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CTtpollardchbae: hi!09:05
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CTtpollardchbae: are you around?11:11
toscalixI have updated GDP in Details, the wiki page that enumerates the components that forms GDP:
toscalixI would appreciate a double check11:14
toscalixthe block diagram is new11:14
paulsherwoodhow we 'se' it11:28
paulsherwoodsorry... shoudl be *use* it... i can't login from here11:29
paulsherwoodis lifecycle really not available in GDP?11:29
paulsherwoodalso Proof of Concepts Browser... maybe have a comma, or e.g. Browser11:30
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toscalixjonathanmaw: can you clarify what is the current state of lifecycle in GDP?12:22
toscalixmy understanding is that is not integrated yet12:22
jonathanmawtoscalix: correct, not integrated.12:24
jonathanmawthe Node State Manager and Node Startup Controller are installed on the system, but they don't do much yet12:25
jonathanmawpart of making them do something useful involves moving the HMI and apps out of the systemd user instance, which I was working on late 2015, but it was de-prioritised before I got it finished.12:26
toscalixpaulsherwood: from your comments, the only missing point is the comma in the block diagram. I noted it and will update it together with the next improvement/update12:27
toscalixthanks for checking12:27
waltminer=== AGL Dev Meeting in seven minutes ===12:53
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dl9pf# Bug triage13:12
dl9pf# gerrit triage13:12
dl9pf- c 5449  :  vlc  recipe hard-depends on x11 distro feature. looking into alternatives13:14
dl9pf- 5503 : needs author review13:14
dl9pf- 5473 + 5475 :  linpack license and packagegroup . WIP.13:15
dl9pf# AI: Review security proposal until EOW13:15
dl9pf# Discussion on SPEC-11913:16
dl9pf- Stephane has built connman for AGL, qestion to be raised for SAT meeting13:17
dl9pf# discussion on iotivity integration13:18
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dl9pf# snapshot builds now sync out the sdk (populate_sdk)13:33
dl9pf# snapshots build generate/sync out a core-image-minimal for PORTER13:34
CTtpollardchbae: just cherry pick what is valid from here;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/experimental/porter-ivi9 , meta-genivi-demo to master head, aa71 and 736a513:35
CTtpollardthe readme in head of meta-genivi-demo has been updated with some new refs and other comments13:35
dl9pfnuohan: check
dl9pf# renesas porter w/o gfx:  source porter-nogfx    ; bitbake core-image-minimal13:36
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dl9pf=== AGL Dev Meeting end ===13:44
rZrdl9pf, so you talked about iotivity now ?13:51
rZrI mean today13:51
toscalixdl9pf: following our discussion, we are about to create a list of the hardware that is giving us some headache13:51
toscalixthis week13:52
toscalixlist=wiki page13:52
toscalixI would like to discuss with you how we can keep one for both, since we will deal with similar problems (peripherals, boards...)13:53
toscalixas you said to me...we are too few to spend time trouble shooting twice the same hardware. I cannot agree more13:53
dl9pfrZr: Yes, at least adding the layer to the mix. No recipes included initially13:56
rZrok that's something I'd like to help on but I waiting for next release13:56
rZrwe can plan this for may13:56
dl9pftoscalix: send an email or post here , we should talk then through it13:56
rZrthere is a bug entry on jira13:56
toscalixdl9pf: ok, I will.13:57
chbaeCTtpollard: i forcely update my chbae/raspberrypi2 branch and now building. After finishing building, I’ll substitute chbae/raspberrypi2 branch to raspberrypi2.14:03
CTtpollardchbae: great :)14:03
vgrade_Hi Martin,14:03
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CTtpollardchbae: would you mind if I added;a=blobdiff;f=gdp-src-build/conf/local.conf;h=2baf3ba9d1d7e8a8d82e2cb9423ed6c00a526fdf;hp=7d68e9300fccb96eea84146a0c5553c2fa76db3f;hb=736a523301fba14ffb4ef2f9696176077b2865d2;hpb=fe0754cd67ae76be89b8c8f23114736dcd36f814 ?14:07
chbaeI’m adding now14:07
chbaeCTtpollard: Please check again :)14:08
CTtpollardchbae: ty :) I know I added it to meta-genivi README but just in case people miss it14:11
chbaeok. please let me know when you finish changing master branch in meta-genivi-demo. And then I’ll update raspberrypi2 branch in genivi-demo-platform.14:14
chbaeCTtpollard: If not to change master branch in meta-genivi-demo, current branch is fine to me.14:15
chbaeCTtpollard: Do you have any plan to change or add something in master branch of meta-genivi-demo?14:15
CTtpollardchbae: no functional changes14:18
CTtpollardmaster should be good to go14:18
chbaeCTtpollard: ok. good14:18
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CTtpollardchbae: are you ok for us to generate the release image from your branch before you push it to 'raspberrypi2'?14:31
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, how about addint meta-rvi that brings rvi-core to GDP?15:15
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I have already have a patch that I have tried out on QEMU. May I test it on rpi and submit it to you for a review?15:16
toscalixleon-anavi: I am afraid it might be late for this release since we have close the window already.15:18
toscalixBut there will be another release, and another one....15:18
toscalixso we will obvoisuly work it out, but not for this one15:19
leon-anavitoscalix, I am not in a hurry15:20
leon-anavitoscalix, what is the process to submit it for the next release?15:20
toscalixCTtpollard: jonathanmaw I will add a task for next release to send reminders (countdown type) for the gold master declaration and the merge freeze window15:21
leon-anavitoscalix, I have the patch right now. It just needs more testing on ARM devices and if everything is OK I can send it ot CTtpollard for a review.15:21
toscalixleon-anavi: there is no open window, we will keep accepting patches15:21
toscalixmaybe from here to the AMM we are more focus on other activities, but the intention is that maintainership work is an ongoing activity15:22
toscalixso submit them15:22
leon-anavitoscalix, ok, cool. So I should submit the patch as soon as it is ready and the maintainers will process it when they can. Did I get it right?15:23
leon-anaviperfect, this is what I wanted to hear :)15:24
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gunnarxtoscalix, I stopped editing - probably use Tom's link instead.15:43
CTtpollardbut edit wars are fun no? :)15:44
gunnarxthink the new confluence is better at merging15:44
gunnarxbut I'm not inclined to try :)15:44
gunnarxalso, I can avoid stepping on toscalix's toes for once :)15:45
* CTtpollard has had fun with merge wars on git backed wikis, such as ikiwiki15:45
gunnarxwhat does it do if there's a merge conflict?15:48
CTtpollardgunnarx: just produces conflict markers which you can handle manually, it's quite rare though15:50
toscalixgunnarx: np. I moved the page under GDP project. Somehow it was not under my radar15:51
gunnarxthe other page I linked to was kind of useless15:52
toscalixI made some cosmetic changes and updated the bugs report link on this page15:52
toscalixfeel free to improve it. It requires some love15:52
toscalixI am adding labels to the pages. Those who has gdp-ivi9 has been updated for this release15:55
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chbaeCTtpollard: sorry. I need to change 1 thing.16:07
CTtpollardchbae: sure, what is it?16:09
chbaeCTtpollard: just small things in README16:09
CTtpollardchbae: so you want to add to meta-genivi-demo?16:10
chbaemeta-raspberrypi: master branch 519c387e3b97ecc21ac1d7b4fc9197298f289a7116:10
chbaejust small change.16:10
CTtpollardI added it16:10
chbaeyes in there.16:11
chbaeURI: git://
chbae * branch:   master16:11
chbae * revision: 519c387e3b97ecc21ac1d7b4fc9197298f289a7116:11
CTtpollardI'm confused, that was the commit you were using no?16:12
chbaeCTtpollard: No. previous README file was wrong.16:12
CTtpollardso I updated it to say 519c387e3b97ecc21ac1d7b4fc9197298f289a7116:13
chbaeWhen I update meta-raspberrypi layer to support raspberrypi3, I didn’t change README file.16:13
chbaeCTtpollard: yes. And branch name from jethro to master. :)16:14
chbaemake sense?16:14
CTtpollardchbae: right, so the only thing that you want to change is jethro -> master?16:14
chbaeCan I change it?16:14
chbaein master branch or you will?16:15
CTtpollardchbae: In my opinion yes16:15
CTtpollardI have to leave the office now16:15
chbaeyes. I’ll add a commit for it in master branch ok?16:16
CTtpollardyes ok16:16
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chbaeok and 1 small change in MAINTAINERS.16:17
chbaeoops. :)16:17
gunnarxchbae, it sounds like it's not a problem if you fix something in the text files only and commit it.  thanks for improving quality16:28
chbaegunnarx: you are right.16:28
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toscalixjust for information: the readme file is shipped with the image, so it needs to be modified before signing it16:31
toscalixthis is why we are pushing to finish it today, so we can sign the images and metadata before deployment16:32
chbaetoscalix: Now I’m changing and push soon16:32
toscalixtom worked on it this morning and chbae now... jonathanmaw is waiting for it to sign everything and upload it to a ftp server16:33
toscalixopen a ticket with the info to joel so he can deploy it16:33
toscalixand I can watch Real Madrid later today in peace :-)16:34
toscalixleon-anavi-cloud: we will explain it tomorrow in the call but since rpi2 image basically works for rpi3, we will mention it in the rpi2 board page or/and feature page16:36
toscalixafter the AMM we will make it a first class citizen, together with Minnowboard and Silk16:37
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chbaeand raspberrypi2 branch is created.16:51
jonathanmawthanks chbae16:51
chbaethanks too.16:52
toscalixchbae: thank you very much for your dedication and contributions these past months. You rock. I am looking forward to have a beer or wine with you at the AMM16:53
toscalixI know the feeling is shared by tom and jonathanmaw16:54
toscalixand other within GENIVI16:54
chbaesee you. I’ll go to bed.16:56
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leon-anavi-cloudtoscalix: right, the instructions for building GDP for rpi3 are the same as for rpi2. chbae has automated the build process and it is super easy :)17:01
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JerrickHello, I had a question about the latest build of AGL where  I encountered an error while trying to build17:03
JerrickI encountered this error: ERROR: Task 2188 (virtual:native:/home/sbv/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/qemu/, do_compile) failed with exit code '1'17:06
Jerrickafter inputting these commands '$source meta-agl/scripts/ porter'17:07
Jerrickand  $ bitbake agl-demo-platform17:07
JerrickThank you in advance17:07
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dl9pfcan you send the full output ? I need more context19:54
dl9pfah, Jerrick: I think I know ...19:55
dl9pfJerrick: see this bug:
dl9pfJerrick: BUILD_LDFLAGS_prepend_pn-qemu-native = "-Wl,-rpath-link,/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu "20:09
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Jerrick| Makefile:168: recipe for target 'qemu-system-x86_64' failed | make[1]: *** [qemu-system-x86_64] Error 1 | Makefile:163: recipe for target 'subdir-x86_64-softmmu' failed | make: *** [subdir-x86_64-softmmu] Error 2 | ERROR: oe_runmake failed | WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command. | ERROR: Function failed: do_compile (log file is located at /home/sbv/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/qemu-native/2.1.0-r0/temp/log.do_compile.31916)20:31
Jerrickit seems like it is a different bug then the one you mentioned20:32
Jerrickif you want I can also email you the log file20:33
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dl9pfJerrick: please do20:37
Jerrickwhat is your email20:38
dl9pfJerrick: please include your local.conf and you bblayers.conf20:39
dl9pfas well as repo manifest -r20:40
Jerrickthank you so much for your help. I have gathered all the files. Please let me me know the email address to send it to.20:44
dl9pfJerrick:   use my nickname ... @gmx.de20:45
Jerrickalright, I sent you the email with attachments you rewuested.20:47
dl9pfJerrick: this is the issue:20:51
dl9pfyour native pulseaudio<->dbus20:51
dl9pfwhich distro are you on ?20:51
JerrickUbuntu 1520:54
dl9pfJerrick: This might help  :
dl9pfalso this thread maybe20:54
dl9pfit is the same issue, so did u use the  BUILD_LDFLAGS_prepend_pn-qemu-native = "-Wl,-rpath-link,/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu "20:56
dl9pfplease try that20:56
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Jerrickis this a line I need to change in the local.conf file?21:00
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dl9pfadd  BUILD_LDFLAGS_prepend_pn-qemu-native = "-Wl,-rpath-link,/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu "21:05
dl9pfto you conf/local.conf21:05
dl9pfwatch out for the space at the end21:06
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gunnarxjlrmagnus, something wrong with your email?21:52
jlrmagnusMind you. Not mfeuer21:55
jlrmagnusJLR IT for the win...21:55
gunnarxah, then why is that in my shortlist?21:55
jlrmagnusBecause you did not receive the note from JLR IT.21:55
gunnarxBut I bet you've set up a forward from one to the other?21:56
jlrmagnusYes. And that worked for a full three months.21:56
jlrmagnusHave Volvo IT talk to JLR IT and send you a memo on the outcome.21:56
gunnarxB/c it doesn't just bounce nicely -- it bounces after "too many hops" with a huge long list of headers21:56
gunnarxthere's a loop in that forwarding setup I think21:56
jlrmagnusIt seems like it. It did work for a bit, mind you.21:56
gunnarxok.  I'll try to email the right address this time21:57
jlrmagnusJust forget mfeuer and use mfeuer1. I lost my will to live fighting JLR IT.21:57
jlrmagnusThank you.21:57
gunnarxDealing with IT will do that...21:59
rjekCorporate IT Mordac.21:59
jlrmagnusSpread out over three continents in our case, all blaming each other.21:59
rjekCorporate IT exists to believe they run the business, rather than offering services to essential business functions22:00
gunnarxI'm sending you a copy of the failure too, some fun reading there :)  Hope it doesn't affect your will to live22:01
rjekjlrmagnus: I once worked for one of the last commericial UNIX vendors.  They used Microsoft Exchange, because their IT manager believed that's what everyone else used.  And you needed to use the same thing in order to email them.22:01
gunnarxrjek, ironic that22:02
gunnarxI know some organizations "committed to driving the broad adoption of open source IVI software" that are suffering from similar things ;)22:03
gunnarxwell not the organization as much as some of its members perhaps22:03
rjekI know too many businesses developing Linux-based products that hamstring their developers with Windows laptops with no admin rights, inside and outside automotive.22:04
gunnarxMy favorite:   \r at end of line in the source code.  Bleh.22:04
rjekWe need to rise up against Corporate IT who assume everybody works in administration and that nobody uses their computer as an actual tool to do their job.22:04
rjekgunnarx: Oh got yes22:04
gunnarxIt's in quite a few GENIVI repos I'm very ashamed to say.22:05
rjekGit pre-commit hook.22:05
gunnarxYou have my permission to flame the respective maintainers.  :)  I'm not able to track them all.22:06
rjekBy flame, do you mean send them abusive emails, or do you mean immolation?22:06
gunnarxoh, wait22:06
gunnarxthis is still irc right, don't take my word too serious here :)22:07
aeichedoes anyone know how to add/include the persistence client library in gdp-hmi-launcher compile?22:21
aeicheI'm trying to do some work on it, but keep failing on "persistence_client_library" no such file or directory.22:22
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gunnarxaeiche, failing where?22:27
gunnarxat what step?  Are you compiling gdp-hmi-launcher stand-alone or as part of a GDP platform build?  With bitbake?  Using a corresponding "Yocto SDK" (sysroot)?22:31
gunnarx... qmake?  Qt Creator?  :)22:31
gunnarx$ grep -R persistence_client_library22:33
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gunnarxmatches #include persistence_client_library.h twice.   And then       += -lpersistence_client_library -lsystemd -ldlt22:34
gunnarxso, library includes that are done in Qt project file...22:35
aeicheI'm trying to compile and deploy to my running instance of GDP22:40
aeicheso I'm compiling in Qt Creator with a Yocto SDK.22:41
aeicheI pulled a copy of the persistence_client_library from the genivi git, I just don't know where I'm supposed to put it to get the GDP_hmi_launcher project to see it on compile22:42
gunnarxOK. I think the typical way is it provides location through pkg-config22:43
gunnarxI think PCL does that too IIRC22:43
gunnarxPCL is a lib, it needs to be built first, then linked against your application22:44
gunnarxor rather application links to pcl lib, but you see what I mean22:45
aeicheI'm a bit out of my element here, which is probably why this is not-obvious to me.22:45
gunnarxI don't have a step-by-step for you either I'm afraid22:45
aeicheSo do I build PCL on it's own, and I get a file that I give to make?22:45
gunnarxeasiest if the dependencies you need are part of the SDK sysroot...  Is PCL not there at the moment?22:46
aeichewhen I try to compile, qtcreator says it can't find the persistence_client_library.h22:46
gunnarxaeiche, yes something like that.  But the normal way is that it is "installed", and then the build system asks pkg-config for where it is installed22:46
aeichewhich makes me think it's not where it should be.22:46
gunnarxis it in the sdk...22:47
aeicheIIRC, we couldn't get the GDP SDK to work, so we built a generic yocto SDK22:47
aeichewhich is probably why it doesn't work :/22:47
gunnarxwell there are probably several paths to this.  but I'd think it would be easier if the prerequisites could be found in the SDK22:48
gunnarxAnyhow, if you manage to build PCL project first one way or another, you should be well on your way.22:49
aeicheIs it reasonable to pull a built version of the library from a GDP image?22:50
gunnarxanything that works is reasonable :)22:51
gunnarxyou need header files to do anything with it but I guess you can get that from the repo22:52
gunnarxI'd be concerned though that there are some additional dependencies.22:52
gunnarxsorry my brain is shutting down for the night.  not able to help much more22:53
aeichethat's fine, I'm grateful for the help you've provided :)22:53
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