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fredcadetegood morning07:28
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RzRleon-anavi, are you using agl on minnowmax ?07:56
leon-anaviRzR, not yet. I have recently booted AGL on Intel NUC.07:57
RzRleon-anavi, just tested latest snapshot and weston does not start07:57
leon-anaviRzR, can you please share a log of the failure? May be you should report the issue in JIRA.07:58
RzR /usr/lib/dri/ is missing08:03
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RzRTarnyko, hi08:04
TarnykoRzR: hi08:04
RzRTarnyko, I just rebuilt latest snapshot for minnow08:04
TarnykoRzR, yes ?08:04
RzR /usr/lib/dri/ is missing08:04
TarnykoRzR: strange. if you built Mesa on your desktop, you would probably need the "--with-dri-drivers=i965" configure flag, and then investigate your config.log ;)08:05
RzRI will compare with published image08:06
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TarnykoRzR: if you are trying to build non-release Mesa, beware, the "src/intel" subfolder has new requirements (including Python 3).08:12
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leon-anavibtw RzR, Tarnyko while we are discussing AGL. Could you please review my change for setting specific versions of rust crates openssl and hyper (installed through Cargo from meta-rust) in the RVI SOTA client recipe?
leon-anaviThe recipe has been already merged but due to changes in meta-rust I had to make this additional patch.08:42
chbaeHi leon-anavi08:43
leon-anavihi chbae08:43
chbaetoday I successfully test to upgrade rpi kernel 4.4.08:43
chbaeNext I'll add dtb for 7'inch touch screen and test soon.08:44
RzRTarnyko, yea released image is not shipping it08:44
RzRTarnyko, would a bug report help ?08:44
leon-anavichbae, ok, great! I was also looking at that yesterday.08:45
Tarnykoleon-anavi: sure, looking08:45
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leon-anavichbae, btw Tizen for rpi was recently updates to kernel 4.4:
leon-anavichbae, can you please share you recipes for 4.4 kernel? I am interested in trying it out.08:46
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TarnykoRzR: yes definitely, do not forget to include t.tanikana in the assignee/reviewers, he has the most interest on minnowboard builds08:47
chbaewow. please see
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Tarnykoleon-anavi: here you go08:48
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gmacarioHi there!09:00
philrobHi, there !09:02
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gmacarioIs the TOOL team meeting starting now?09:02
* steve_l pokes toscalix09:04
jeremiahI'm in the telephone conference and I don't think anyone is there?09:04
jeremiahNope. Just me. :-)09:05
toscalixapologies, I was working on the tasks09:05
toscalixno no....09:05
jeremiahOkay, I'll tell Gunnar.09:05
toscalix==== Tools Team Meeting starts ====09:05
* toscalix here09:05
* steve_l here09:05
toscalix* AMM evaluation from the team's perspective. Suggestions for PMO for next event.09:06
toscalix* Follow up from the f2f meeting[1]09:06
toscalix* Github migration: follow up09:06
toscalix* IT priorities from TT perspective.09:06
toscalixMinutes of previous meetings:
toscalixTha is the agenda09:06
toscalixLet's start.09:06
toscalix1.- AMM eval.09:06
toscalixYesterday at PMO there was a round table about feedback09:07
toscalixI would like to read from you what the outcome09:07
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toscalixfrom the tools team perspective09:07
leon-anaviTarnyko, thank you!09:08
toscalixbtw. Klaus apologies for his absence09:08
toscalixLet me start, I think the f2f meeting went well, for being the last activity09:08
toscalixon Thursday09:08
steve_lnot much to add beyond what was said in the PMO as I sadly didn't make the Tools f2f09:08
toscalixI am curious about the rest of the Tolls sessions scheduled09:09
gunnarxyou missed a lot :)09:09
* steve_l curses marketing and their desire to win business09:09
gunnarxwhich session toscalix you mean common-api and such?09:09
toscalixfranca ones...those scheduled from this team09:10
toscalixI would like to know if I have to provide further feedback to PMO about the event09:10
toscalixfrom this group09:10
gunnarxI was also forced to miss them I'm afraid.  Heard positive feedback from others09:10
steve_lI hear klaus had some material in the common api session on franca api testing that should be useful in the test topic here09:10
gunnarxthe slides are online09:11
toscalixhas everybody uploaded the slides already?09:11
steve_lcommon api from klaus and pavel are up09:11
toscalixthe minutes from our f2f meeting are also published09:12
toscalixmaybe I should add them to this page also09:12
gmacarioMy AMM feedbacks are in the minutes of the 2016-05-04 SAT telco - unfortunately I forgot everything after returning back to my non-GENIVI work :-)09:12
gunnarxany "non-GENIVI" work is just an illusion, one day you will understand this09:13
gunnarxsorry, off topic09:13
gunnarxgo on toscalix09:13
toscalixunless somebody else has anything to add, let's move on09:13
gmacarioI did not say "non-open source work"09:13
toscalix2.- Github migration: follow up09:14
gunnarxgmacario, well that's my point basically09:14
toscalixjeremiah: any news from the f2f meeting in this regard?09:14
jeremiahWe have now added a few repos, three or four09:15
jeremiahWe have added more people09:15
jeremiahWe now have 27 accounts09:15
jeremiahWe currently have a 'regular' GitHub account09:15
jeremiahThis means that we are not paying anything09:15
jeremiahWe will have to pay when we want 'secret' repos09:15
gmacarioAre you making some burn-out chart to target the completion date for migration (2016-07-01 IIRC)?09:16
jeremiahOr if we want git large file storage09:16
jeremiahgmacario: Not yet.09:16
jeremiahI suppose I should.09:16
gmacarioSounds like a good idea09:16
gmacariowe are only 7 weeks until the due date09:16
jeremiahAI: Jeremiah -- create burndown chart for GitHub transition09:16
gunnarxs/when/if/  I don't expect any secret repos on github09:16
gmacarioI wrote burn-out - sounds like a Freudian lapsus09:17
toscalixI have integrated github and jira but still have not used it.
jeremiahgmacario suggested that I join EG telcos to speak with maintainers.09:17
gmacarioAnd BTW GitHub has just lowered price for private repos for individuals09:17
jeremiahtoscalix: Thanks for doing that09:17
toscalixmy pleasure09:17
steve_lcan you recap the process for adding a user to the org again. I had a look and I can't see how to add myself09:17
jeremiahgmacario: Can I join EG SI and speak next week?09:17
gunnarxjeremiah, directly addressed emails is another option09:17
gmacarioAs long as someone calls the EG-SI telco yes09:18
jeremiahgunnarx: Yeah, I'm definitely going to go that route.09:18
toscalixsorry guys, something unexpected. I have to drop. Can you keep going ?09:18
jeremiahAh, okay, perhaps direct emails are the only route left. :)09:18
gmacarioYou know we have no EG-SI leads09:18
jeremiahtoscalix: yep, we can continue09:18
jeremiahgmacario: Okay, then I'll contact folks directly.09:18
gmacarioSounds good, just CC EG-SI or the project mailing list so the info is not lost09:19
jeremiahLifecycle and persistence are projects that need some attention09:19
gmacarioWe have also User Management IMHO09:19
gmacariobut no maintainers left09:19
gmacarioso I wonder what we should do with those repos09:19
jeremiahI know that BMW is looking closely at the GitHub terms and conditions so I'm hopeful that they will migrate in the next few weeks.09:19
jeremiahI propose we move them to GitHub and then we can do 'non-maintainer' maintenance if needed.09:20
jeremiahWe have this issue with a number of repos that are essentially unmaintained09:20
gmacarioSounds good, will you or should someone else migrate the repos to GitHub (I may but have no rights)09:20
jeremiahI'm happy to do it, I have been doing it bit by bit as I get in contact with maintainers.09:20
gmacarioOK then go ahead, thanks!09:21
jeremiahIt is easy and we're getting closer to completeness. :-)09:21
jeremiahI'm resending the email about git remotes to genivi-projects09:21
gmacarioWe could probably write a pipeline to speed up the migration :P09:21
jeremiahgmacario: I'll leave that up to you. :-)09:21
gmacarioI have no write/admin rights  (nor I want them)09:22
jeremiahIn any case, I think there is a lot of progress, and I'm still optimistic we'll hit the July 1 deadline09:22
jeremiahWe can move on unless there are other questions?09:22
gmacarioDo we also have a target date for completing the migration from Bugzilla to JIRA?09:22
jeremiahgmacario: No.09:23
gmacarioShould we?09:23
jeremiahWhat would be the driver?09:23
toscalixBack. Apologies. Family matters09:23
jeremiahIn other words, why would we want to remove that database of potentially useful information in bugzilla?09:23
gmacarioIIRC Bugzilla will no longer be the official tool while is09:23
gunnarxAll bugs in one place.09:23
jeremiahThat requires transfer of lots of data and that is a blocker09:24
gmacarioGDP did the right thing09:24
gmacarioand they made it09:24
jeremiahFor sure09:24
steve_lHow do we add ourselves to the github org? git hub help tells me how to setup a competing org but not join an existing one09:24
gunnarxBugzilla is deprecated in favor of JIRA.  This isn't news.  Are you saying to not transfer old issues but stop adding new Jeremiah?09:24
jeremiahAnd we have a lot of new projects migrating to JIRA09:24
toscalixwe only tranfered the "active" bugs09:24
gmacario"transfer of lots of data": I think about OPEN bugs, that should not state open forever right?09:24
gunnarxThere needs to be a deprecation / ramp down plan for bugzilla.09:24
jeremiahYeah, transferring active and/or open bugs is the target and is ongoing09:25
jeremiahBut what is the driver for closing bugzilla?09:25
toscalixwe assume bugzilla will we accessible for history purposes in read-only mode09:25
gunnarxfair enough, and then archiving the rest I suppose09:25
gunnarxthe driver is not adding new issues to it09:25
gmacarioIMHO The driver is to track OPEN bugs in a single place - which is JIRA09:25
jeremiahI'm trying to make that clear as we migrate to GitHub09:26
gmacarioOK I am just repeating gunnarx here09:26
jeremiahAsking folks to move to JIRA too09:26
toscalixdid we moved away from the github topic?09:26
gmacarioNo this is related09:26
jeremiahBut if they are actively working on bugzilla bugs they can keep their workflow if it is required to produce software.09:26
jeremiahI monitor bugzilla to see if there are active bugs and I try and close the old ones09:26
gmacarioThe point is "tracking closure of open bugs" as a way of monitoring project health09:26
gmacarioOK so jeremiah do you want to take TOOL-72?09:27
jeremiahSure, but I think we all should help a bit there.09:27
jeremiahLet's move the task to something higher than 'low' I guess09:28
jeremiahNow that we want to move a bit more quickly there.09:28
toscalixwe send a mail in the ML. We tell PMO to add it as a point in the next meeting09:28
* gunnarx is scrambling to open TOOL-72. 09:28
jeremiahBut the TOOL-72 work flow looks good and let's include it in our meetings to track progress09:28
gunnarxWe need a bot that provides links to JIRA references...09:28
jeremiahI can be assigned that.09:28
toscalixwe define a deadline for putting bugzilla in read-only mode and then, if somebody wants to have access after that date....request it.09:29
jeremiah.oO( perl is perfect for writing IRC bots )09:29
toscalixperl is perfect for everything...except humans09:29
* jeremiah stares at toscalix 09:29
jeremiahLet's say we disable new bugzilla account creation June 1?09:30
gmacarioWhy not?09:30
jeremiahAnd then set a date for moving to read-only?09:30
toscalixJune 1509:30
jeremiahI think we can actually close a lot of bugs there.09:30
jeremiahMany are old and stale09:30
jeremiahIt would be the perfect thing for a hackathon09:31
toscalixeach project should do a clean is one of the very few pros of tools migrations09:31
gunnarxAccounts?  Disable them now...09:31
gunnarxDisable new bugs June 109:31
gmacario> It would be the perfect thing for a hackathon09:31
gmacarioTOOL F2F is another topic, hang on!09:31
jeremiahgunnarx: We can do that actually.09:31
jeremiahWhy don't I look at the most recent bugs, inform those who are still actively using bugzilla to stop and move to JIRA09:32
jeremiahThen we can disable accounts and press for clean-up?09:32
toscalixAgreement: disable new accounts  now. Read only mode June 1st09:32
jeremiahYou guys move quickly when its not you doing the work. :P09:32
gunnarxthat's how we roll.   Next topic?09:33
philrobreminder: the moving of bugzilla issues to jira was assigned to IT manager, please sync with Steve who will meet the new IT guys in the  coming days09:33
toscalixjeremiah: you are right. I would like to get bugzilla out of the way of the new IT guy09:33
gunnarxmoving as in copying all data?09:33
toscalixso he only has to move the current one and not worry about LDAP integration09:34
gunnarxwhat task is assigned to them more exactly...09:34
jeremiahI think the IT guy should jump in the Tools team and help, it will be a good introduction to GENIVI infra09:34
philrobIMHO the IT guy should join the TT , did not we say that during the TT meeting ?09:35
gunnarxI think all that we discussed so far - communication, organization fits well with jeremiah.09:35
gmacarioThis was planned btw09:35
toscalixphilrob: that is the last point of the discussion today09:35
gunnarxYes sure we did. They will join as soon as they can (earliest next week).  we have stuff to assign to them.09:35
philrobok, missed it09:35
toscalixwe need to put everybody in JIRA. Then look at the migration as a pure "data transfer" topic09:35
gunnarxcommunication, organization: jeremiah.  data transfer: The new guys in shorts and hawaiian shirts09:36
toscalixphilrob: didn't include it in the agenda, but will be there. AOB09:36
jeremiahI want a Hawaiin shirt.09:36
gunnarxearn it09:36
toscalixSo what else on Gityhub migration?09:36
jeremiahI think that is it.09:37
jeremiahWe can move on09:37
gmacarioSomeone has started a build on my agent, the fan is running crazy!09:37
toscalix3.- IT priorities from TT perspective.09:37
jeremiahBTW, once migration is done we start on GitHub hooks and branching policy.09:37
toscalixMy question is, what activities do we think it should be a priority for IT the coming months?09:37
gunnarxoh I can even see how your machine is suffering gmacario...09:37
toscalixWe have identifies 2: and download infra09:38
jeremiahIts a pentium 4 running Windows 709:38
gunnarxno offense but builds are painfully slow when they end up being assigned there :)09:38
toscalixthose are new services09:38
gmacario> Its a pentium 4 running Windows 709:38
gmacarioIs this the new HW sourced by GENIVI :P09:38
jeremiahThat's your machine. =)09:39
toscalixany other new service?09:39
jeremiahDo we want to store images on GitHub?09:39
toscalixAbout the current ones, any point we believe it is a priority?09:39
jeremiahThey have a git large file system service09:39
jeremiahwhich is cheap09:39
toscalixjeremiah: nop09:39
jeremiahmight be good for GDP?09:39
jeremiahokay, no takers.09:39
jeremiahI withdraw my proposal09:40
toscalixI will use what genivi provides09:40
gunnarxlet's ask IT guys09:40
toscalixif the download infra will take long, yes09:40
gmacariogit LFS is interesting but no experiences yet09:40
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jeremiahGitHub uses a CDN and I doubt we'll have a CDN09:40
jeremiahSo this means faster downloads for everyone09:40
gunnarxwe should just set requirements, they deliver solutions.  we can propose github LFS as option09:40
gmacarioCan someone share the HW configuration being sourced by GENIVI? Just For My Information and Understanding09:41
toscalixfine with me09:41
gmacarioI haven't seen a spec so far09:41
jeremiahgmacario: Top secret Intel Xeon servers09:41
jeremiahSharks with lasers.09:41
gunnarxa little too detailed concern right now, I feel.  but in any case I don't have the answer gmacario09:41
gmacarioWell I have a clue about what my company provides for projects... just to draw some comparisongs09:42
toscalixare we going to host the mailing lists?09:42
gunnarxwhat mailing lists?09:42
jeremiahI think we should migrate mailman mailing lists to the new infra, yes09:42
jeremiahCurrently it is at least 24 hours turnaround time.09:43
jeremiahAlso, LF will not help in spam fighting09:43
jeremiahSo currently there is a lot of work with the lists but no way to access them efficiently09:43
jeremiahSo I say we migrate them and Joel / New IT and I continue to maintain09:43
gmacarioI personally do not consider migrating mailing list a top priority BTW09:44
gunnarxI don't think that's on anyone's radar until you brought it up now.  Important concerns, but I feel we are stepping too far from Tools Team into plain infrastructure now.  Traditionally that's more an operations thing (PMO)09:44
toscalixso website+ML+jira/confluence (internal+external)09:44
toscalixlots of work09:44
gunnarxAnyone on this team care about dev tools, debuggers, that sort of thing ;)09:44
philrobhey, steve will come back to us with a migration plan for the it-infra by the end of the month, please prepare a list of requirements09:44
gmacarioIn JIRA09:45
gmacarioof course09:45
gmacarioWe just need a JIRA users to assign tickets to :P09:45
gunnarx+1 requirements09:45
jeremiahgunnarx: Apparently clang has an excellent static code checker.09:45
philrobassigned them to steve for the time being09:45
toscalixI will create a task related with IT migration plan09:46
jeremiahgmacario: We have a infrastructure JIRA tracker.09:46
gmacarioRight! Thanks for reminding09:46
toscalix4.- AOB09:47
toscalixI have a point which is the Tools Team meeting schedule09:47
toscalixbase on doodle09:47
toscalixwe all agree on Tue at 17:30 or Tue 18:00 CEST09:48
toscalixas first option09:48
toscalixSecond option (except Klaus):09:48
jeremiahI think we need to cater to Klaus a little bit09:49
jeremiahHe's important for these meetings09:49
toscalixMon at 18:00 or Tue at 18:00 or Wed at 18:3009:49
gunnarxyeah take a time that works for Klaus09:50
jeremiahAll are good for me, but those are late for those of us in CET09:50
gmacarioSo is Tue at 18:00 CEST good for everybody?09:50
toscalixSorry, option 1: Tue at 17:30 or Wed at 18:00 CEST09:50
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gmacarioCan you send the Doodle link again?09:50
toscalixTue collides with LRT and W3C09:51
jeremiahWednesday would mean that some would start in GENIVI meetings at 16:00 CET and be in them until 19:0009:51
gmacarioWednesday some start GENIVI meetings at 14:0009:51
toscalixI personally do not like the idea of driving two meetings in a row09:51
jeremiahI agree.09:51
toscalixGDP first and then Tools09:51
philrobwhy don't you move TT sync at 2pm CET on Tuesdays09:52
toscalixTue at 17:30 seems the best option. Mon at 18:00 the second best09:52
gmacarioIs 14:00 good for the IT guy?09:53
philrobnot likely09:53
gmacarioI wish he/she will vote as well09:53
philrobwe can ask Steve to check with him09:53
toscalixhe /she will be in UTC-709:53
gmacarioOK let's replan once we know from the IT guy then09:53
philrobhe is in Portland09:53
gunnarxphilrob: we think we need IT guys pretty much every week, at least for a quick sync up.09:54
toscalixgmacario: our options are so reduced...09:55
philroball: we need to avoid accumulating meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays09:55
toscalixI will talk to Klaus to evaluate option 209:55
gunnarxagred but Doodle had friday options or not?09:55
toscalixif it is not possible for him....we will go for option 109:55
gunnarxOTOH, late meeting friday night is not exactly what suits everyone09:55
gunnarxso forget that09:56
toscalixI have meetings friday afternoon09:56
gunnarxShall we anyway try out wed 1800 CET assuming we think Klaus can join.09:56
toscalixI will talk to klaus and we decide next week in this meeting09:57
toscalixlet's see if we can open the Monday option09:58
toscalixAny other topic?09:58
gmacarioShall we also plan the next Tool Team F2F?09:58
gmacarioIIRC jeremiah offered to host us in Gothenburg in July09:58
gunnarxOK let's reach a decision in the next days I hope.09:58
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toscalixI would like to open the option of malaga09:59
gmacarioThe sooner the better as I am already booked for the last two weeks in July09:59
gunnarxfine by me :)09:59
gunnarxboth of them09:59
jeremiahSame here09:59
toscalixI will send a proposal this week then09:59
toscalixdates and hotel09:59
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toscalixSo we are done10:00
philrobagustin: I have sent the doodle likn to steve10:00
toscalix== Tools Team Meeting Ends ==10:00
gunnarxCan we start looking at some dates... Use the F2F coordination.  We may want to co-locate SAT etc.10:01
gunnarxtoscalix, you know the F2F coordination page?   It's a way to propose dates and find some coordination, before they are finalized10:04
toscalixno I don't know10:05
toscalixah, yes10:05
toscalixphilrob: showed me yesterda10:05
toscalixthat is why I found out that tue after the PMO call there are two others10:05
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leon-anaviI am building GDP with the linux 4.4 kernel for rpi2 right now using chbae GitHub repo11:20
toscalixleon-anavi: you are a hero. As we spoke at the event, that would be a great improvement11:28
toscalixTom is sick today11:28
toscalixjonathan is paying attention to Minnowboard release and I am preparing the GDP call11:29
leon-anavitoscalix, I hope Tom will recover quickly. Regarding rpi2, last week Mauro for Samsung OSG pointed me to a video and source code for Tizen on rpi2 with linux 4.4 and today chbae shared with me his work.11:29
leon-anaviso I am just giving it a try :)11:29
leon-anavitoscalix, unfortunately I will miss the call today.11:29
leon-anaviI have to get out earlier due to another arrangement.11:30
toscalixooohhh, I was going to share a video of me will loose it11:30
*** Tarnyko has joined #automotive11:32
Tarnykogreat article on AGL lately :
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toscalixTarnyko: agree. ZDNet has a good audience11:56
toscalixAnd Steven I think is a good writer11:57
Tarnykotoscalix: yes, I frequently stumble on his writings when gathering news for other stuff, agreed12:00
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leon-anaviTarnyko, congrats for the article :)12:11
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Tarnykoleon-anavi: nice, it is explicitly mentioning Tizen and GENIVI12:26
leon-anaviyes :)12:28
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fredcadetejeremiah: regarding the email about github migration13:31
fredcadeteis it intentional to migrate only 'master'?13:31
fredcadeteat least the tags should also be migrated in order to not lose history13:33
jeremiahfredcadete: I just used that as an example13:47
jeremiahI think it is up to the maintainers to decide what they think is relevant.13:48
jeremiahPerhaps its reasonable to have some older versions that aren't supported anymore squashed?13:48
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fredcadetesure, to each maintainer to judge13:54
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toscalixGDP call in less than an hour14:04
*** chbae has joined #automotive14:08
toscalixchbae: hello14:09
chbaetoscalix: I joined maintainer’s meeting but no one is there.14:09
toscalixwe cancelled14:10
toscalixI was not sure if you were around and tom is sick14:10
chbaetoscalix: ah ok.14:10
chbaetoscalix: i’ll update gdp meeting report for kernel upgrade in rpi2.14:11
toscalixit is already done and sent14:11
toscalixlet me create a task14:12
toscalixand you provide update there?14:12
toscalixfeel free to report about it during the GDP call, ok?14:12
toscalixah, right :-)14:12
toscalixI missed it14:12
toscalixlet me update the report14:13
toscalixvery quickly14:13
*** tjamison has joined #automotive14:17
toscalixchbae: I moved GDP-192 from In progress to ToDo since the ball is in Rolands court for some days now14:18
toscalixchbae: have you checked tom single branch?14:19
chbaetoscalix: just see the basic scheme.14:20
toscalixdo you have any comment or suggestion?14:20
chbaethe scheme is good and I’ll review in detail after finishing Tom’s work.14:20
toscalixok, thanks14:20
chbaeif he would like to review the current implmenetation, i’ll review.14:21
*** leon-anavi has quit IRC14:28
ToxicGumbo-workRe: press release, I thought there was an AGL twitter feed for the past couple years…was that nuked?  Cleaned up?14:35
*** jukansan has joined #automotive14:36
TarnykoToxicGumbo-work: I can only find an #Automotive twitter but this seems  a general aggregate one. Not heard about an AGL one.14:42
TarnykoToxicGumbo-work: oops, sorry :
ToxicGumbo-workThanks.  I didn't know if it has been "rebooted" for a new media campaign. Perhaps I was confusing posts by other sources (GENIVI, etc.).14:44
ToxicGumbo-workGlad to see so much activity as of late.14:45
*** jukansan has quit IRC14:47
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TarnykoToxicGumbo-work: found it in a recent announcement from Dan, looks very recent AFAIK14:52
*** gunnarx has quit IRC14:52
waltminerAGL Twitter account is new14:52
Tarnykoha ok, thought so14:55
toscalixdoes anybody has problems connecting to the webex server?15:00
toscalixfor the genivi gdp call?15:00
*** jlrmagnus has joined #automotive15:01
jonathanmawchbae: are you joining us in the GDP webex call?15:05
chbaeyes i’m joining15:05
jonathanmawtoscalix: thanks for covering what was going on15:16
jonathanmawstill not sure what's wrong with my audio15:16
jlrmagnusjeremiah ?15:30
jlrmagnusI am trying to add Ulf Wiger to the GENIVI "remote vehicle interation" team, but I cannot since "uwiger is not a member of this organization"15:31
jlrmagnusDo you need to add him to GENIVI org before I can add him to the rvi team?15:32
*** anahuelamo has quit IRC15:39
*** anahuelamo has joined #automotive15:46
toscalixchbae: where is the example you did of the jira github integration?15:46
toscalixis the reflection on the jira side15:47
toscalixah, got it15:48
chbaetoscalix: good.15:48
toscalixchbae: I think you used the wrong ticket number15:49
toscalixchbae: shouldn't be this one ?15:50
chbaei’m sorry that what is talking about?15:51
toscalixthere you added the link to the ticket GDP-3615:51
chbaetoscalix: ah. you are right.15:52
toscalixbut if I see correctly, the pull request is about rpi315:52
toscalixsince I want to use your example, I want to make sure the link goes to the right ticket :-)15:52
toscalixas example it works anyway but...15:53
chbaetoscalix: I thought that we will find another example :)15:53
toscalixcan you change it or you have to do another pull request? In such case, I will just use it as it is15:53
toscalixthat is the problem of being first, my friend15:54
chbaei’ll think about it. it’s not good way to change merged commit.15:54
toscalixthen do not worry15:54
chbaeSo it’s good to find another example.15:54
toscalixas example it works15:54
chbaeHow about
*** Tarnyko has quit IRC15:56
chbaetoscalix: I’ll send pull request from chbae/meta-genivi-dev with GDP-152 (in commit message)15:57
toscalixI will wait then to send the mail about it15:57
toscalixwill you do it now or in the future?15:57
*** AlisonChaiken has quit IRC15:58
chbaetoscalix: in 10 min.15:58
toscalixah, ok. Great then15:58
chbaetoscalix: that’s just for example.15:58
*** AlisonChaiken has joined #automotive15:58
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*** jukansan has joined #automotive16:15
chbaetoscalix: please see upper link.16:15
chbaetoscalix: welcome :) see you tomorrow. bye.16:18
*** chbae has left #automotive16:20
*** bjones has joined #automotive16:21
*** chbae has joined #automotive16:22
chbaetoscalix: Now I see
toscalixthat is what the integration nis about16:23
toscalixadding the new Development menu16:23
toscalixin the jira ticket16:23
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