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rZrdl9pf: I am02:24
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CTtpollardmorning all07:41
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CTtpollardis anyone having problems with the genivi git server over ssh?07:48
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CTtpollardchbae: are you having any issue with the genivi git server over ssh?08:30
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chbaeCTtpollard: Wait. I'll test it now08:44
chbaeCTttpollard: it's working.08:45
chbaegit clone ssh:// test -b chbae/raspberrypi2 Cloning into 'test'... remote: Counting objects: 414, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (306/306), done. remote: Total 414 (delta 213), reused 150 (delta 78) Receiving objects: 100% (414/414), 54.34 KiB, done. Resolving deltas: 100% (213/213), done.08:45
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CTtpollardchbae: thanks08:51
chbaeCTtpollard: welcome09:01
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CTtpollardhi leon-anavi09:07
CTtpollardleon-anavi: I've pushed the meta-rust update, was having problems with ssh refusal from the genivi server09:49
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* CTtpollard hopes to never apply patches manually to the kernel via a pdf again13:42
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pedroalvarezoh well, you can print it, and then use `git scan`13:45
CTtpollardpedroalvarez: go home13:46
pedroalvarezwill do exporting me as pdf13:47
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leon-anaviI am still looking at the issue with HMI apps on GDP15:48
leon-anavisome of my wireless mice are ok but other are not.15:49
CTtpollardyay for differing hardware15:49
leon-anaviIt is a complex issue because so many components are involved.15:49
CTtpollardwe're having the same problem but via touchscreens15:49
CTtpollardI'm beginning to think they're move evil than printers15:50
leon-anavigdp-hmi-background, gdp-hmi-panel and gdp-hmi-launcher2 are not working when I boot with the wrong wireless mouse15:50
leon-anaviCTtpollard, there is nothing more evil than a printer :D15:50
CTtpollardleon-anavi: :D15:51
leon-anaviwith all mice gdp-hmi-controller is running15:52
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jlrmagnusobdii, ?17:15
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rokrauMorning - were there any updates to any of the git repos for the touch screen issues?18:06
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rokrauI built an RPi image with a module for the official 7'' touchscreen over the weekend but18:17
rokrauthe module is not loaded18:17
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rokrauand when I load it manually weston does not start18:17
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radiofreerokrau: what's the error with weston18:22
rokrauno available modes for HDMI-A-118:23
rokrauNo currently active connector found.18:23
rokraufailed to create output for /sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:vc4@0x7e4c0000/drm/card018:23
rokraufatal: failed to create compositor backend18:23
rokrauI did modprobe rpi_ft540618:24
radiofreeis this with the screen you were using the other day18:24
rokrauwhich loaded fine - but no output to hournalctl18:24
radiofreei.e the one that didn't work18:24
rokrauThis is with the 7'' touchscreen for the pi18:24
rokrauthe official one18:24
rokrauthis is on RPi18:24
rokrauI have this one working under Raspbian/. Did a bit of reasearch on Friday on how to get it working18:25
rokrauand i think this is the kernel module that needs loaded BUT18:25
rokraufor one: it doesn't load at start18:25
rokrauand second: if i do it manually weston should start but doesn't either18:25
radiofreedo you see anything with that screen (i.e tux on boot)18:26
rokrauyes: 4 raspberries and the rainbow screen18:27
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rokraualso - the same screen works with Raspbian18:27
rokrauI have the Raspbian SD card here also18:27
rokrauwonder if I am still missing a module18:28
rokrauand i wonder why dmesg does not show me anything about he module being inserted18:28
radiofreeso the screen is working then18:29
radiofreeat least with the framebuffer18:29
radiofreedoes weston work if you use --backend=fbdev-backend.so18:30
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rokrauwait a sec18:32
rokrauwants started with weston-launch18:32
rokrauactually now it starts but no output to the screen - I think I am missing some module18:33
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rokrauthis might now be because18:34
rokrauthe gdp services died18:35
rokraubackground launcher2 and panel18:35
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rokraui still had the USB to the other touchscreen connected.18:35
rokraulet me try again18:35
rokrauwhats the difference with the fbdev-backend?18:37
rokrauhmm - this has the same symptoms as starting with a keyboard connected:18:40
rokrau‚óŹ gdp-hmi-background.service                                                                   loaded failed failed  GENIVI Demo Platform HMI - Background18:41
radiofreegiven that you're root, you can just launch with "weston" if you want to test18:45
radiofreerokrau: i think the issue is weston's access to your drm device18:45
radiofreetouchscreen is irrelevant at this point (i'm assuming your monitor is some hdmi + usb connection for touch?)18:45
radiofreeif you use the fbdev-backend you can at least isolate the issue18:46
radiofreeyou probably won't be able to use any of the egl clients with the fb backend, last time i checked the swrast driver was too slow on ARM to be usable18:47
radiofreecan you launch weston (use the drm backend) with --log=/tmp/weston.log and then paste that weston.log somewhere18:48
radiofreee.g fpaste.org18:48
rokraui am experimenting with the desktop-shell currently18:48
radiofreethat's a fine thing to test with18:48
rokraulaunching directly - yes18:48
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rokrautrying to get a flower to show18:51
rokrauto make sure it's not a kernel thin g18:51
radiofreeright, so desktop-shell works with the drm backend?18:51
rokrauyes  -weston launches - but nothing show18:52
rokrausee a backlight only18:52
radiofreedoes LayerManagerControl status return anything18:52
rokraui commenetd everything in weston.in18:52
rokraurebooting now18:52
rokraushould reboot with a pure desktop shell right?18:53
rokrauno services18:53
radiofreeplease reload weston with --no-config to be sure18:54
rokraui rebooted - but yes18:55
radiofreei seem to remember the weston.ini being recreated on boot.... it's been a while since i looked at the gdp though18:55
rokrauNothing showing on the screen18:58
rokrauI will post the output18:58
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radiofreetry `weston --tty=1 --no-config `19:01
rokrauFailed to load module: /usr/lib/weston/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:04
rokrauthere is a drm-backend19:04
radiofreeyeah, looking at the source code suggests there's a specific backend for rpi, maybe that's automatic19:05
rokrau[19:04:43.635] warning: no input devices on entering Weston. Possible causes:19:05
rokrau        - no permissions to read /dev/input/event*19:05
radiofreethere was an issue with weston failing if there was no input device19:05
rokrau        - seats misconfigured (Weston backend option 'seat', udev device property ID_SEAT)19:05
rokrau[19:04:43.635] failed to create input devices19:05
radiofreecan you plugin a keyboard and try it19:05
rokrau[19:04:43.642] fatal: failed to create compositor backend19:05
radiofreerokrau: see
radiofreesame error?19:06
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radiofreejust try with `weston --tty=1 --no-config`19:06
rokrau[19:05:58.850] no available modes for HDMI-A-119:06
rokrau weston --tty=1 --no-config &19:06
rokrauNo currently active connector found19:06
rokrausomewhere it is looking for HDMI-A-119:07
rokrauwhich is not connected anymore19:07
rokrauis that in the boot config?19:07
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radiofreei have no idea, can you just test with one monitor and keyboard plugged in for now?19:08
rokrauwell - that's working19:08
radiofreeso `weston --tty=1 --no-config` works?19:08
radiofreeyou see a desktop shell19:08
rokrauHDMI monitor and no keyboard that works - with the ivi-shell - with the gdp launcher and all that19:08
rokrauthe thing we are trying to get working is the "official" 7'' touchscreen since the Faytechs are not guaranteed to work at this point19:09
rokrauI need to run out for an hour - will be back soon19:09
* radiofree is confused as to what you're trying to achieve and how, so will also pop out for lunch19:10
rokrauI am trying to get this guy:
rokrauto work. So it can be used at the Genivi AMM instead of the Faytechs which are supposedly not working at all.19:12
radiofreeright, so it's *not* an HDMI device19:16
radiofreeunfortunately that article tells us nothing about what you have to do to use the thing (run `apt-get update`... is useless)19:17
radiofreeat least it tells me nothing - looks like there's some firmware that needs upgrading, perhaps an x-driver is installed? who knows....19:18
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rokrauokay there is a script out there to upgrade the firmware. I wonder where the HDMI-A-1 message request comes from - some configuration file for the Pi. yes the article is rather sparse on how things really work20:11
rokrauHere is another one that helped me piece a few things together
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rokrauAnd here is a Blog from a Pelagicore guy that seems to have worked on this problem too.20:21
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rokrauDoes anyone here know the guy behind the blog? He works at Pelagicore supposedly?20:42
radiofree# Don't use X11 and wayland20:49
radiofreeecho 'DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "x11 wayland"' >> conf/local.conf20:49
radiofreeis rather odd20:49
rokrauyeah - well - wayland we need.20:52
radiofreetheir example isn't using either x or wayland
rokraubut x11 we don't have anyway - in any case - first thing is to get the touch screen itself to work with the "distro"20:53
radiofreethey're using qt5's eglfs (
rokrauthey use eglfs as a qt [plugin20:54
rokrauwhich is what i guess raspbian is doing too.20:54
rokrauthere is a firmware update script -20:55
rokraurpi-update from
rokrauwhich fails because busybox tar does not support --strip-components....20:56
rokrautrying to get that one to work now - almost there.20:58
* radiofree decides this process is suitably horrific enough to not be able to offer any generic advice20:58
radiofreei've never used a rpi, so have no idea about these specifics, good luck :)20:59
rokrauwell it is a piecemeal process consisting of disabling the "non-working" parts of the script after performing manual changes to his directory structure - a rabbit hole -21:01
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rokrauno available modes for HDMI-A-121:25
rokrauI think this is the key thing here21:25
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radiofreerokrau: yes, that screen is not an HDMI device right?21:47
rokrauit is not - it is connected via LVDS iirc21:48
radiofreeso you'll need to tell weston to use that instead of the HDMI21:50
radiofreerokrau: maybe something like
radiofreeif you `mkdir -p /tmp/weston`21:52
radiofreethen cd /tmp/weston21:52
radiofreeand make a weston.ini in that folder with the output configuration, when you launch `weston` in that directory it should default to that weston.ini21:52
rokrauwill try21:53
radiofreei can't remember the search order for weston.ini, but i think it's pwd -> ~/.config -> and finally one of the XDG_ paths21:54
radiofreeprobably XDG_CONFIG_HOME21:54
rokraumalformed config line:21:57
radiofreewhich config line was malformed...21:58
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rokrau_oops - got disconnected22:00
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rokrau_it looks like I am  missing rpi-ft5406-overlay.dtb22:27
rokrau_and if i try following these directions and22:28
rokrau_echo 'KERNEL_DEVICETREE_append = " overlays/rpi-ft5406-overlay.dtb"' >> conf/local.conf22:28
rokrau_then bitbake fails22:28
rokrau_| make[3]: *** No rule to make target `arch/arm/boot/dts/overlays/rpi-ft5406-overlay.dtb'.  Stop.22:29
rokrau_I give up -22:35
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