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rokraustill struggling with the pi06:48
rokraui got to the point now where i have a login prompt on the touchscreen but weston refuses to start - no drm device found06:50
rokrauthis is after i hacked rpi-update to a firmware upgrade but i think this screws up some of the modules that are in the wrong place or for the wrong kernel06:51
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CTtpollardgood morning07:10
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Tarnykogood morning07:51
CTtpollardhi Tarnyko07:58
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kanupatarhi all08:03
CTtpollardhey kanupatar08:05
kanupatarhello ..good morning!08:05
kanupatarsome questions I have, not related to AGL/genivi08:06
kanupatar1. Are RedHAT in automotive embedded space?08:06
kanupatar2. If Not, any reason for that? or Redhat is trying for that now a days?08:07
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, I posted some details that I found out regarding GDP-149: HMI apps are not launched with keyboard on RPI212:49
leon-anaviHMI apps are not started if Weston does not detect a mouse. Due to unknown reason Weston detects most of the wireless mice as keyboards.12:50
leon-anaviI am wondering could it be something related to libinput?12:50
waltminerAGL Dev Meeting starting13:01
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: sounds like it, or how udev is tagging the devices13:07
waltminerJan-Simon will merge all of the conflicts in gerrit for packagegroup-ivi-common-test.bb13:07
leon-anaviCTtpollard, yes, my shortlisted reasons for the behavior are: wayland, weston, libinput, and udev13:08
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hammer_gaidinHey Everyone, I'm new to this project. Do you have a recommendation for base dev hardware for testing on? I see that the Intel NUC is listed on the agl site.  But i figured id get a real answer here13:14
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waltminerdiscussing linpack (gerrit 5473) and putting the source code in the /src repo verus the meta layer13:19
waltminergeneral agreement that while this is a one file change we should not break the general rule of putting source code in the meta layers13:20
waltminerFurther discuss where to put the code in the CIAT call later today13:20
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CTtpollardhammer_gaidin: Renesas Porter is supported by AGL and Genivi13:23
waltminerWill abandon 5449 and file a bug in Jira to keep track of it13:23
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hammer_gaidinCTtpollard: Are you referring to part Y-RCAR-M2-PORTER-A?13:27
waltminerStephane pointed out glitch in staging repo acl set up where the owner cannot see the access list13:29
waltminerJSM will look at this13:29
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waltminerAGL Dev call ended13:30
CTtpollardhammer_gaidin: yes13:30
hammer_gaidinCTtpollard: Ty13:33
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rokrauMorning. Does Changhyeok ever come here?13:49
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rokrauI am looking for someone who can help add the rpi_ft5406 module to his branch properly and to make sure that the branch is using the latest viable firmware for the rpi.13:51
rokrauradiofree: I did get some console output to the RPi 7'' screen yesterday after rpi-update but after plugin a keyboard the system froze - I think some of the firmware that is downloaded by rpi-update is not compatible with the kernel we are using13:53
CTtpollardrokrau: he does under the user chbae, but he is based in Korea so we're probably asleep by now13:53
rokrauCTtpollard: Okay - did you get any further with your youchscreen investigation on the Porter?13:54
leon-anavihi rokrau13:54
rokrauI looked at the instructions for getting egtouchd to work - it looks horrible13:54
CTtpollardrokrau: I've managed to patch the kernel following the eGTouchD official documentation, and run their driver as a dameon13:54
CTtpollardwhich is allowing the screen to work as a single point touch device13:54
CTtpollardyes, the instruction set was not nice13:55
rokrauwell - at least that13:55
CTtpollardpatches in pdf form, my favourite13:55
rokrauis this a patch that you can put in your branch?13:55
CTtpollardso currently I'm trying to get it to register as multitouch (oddly the driver is reporting in one place that it's 10 point, and in another single point)13:55
rokrauand would this work to be transferable to the RPi branch?13:56
CTtpollardrokrau: potentially, in a nice yocto way following compliance not so much13:58
CTtpollardI can get the kernel patches into the branches13:59
rokrauCTtpollard: will this be in time for the AMM ?13:59
CTtpollardas it stands, the end user may have to copy over the daemon and ini file manually and execute it13:59
leon-anaviCTtpollard, are you interested in updating the recipe for libinput in meta-genivi-demo to 1.2.2? :)13:59
leon-anaviIt seems I have it updated here ;)14:00
CTtpollardleon-anavi: if it fixed the mouse issue, but right now I'm in this touchscreen ring of fire14:00
leon-anaviI am still building the rootfs. I will give it a try14:01
CTtpollardrokrau: I'm in the process of taking the patches I generated for the porter to the raspi14:01
CTtpollardbut different kernel ofc14:01
rokrauCTtpollard: I understand - can I repeat your work on the Porter yet?14:02
rokrauCTtpollard: did you commit this to your branch?14:02
rokrauCTtpollard: I haven't tried the Faytech monitors with the Porter yet but with the RPi they are not working very well. the picture is only in the top left corner14:03
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CTtpollardrokrau: not top left corner on our faytech here14:06
CTtpollardrokrau: I'm in the process of trying to get everything into yocto14:06
rokrauCTtpollard: okay - will leave you alone then14:06
CTtpollardI might find myself having to make a patchset for the different kernels14:07
CTtpollardlife is fun....14:07
leon-anavino change with libinput 1.2.2. Wireless mouse is still recognized as a keyboard.14:17
CTtpollardkernel drivers yay14:18
leon-anavianyway, I am planning to send the libinput patch to the upstream of meta-genivi-demo14:18
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: we just took the libinput recipe used in meta-ivi-1014:20
leon-anaviok, I have the update so later today I will just share my efforts by sending the patch. It is up to you to decide whether it should be merged or not.14:26
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: it's appreciated14:28
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radiofreeis there any particular reason you have to use such dreadful hardware?14:33
radiofreecan you not switch to something better supported?14:33
CTtpollardradiofree: heh14:33
CTtpollardI don't think the monitors were tested for the touch compatibility before bulk ordering14:34
radiofreeso someone ordered a bulk load of them? send them back?14:34
CTtpollardthey've been used for quite a while14:34
* CTtpollard is probably not the right person to comment 14:34
rokrauthere was a discussion to replace them14:35
rokraugiantechs work out of the box14:35
rokraui just wish i could get the cheap RPi touchscreen to work with Yocto14:36
CTtpollardrokrau: have you asked in #yocto or any of the raspi upstreams? someone there might have one working in yocto14:37
rokrauCTtpollard: No I have not. I guess I will have to14:38
rokrauIs there a raspberry pi channel where i could ask? Seems more appropriate14:40
CTtpollardrokrau: is it a 'piTFT' ?14:40
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rokrauit requires the rpi_ft5406 for touch14:41
rokrauand firmware updates - which ones - i don't know14:41
rokrauon raspbian one runs rpi-update14:42
pedroalvarezbut... the only thing that does is update some binaries right? an those binaries should be installed at the moment by meta-rasmberrypi I guess14:43
pedroalvarezthose binaries live in a git repo that I guess is being used by meta-rpi, so try updating that?14:44
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CTtpollardthe readme suggests the generic yocto mailing list
rokraunot sure14:46
rokraupedroalvarez: i don't think we are using meta-rpi14:46
rokraujust meta-raspberrypi14:47
pedroalvarezerm... rpi is raspberrypi for my fast-fingers :)14:47
rokrauthere actually is someone maintaining a meta-rpi14:49
rZrCTtpollard, hi any progress on your touchscreen ?14:49
pedroalvarezoh, so there is actually a thing called meta-rpi.. sorry14:49
rZrCTtpollard, the usb detection on max ?14:49
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CTtpollardrZr: using the non kernel eGtouch driver, we're managing to get it to work as a single point touch device on the renesas porter14:50
CTtpollardjust to be clear it's not board dependent, it's due to problems in the touch controller used by the screen14:53
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rZrCTtpollard, but your usb detection issue is concerning me more14:56
CTtpollardrZr: enabling multitouch hid in the kernel allows it to be recognised correctly15:00
waltminerAGL CIAT Call Starting15:00
CTtpollardwireless mice as keyboards though, well yeh....15:00
rZryes mine is also using hid15:01
dl9pfyannick__: : will you join ?15:02
yannick__dl9pf: yep15:03
dl9pfyannick__: cool, tnx15:04
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rZrCTtpollard, the kernel in my image has HID and it worked for my egalax15:21
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, I have sent the patch that updates libinput in meta-genivi-demo.15:55
chbaeHi leon-anavi15:56
leon-anavihi chbae15:59
chbaeI see your patch and I’m wondering why do you update the libinput? for any bug fix?16:00
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leon-anavichbae, I have just sent a reply through the mailing list.16:08
leon-anaviit is up to the maintainer to decide whether they want the patch or not.16:09
leon-anaviIn my opinion it is always useful to be up to date with the upstream therefore I shared my efforts for updating libinput.16:10
pedroalvarezI agree with that ^16:14
chbaeleon-anavi: Ok. I sent my opinon in mailing. :)16:15
leon-anavichbae, got it16:15
leon-anaviI don't insist on merging that patch16:15
chbaeleon-anavi: yes. I would like to your efforts and thanks for it always.16:17
leon-anaviThe patch could save someone's time in future if he/she needs libinput 1.2.2 because it shows how to disable libwacom.16:17
chbaeCTtpollard: what are you using for porter test?16:20
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leon-anavitime to go, see you tomorrow.16:48
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