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toscalixHi, please remember that today's GENIVI Tools meeting will take place through webex/phone. I just sent the contact details to genivi-projects mailing list08:43
toscalixit is an open call08:43
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jeremiahtoscalix: The WebEx is saying the meeting hasn't started.09:07
jeremiahAm I in the right channel?09:07
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jeremiahtoscalix: ping09:09
toscalixjeremiah: pong09:09
jeremiahIs there a Webex up for tools?09:09
jeremiahI keep trying to join but it says that the meeting hasn't started09:09
toscalixjeremiah: we are in the BIT meeting. Tolls meeting is at 10:00 UTC09:09
jeremiahI'm an hour early!09:10
jeremiahIts UTC, not CET. :/09:10
jeremiahmy bad09:10
toscalixdouble checking the mail....09:10
jeremiahYou sent the right time. :-)09:10
toscalixah, ok09:11
jeremiahjlrmagnus: We do have a place to put deb packages in GENIVI09:14
rjekSponsor them into Debian and use their infrastructure? :)09:14
jeremiahBut ideally the best place is Debian09:14
jeremiahrjek: you beat me to it!!09:15
jeremiahrjek: What does snappish mean?09:16
rjekIt's like snap, but ish09:16
jeremiahIt thought it was more like snapfish.09:16
jeremiahBut without the f09:16
jeremiahAll I get is a "donate now" banner . . .09:17
rjekThis may be a Britishism.09:17
jeremiahOh wait! I see. :-)09:17
jeremiahApparently its similar to Egyptian Ratscrew. Hmm09:17
rjekSounds uncomfortable.09:18
kooltuxBBLAYERS += " \09:28
kooltux    @METADIR@/meta-intel-iot-security/meta-security-smack \09:28
kooltux    @METADIR@/meta-intel-iot-security/meta-security-framework \09:28
kooltux@METADIR@/meta-iot-agl/meta-app-framework \09:28
kooltux    "09:28
kooltuxoops :)09:29
kooltuxsorry for this dump ...09:29
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CTtpollardjeremiah: how do I go about getting an account for the genivi fossology?09:38
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toscalixI cannot start the webex meeting from my android app. jeremiah can you?10:02
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klausbirkenSame here. It seems neither the webex nor the audio line has been set up yet.10:02
toscalixklausbirken: is my fault. I have to kick off the meeting but I cannot10:03
klausbirkentoscalix: ok10:03
gmacarioHi there!10:03
toscalixgmacario: waiting for jeremiah or gunnar to kick off the meeting10:04
toscalixI cannot. Working on it10:04
rZralbanc, hi10:04
rZralbanc, can you ring me ?10:04
gmacariotoscalix: OK, NP10:05
rZrkooltux, ++10:05
jeremiahTrying to start the meeting now10:06
jeremiahShould be open?10:07
jeremiahHi everyone, sorry I'm late (another meeting just before this one.)10:07
jeremiahI've opened the webex (I believe)10:07
jeremiahPlease join when you're ready. :-)10:08
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philrobHi, I am the call now10:08
gmacariojeremiah: Could you please paste the WebEx link? With the old one I get "Invalid input or system error. Please try again or contact your site administrator."10:08
jeremiahMeeting number: 803 991 92710:09
gmacarioGot it - it wrapped around :-(10:09
gunnarxjoined audio10:09
gunnarxsorry I'm late10:10
jeremiahHI everyone.10:13
jeremiahWe're discussing the agenda for the tools team on the call at the moment.10:13
jeremiahWe have a new lead of TT <toscalix> so a meta-discussion is taking place on how we organize team meetings10:13
gunnarxagreed that audio call focuses on bigger topics that need deeper discussion benefitting from audio conf10:15
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toscalixjeremiah: tools kanban:
toscalixgdp kanban:
toscalixGDP67 are we talking about
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jeremiahSorry, guys, network chaff10:56
jeremiahI'm back10:56
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jeremiahtoscalix: Do we not want to have a call next week too?11:10
jeremiahI think that the combination of IRC and speaking is better for getting decisions.11:10
jeremiahI'll publish my minutes from the call in the usual TT spot.11:10
toscalixthe discussion we had is that the combination of meetings wehere we basically track JIrastatuys and progress -> IRC11:11
toscalixand discussions -> webex11:11
toscalixso far the idea is 3 IRC and 1webex per month. We can change it if needed11:11
toscalixSo maybe next meeting through IRC we can decide to have the next one by phone. IRC meetings are very good for tracking issues, I think. They go more ... "to the point"11:12
toscalixbut I am just the driver....we can do what the particiants want11:13
jeremiahI see11:13
jeremiahOkay, I'm happy to follow the 3 IRC and 1 WebEx per month.11:14
toscalixjeremiah: if you send me the notes I can publish them also.11:14
toscalixYou have done a lot already ;-)11:14
toscalixas you wish11:14
jeremiahI think we should like publish both our notes, yours may be better. :P11:14
toscalixI doubt it. I will send you mine and you decide what to do11:15
toscalixjeremiah: done11:17
jeremiahI'm going to lunch, I'll merge the minutes and publish in about an hour. Ciao!11:21
radiofreeis audiomanager in the gdp still carrying a patch for pulse audio support?11:23
CTtpollardradiofree: meta-genivi-demo carries that11:23
CTtpollardwe've got it working currently for 7.011:23
radiofreecould you share a link to it please?11:24
radiofreehas that been sent upstream for review?11:25
CTtpollardradiofree: we emailed the project list for it a few months ago, the maintainers don't want it upstreamed11:26
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radiofreeoh :\11:26
CTtpollardthe audiomanager monitor using AM7.0 and those patches has the pulseaudio demo working though11:27
rjekDon't want it upstreamed?11:33
radiofreeso it's the quality of the patch that is the issue?11:40
radiofreenot the concept of adding pulseaudio support to audiomanager?11:40
radiofree"The outcome was that for demo it is ok, but some principles are  not implemented as I would ideally see them - so I do not want them there."11:41
radiofreewould probably be worthwhile looking through the review and fixing the issues11:41
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toscalixradiofree: agree12:47
toscalixif during the release of GDPv9 we have time... we should.12:47
toscalixbut hopefully devs will12:47
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CTtpollardI'm curious, why does AGL produce rpm's of each source?13:52
CTtpollardas well as tarballs13:54
jeremiahCTtpollard: I think that most people just default to rpms without thinking. Easier to package perhaps.14:00
jeremiahtoscalix: Minutes from TT meeting published14:00
jeremiahI will send to genivi-projects since that's the TT mailing no?14:01
toscalixjeremiah: thank you14:01
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toscalixThe GDP report week 05 has been published. Check it out if you plan to attend to the GDP open call in 25 mi aprox.
CTtpollard+ 1 hour :)14:36
toscalixI am looking forward to it so bad that...14:37
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* paulsherwood wonders if the GENIVI EA diagrams are publicly available anywhere?14:38
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paulsherwoodjeremiah: thanks for the minutes! it seems the tools team works much better while i am unable to participate in it :-)14:45
toscalixpaulsherwood: the fun part is not in the minutes ;-)14:52
paulsherwoodtoscalix: i don't know what you mean? :-)14:53
paulsherwoodwhat fun did i miss?14:53
toscalixhaving a meeting, after a few.... where we ignore the past action items15:04
paulsherwoodhmmm... i fear i may have been responsible for setting that precedent15:06
toscalixthe fun returned...for one meeting only15:07
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steve_ltoscalix: want me to start GDP webex?15:54
toscalixsteve_l: yes please15:56
toscalixdo you have the host #?15:57
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steve_lwell assuming your talking about the one in the meeting list I created and we used before :)16:00
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toscalixGENIVI GDP open call about to start16:02
rZropen means open to non members ?16:03
toscalixlink to the report:
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steve_lrZr: yes16:05
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CTtpollardsorry, was having network issue with my laptop16:07
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toscalixwe just finished the GDP delivery report16:15
toscalixNow we are discussing the possibility to not wait for GDP-ivi10 to update weston from 1.6 to 1.9 in GDP-ivi916:16
toscalixjonathanmaw: is describing the technical changes that needs to be done in order to update weston 1.6 to 1.916:18
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toscalixGDP open call done16:40
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chbaeHello. Can someone help me to know integration/release process in GDP?16:43
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toscalixchbae: start here:
toscalixSection How do I contribute16:45
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chbaeYes. I’m reading the wiki pages :)16:45
toscalixthe release process is being described here:
chbaeI would like to join as integrator about yocto base release.16:46
toscalixI have to finish it though. I am waiting to release GDP-ivi9 beta to do it16:46
toscalixCTtpollard: where does chbae start from?16:47
paulsherwoodchbae: do you mean baseline, or GDP16:47
chbaeI’m interested in both of them but do you have any more integrator? I can cover meta layers based on yocto.16:49
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toscalixchbae: CTtpollard and jonathanmaw_ might not be available at the moment. They are ones who will guide you16:49
toscalixGDP is your place16:49
toscalixsince it is done in the open16:49
toscalixyou were at the GDP call, right?16:50
chbaeyes. today i joined.16:50
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toscalixlet's see if Jonathan or Tom are still available. If not, tomorrow morning they will16:51
toscalixso you talk to them about the starting point16:51
toscalixwe use jira to keep track of the task each one of us do16:52
toscalixand bugs16:52
chbaeok. good. Can I talk with them here?16:52
CTtpollardI'm here, just wrestling bitbake atm16:52
toscalixah, great16:52
CTtpollardI'm leaving soon, but yes we're here to talk to :)16:52
chbaeyes. Can we talk more tomorrow?16:52
chbaeI’ll follow up the wiki today and let’s talk tomorrow.16:53
toscalixchbae: np16:53
toscalixchbae: your timezone?16:53
toscalixah, right16:53
chbaeGMT+9 maybe16:54
toscalixwe start here at around 9:30 UTC sometimes earlier16:54
chbaethanks for good info. :)16:55
toscalixif there is anything on the wiki that is wrong or missing, let me know tomorrow or open direct;y a bug in Jira16:55
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toscalixtalk to you soon then16:56
chbaethanks bye.16:57
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