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obdiihey everyone04:44
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Tarnykodl9pf: hi, around ?07:59
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leon-anavihi Tarnyko08:07
Tarnykohi leon-anavi !08:08
toscalixGood morning08:27
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CTtpollardgood morning09:08
chbaejonathanmaw: I sent mail about touch commit.09:10
jonathanmawchbae: I see. You can make the build pass by adding `BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY = "1"` to local.conf09:14
jonathanmawI think after the AMM, we want to consolidate all these separate branches for various versions of the GENIVI Demo Platform, and that'll include having it check out meta-renesas and meta-raspberrypi by default, which will hopefully resolve this problem.09:15
chbaejonathanma: Ok. I see. I suggest that the bbappend moves to their layers.10:02
CTtpollardchbae: I'd prefer to keep it as a single append file if possible, but I understand your reasoning when qemu is involved10:07
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chbaeCTtpollard: yes. it may have problem in another BSP like qemu.10:08
chbaeCTtpollard: I thought that BSP change moves to its layers like meta-raspberrypi-gdp. The reason why I create meta-raspberrypi-gdp.10:10
CTtpollardchbae: yes, although we have more control over the reneas bsp layer in this case, so the possibility of having the patch in meta-renesas could also happen10:11
chbaeLet's discuss in AMM when we are talking about single genivi-demo-platform repo.10:11
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chbaeCTtpollard: yes.10:11
leon-anaviAm I the only one having issues with AGL Gerrit SSL certificate?10:23
CTtpollardchbae: we shall ask if the meta-renesas maintainer will take the touch patch, and then move the raspi patch into /meta-raspberry-gdp10:44
chbaeCTtpollard: Ok. that's good.10:49
dl9pfTarnyko: pong10:51
Tarnykoleon-anavi: nah, it's broken right now (SSL certif. expired)10:51
dl9pfTarnyko: known, I already sent a ticket to IT10:51
leon-anaviTarnyko, ok, thanks for the confirmation. I reported the issue at the mailing list.10:51
Tarnykodl9pf: great, just wanted to make sure you knew :)10:52
dl9pfTarnyko: tnx.10:52
dl9pftemporary workaround:10:52
dl9pf(use only if needed and revert once cert fixed)10:52
dl9pfgit config --global http.sslVerify false10:52
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toscalixif you have requests for GDP-ivi10, please create a ticket (subtask) here:
toscalixThere is a session planned at the 14th AMM to discuss them. Otherwise, we will discuss them through the genivi-projects ML11:27
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fredcadetedoes anyone know what time the AGL UI and Graphics telco is?13:21
fredcadeteam I too late already?13:21
CTtpollardno time listed on the latest email I received13:22
fredcadetenever mind, I found the invitation email now13:23
fredcadeteit as 2PM to 3PM CET, missed it :(13:23
waltminerIt is currently running13:38
waltminer3 pm - 4pm CET13:38
* jbocklage missed it, too...13:41
fredcadetewaltminer: thanks for the headsup!13:49
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aeicherokrau, Did you have any success on getting your Qt App to run on GDP-IVI9?14:59
* CTtpollard wonders if rokrau did LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libEGL.so15:01
* toscalix working on the re-structuring of wiki pages related with target boards and GDP15:07
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* toscalix is done with the re-structuring16:22
toscalixso now we have a page per target board instead of a page per target board and per release16:23
toscalixwhich ended up being too many pages16:23
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CTtpollardchbae: hey, I hope my latest email made sense16:49
chbaeI’m writing the mail :)16:49
CTtpollardchbae: replied16:55
chbaeyes. please don’t merge the change.16:55
chbaei’ll test more.16:56
CTtpollardchbae: ok, we've tested ivi extension 1.9.1 compiles correctly and runs when deployed16:57
chbaeyes. thanks.16:57
CTtpollardmeta-renesas had to be updated for hid multi-touch because it wasn't enabled at all16:58
CTtpollardat least in raspi it is as a module16:58
chbaeCTtpollard: I’ll test tomorrow and then reply you ASAP.17:00
chbaeYou can get my reply before our meeting.17:01
chbaeBye I’ll go to bed. See you.17:02
CTtpollardchbae: night!17:02
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