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rokrauit's coming together nicely :-)03:10
* rokrau can deploy apps from qtcreator to the R-Porter GDP board now :-) 03:12
rokrauand see them pop up on the screen as part of the launcher. Thanks to the tips from Aaron !03:14
paulsherwoodw00t! :)03:14
rokrauyes indeed! pretty cool - will bring a VBox image with full setup for both R-Po and R-Pi03:14
* paulsherwood notes that rokrau seems to be working late... so he must be having fun03:14
rokrauwell - i am training all day :-) so i am well fed... and stoked from too much coffee - way too much03:15
rokrauNow - if only the documentation would write itself - all would be really great ...03:16
* rokrau is heading out now - night!03:18
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CTtpollardmorning all07:39
toscalixgood morning07:50
CTtpollardhey jeremiah07:59
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* steve_l wonders if the tools team is starting09:05
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* steve_l meeting is starting even. Hmm need some sleep09:06
CTtpollardit should be now, looking at the email09:06
CTtpollardalso morning steve_l :)09:06
jeremiahI'm gonna hang out here, I won't join the telco, if that's okay?09:06
steve_lmorning tom :)09:06
steve_lI'm shocked Jeremiah but will let it pass this time09:07
jeremiahSo generous of you Steve.09:07
steve_lbtw looks like Tolkien will be coming to the AMM09:07
jeremiahWhoa, that's great!09:07
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steve_lyeah should help the testing discussion09:08
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gunnarxThe ToolTeams meeting has started, using Webex.  Any more joining today?09:12
steve_lah ok was waiting here as Agustin said IRC :) will join..09:13
gunnarxI think he said WebEx :)09:13
gunnarxanyway, we can take a few notes here as usual09:13
toscalixWiki page for AMM content: GENIVI Tools Team09:16
jeremiahThanks -- wiki pages are preferable to Google docs in general. :-)09:16
gunnarx...the current discussion is just on planning the details of AMM sessions.  Whether things fit the timing, etc.09:19
gunnarxfor working session.  use etherpad to capture.  put immediately into wiki.09:20
gunnarx...jeremiah suggests
jeremiahI've set this up for usage ^^09:22
jeremiahThis is useful for group editing so we don't have to assign someone to take minutes.09:22
jeremiahHaving a minute taker is good of course, but often that means they can't participate fully in the conversation09:23
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jeremiahsteve_l: You can reuse this for the TT talk as well?09:43
steve_ljeremiah: yes thanks.09:45
steve_lJeremiah: I'll summarise the BIT work on the wiki as discussed but of course feel free to add related topics/questions for the wider TT project09:47
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CTtpollardgunnarx: on the topic of branching / structure of GDP, I think we all agree. There just needs to be a dedicated discussion / point at which we can consolidate10:11
CTtpollardbelieve me, I'd prefer to maintain one branch than many :)10:11
gunnarxsure, but you can't10:12
gunnarxbecause there are differences...10:12
CTtpollardthe restructure of meta-genivi-demo is a step in the right direction10:12
gunnarxand that's what branches are for, IMHO10:12
CTtpollardall boards could be build-able from a single branch10:12
gunnarxcould be, yes but one might think differently if that's a good idea10:13
toscalixI have discuss this topic with renesas and AGL also. There is a common understanding that it would be good for OEMs to have the same layer structure in both organizations for BSP layers10:13
gunnarxtoscalix, sounds like a good idea regardless10:13
toscalixso we can cooperate in identifying bugs easier10:13
toscalixspecially when it come to boards10:13
toscalixwe haven;t got into details yet though10:14
gunnarxCTtpollard, the key is how you want to handle differences.  As of now all boards are *not* buildable from a single branch (because all boards are not supported with ivi9).  Just as an example.10:14
CTtpollardmanipulation of layers conf at script level can overcome most of the difference / conflicts10:14
toscalixthe sam applies to peripherals and bugs related with hardware10:14
steve_lI've updated the TT @ AMM page with a testing section, including the work in the  BIT and added a bullet list for people to add there topics10:15
gunnarxmanipulations at script level is of course possible but an unnecessary step.  it's not what I prefer.10:15
CTtpollardgunnarx: yes, baseline upgrades will require branching,. But we should be able to have here is 'master' at a state where all targets build against the same stable release10:15
gunnarxanyway, we should debate properly then decide10:15
toscalixI will try to go to AMM with a concrete proposal for those three points. I am talking with dl9pf about it. I assume Walt will also participate10:15
gunnarxI don't have time today but I'd welcome a structured mailing list discussion10:15
CTtpollardsure :)10:15
gunnarxyou can make your case...10:15
toscalixyes, that is how it should be, so far is just the result of 2 or 3 conversations10:16
toscalixat collab first and then elc event10:17
gunnarx 'master' at a state where all targets build against the same stable release. I agree but that's not only about branching.  The current project reality is that not all targets build equally.  I don't think branch structure itself decides the aspect of whether all hardwares are equally supported or not.10:18
toscalixthere are currently 4 people in gdp dealing with this problem: jonathanmaw CTtpollard chbae and stephen To me the important outcome is that they agree and feel comfortable with the solution10:19
toscalixeven if it is not optimal. It can be changed when more people come to support more ports10:20
gunnarxI know I'm a purist but I just believe git (branches) are made for handling variants, so you don't need to program as many scripts and other stuff doing the same.  Let's compare the outcomes.10:20
gunnarxtoscalix, yes, the maintainers need to be comfortable.  I just want us all to hear all arguments, then those arguments can be discarded if not convincing.10:21
steve_lSorry for stating the obvious, but in any proposal I think you want to describe both sides. What you want to achive (keeps goal in focus) and then how (assess fit)10:21
toscalixmy second aim is that, whatever solution we find, it is something that the YOCTO project would agree on or find...natural10:21
toscalixgunnarx: as CTtpollard order to hear everybody, nothing like the AMM10:22
toscalixso we leave the event with an agreement10:22
gunnarxnothing like writing it down, when we deal with complex issues10:22
toscalixgunnarx: I agree on that one10:22
steve_lright off to work talk to you later10:23
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toscalixit is easier to get to an agreement if we talk about one or several proposals10:23
gunnarxsome may not attend the AMM.  debating on public lists might bring someone's additional insight10:23
gunnarxthen we're well prepared for the AMM discussion at least10:23
toscalixwe love the mailing list and discussing everything there10:23
toscalixso we agree on that one too10:24
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leon-anavithe GDP open call start in an hour, right?14:12
CTtpollardleon-anavi: yup14:14
CTtpollardwell, 46 mins :P14:14
leon-anavicool :)14:14
leon-anaviI got the time zone maths right this time ;)14:14
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: it's still tripping me up sometimes14:25
leon-anavisame for me :)14:25
leon-anavitoscalix, do you mind if I assign GDP-159 to me?14:31
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amcgee7did I miss the gdp meeting?15:57
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CTtpollardamcgee7: it's on now, but it claims you're in the call?15:58
CTtpollardit is ending however15:58
amcgee7I can't set up any audio.15:59
amcgee7Looks like I'll have to catch it next week.16:00
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toscalixleon-anavi-cloud: sorry, I didn't see your question here. I already answered at the GDP call but for the record, go ahead and assign GDP-159 to you.16:46
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leon-anavi-cloudtoscalix: no worries. I assigned it to me. I will send the patch that adds meta-rvi to GDP tomorrow.16:56
leon-anavi-cloudI will write a short wiki article too16:57
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aeicheGDP 101 question: What is Kronos?17:08
aeicheIs it the release?17:09
aeichenvm, found it17:13
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aeicheDoes anyone know if Wifi is availble GDP?17:58
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Jerrick_Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to run the agl build on on a winboard board18:53
mvickOops. Mischan. :)18:55
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aeicheJerrick_, What is the Winboard?19:06
Jerrick_sorry, I meant MinnowBoard19:17
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