve pretty much always run it on bare metal (Raspberry Pi, Porter, even wandboard back when that thing worked)02:33
furyYeah, if you want to change which drivers are built, or customize one of the built in demo apps, you’ll definitely have to have a custom image (I’m juuuust starting to get pretty familiar with how to do that, and I’ve been farting around with AGL on and off for a couple years :)02:34
furySometimes I learn slow tho02:34
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mranostayfury: qemu works well05:26
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test1121hi there05:27
test1121good afternoon from south korea05:28
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[AD]Turbohi there07:36
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furyHi guys11:43
furyHow’s it hangin?11:43
leon-anavihi, how are you?11:56
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furyFeeling a little bit like Ted Stryker when he was asked to land a plane after he hadn’t flown for years :P got a problem with php7 on my server after I set it up a while back12:05
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dl9pffury: for master we switch things from SSTATE_DIR = "/home/yourusername/.agl/sstate-cache/${MACHINE}"  to SSTATE_DIR = "/home/yourusername/.agl/sstate-cache/${DEFAULTTUNE}"  .   Old setup still works of course.15:48
furyah, cool15:49
dl9pfjust fyi15:49
furysounds good15:49
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dl9pfmore sharing across boards15:49
furyi guess that means i gotta blow away my whole sstate-cache and build everything to get it rebuilt?15:50
furybut then it'll share between boards15:50
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mranostayof course have to watch the recipes being updated with a PR and aren't autoreved :)16:00
CTtpollarda scary thing16:00
mranostaygit autorev16:01
mranostayuses the git sha to see if it needs to be rebuilt16:01
mranostayalso a bad practice... esp when it something with a ton of deps.. like the kernel instance :)16:02
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dl9pfjobol: can you cherry-pick 31943af2e46375265bb865e20a6e50f365d2a6dd  in  src/app-framework-main  from master to dab branch ?16:21
dl9pfand push it to git ?16:21
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dl9pffury: you can declare the old folder a SSTATE_MIRROR16:28
furyoh, cool16:28
furybut i already deleted it :D16:28
furyit's all good16:28
furyneed to exercise these 20 cores :P16:28
dl9pfLOL ... that's why there was the power-cut in IL  .... @waltminer  here you have it ;) ;)16:30
waltminerThat’s probably it16:30
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furysmurray: just a heads up, i added a jira issue for that whine i'm hearing in the radio, with all the research i've done so far... haven't tracked it down but basically, the rtl_fm command line works fine with a sample rate of 256000.
furydunno if you wanted it to be assigned to you or me (since i'm prolly the only one that hears it :D)18:47
furyi'm not quite sure how i'd submit a change to the gerrit for the radio app... i do repo upload for the main repository18:49
fury(i.e. the one that has all the yocto layers)18:49
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smurrayfury: you'd do a "git review" in your clone of the radio app.  I'm not sure I'd really want the sample rate to be configurable, tbh20:50
furyYeah I just did it to figure out if there was a setting that worked better. As far as I can tell, raising it just makes everything quieter and doesn’t get rid of the whine (whereas it does on the command line O_o)20:51
smurrayfury: I'll experiment some.  In my tests with the command-line program I never got rid of it in my setup20:52
smurrayfury: cheap dongle plus the hack that is rtl_fm is unlikely to result in great performance, I suspect20:52
smurrayfury: once I've got a few other JIRA issues cleared, I can tinker with GNU radio on a desktop and see if it can do better with the dongle than rtl_fm can20:54
smurrayfury: when I've played with gqrx and the like in the past, FM radio was kind of crap as well, so I'm not sure20:55
mranostaysmurray: yeah rtl-sdr isn't really meant for analog signals20:55
mranostaysmurray: wonder if "HD radio" would work easily20:56
furysmurray: cool, no big rush, I’m just sitting here kinda dumbfounded I have a different experience with the rtl_fm command line utility than with the radio app which as far as I can tell is using the same code20:56
furyHD radio would be fun20:56
mranostaybut i suspect that is only an North America thing20:56
furyyeah, it’s DAB elsewhere right?20:57
mranostayno clue20:57
mranostayfury: which antenna do you have anyway?21:00
mranostaytelescopic or the little duck antenna21:00
furyBig telescoping one. Few feet long21:01
mranostayfury: could adjust it to 1/4 or 5/8th wavelength to see if that helps21:02
furyHmm. How long’s a wavelength?21:02
furyI did fiddle with the length of the antenna quite a bit trying to pick up signal better but didn’t hear any change in the noise21:02
mranostayah nm then21:03
furyBig metal building, surprised I even pick up the 3 stations that I do :P21:03
smurraymranostay: HD radio is still very experimental in GNU radio AFAIK21:04
mranostayfury: ah yeah if you have metalized windows that will be a problem21:04
mranostayin my old flat i couldn't get gps or ADS-B traffic at all21:04
smurrayfury: note that my rtl_fm_init function might end up tweaking the params differently than the command-line tool21:04
mranostaysmurray: if i remember correctly even traffic data is TDM sent over HD radio as well21:06
furysmurray: I looked line by line between command line main and rtl_fm_init/play, didn’t see a whole lot of difference21:07
furyinit & start rather21:07
mranostaysmurray: how much cpu does rtl_sdr take to decode audio?21:07
smurraymranostay: iirc something like 15% of a core on porter21:08
smurraymranostay: it's not something you'd ever ship in a real car21:08
mranostayah better than i would have thought21:08
mranostaybut yeah21:08
smurraymranostay: at least w/o getting better quality, etc. for that much cpu21:08
furyit’s pretty light, until I cranked up the sample rate to 1m lol21:09
furyBut yeah. I wonder if there’s a better off the shelf USB dongle I could get21:09
mranostayfury: meh they are all the same really21:09
mranostayonly issue is i've noticed they overheat and the PLL loses lock21:10
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mranostayfury: the one i use for viewing air traffic i put a heatsink on the chip and the LDO to fix it21:10
furyMine’s $25 off of rtl-sdr.com21:10
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furyYeah I’ve noticed it does get a little warm...21:10
furyHmm. Is there a good one I could buy and hook up over I2C or SPI or something? Little more involved (and I’d have to figure out how to get analog audio in I guess)21:12
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mranostayfury: yeah there are some that are FM radios that you configure over i2c but get audio in21:13
mranostayvery low overhead esp if you have a audio codec that route it directly21:13
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smurrayfury: afaik the v3 from is about as good as you can get with the rtl82xx chips21:16
furyoh ok. That’s the one I got21:16
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