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westonhi all07:05
westonDo we have any demo sessions in the AMM?07:16
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radiofreeweston: there usually is08:13
westonradiofree: ok08:21
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* paulsherwood believes he can now take a guess at who weston is :-)08:35
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* weston is a minimal and fast compositor which is suitable for many embedded and mobile use cases. 08:42
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harigollamudican some one help me out building genivi for qemu_x86 code, I am getting build errors
CTtpollardharigollamudi: I can take a look09:49
CTtpollardharigollamudi: can I ask, are you trying to build the GDP, taken from;a=summary ?09:50
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rZrharigollamudi, I just built it for minnowmax09:51
CTtpollardrZr: have you deployed it? there's a user on the mailing list who is failing to boot it, however I can't replicate the error myself09:52
rZrCTtpollard, yea I can rebuild it from scratch and publish image09:52
rZrCTtpollard, I have a patch to share btw09:53
rZrCTtpollard, is git send-email to list the way to do this ?09:53
harigollamudiCTtpollard : yes, I am trying to build GDP09:54
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harigollamudiany inputs to resolve my build error10:03
CTtpollardrZr: if you could that would be great, to the genivi-project list10:04
CTtpollardharigollamudi: which branch did you clone?10:05
harigollamudi-b qemux86-6410:05
rZrCTtpollard, OK I am doing my double check and will do that10:06
CTtpollardharigollamudi: can you provide the whole error log file provided by bitbake?10:06
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harigollamudisure would do that10:07
CTtpollardrZr: if you're not already on it
rZrI am in10:08
CTtpollardcool :)10:08
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harigollamudiCTtpollard: it is uploaded @
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westonphongtran: hello10:51
CTtpollardharigollamudi01: sorry, will look now10:51
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CTtpollardso mesa fails to compile10:53
harigollamudi01CTtpollard: yes10:54
CTtpollardharigollamudi01: I'm going to try and compile the recipe locally and see if the same error is generated10:55
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jbocklagewill the dev call take place today?11:33
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kooltuxjbocklage, I"d say yes as I didn't see any cancellation message :)11:38
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CTtpollardharigollamudi01: compiling now12:05
harigollamudi01CTtpollard: are you not getting compilation error?12:05
CTtpollardharigollamudi01: not yet, it's still building a lot of dependencies first12:05
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waltminerAGL Dev call will start in 8 minutes12:52
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dl9pf### AGL dev call ###13:02
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waltminerTanikawa will post changes for LTP issues to gerrit tomorrow13:07
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waltminerWalt asked about Audio Management for AGL13:12
waltminerGENIVI Audio Manager or Tizen Audio13:13
waltminerTizen = Pulse Audio with AM as a plug-in13:13
dl9pf-- Discussion on SAT and Expert Group layout (UI&GUI to include multimedia/video/audio)13:19
waltminerTwo updates to Renesas graphics drivers in the past month so people need to grab those updates13:31
waltminerMisunderstood - this does not affec the binaries from Renesas13:32
waltmineronly the code on our side which has been updated13:32
dl9pf### AGL dev call end###13:37
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TarnykoFigure: hi again :)13:40
FigureTarnyko: hi :)13:40
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TarnykoI do not really have very insightful logs : It is here the generic Chromium "no valid file descriptors" error, and concretely the "QtWebEngine --type=renderer" process is not running13:42
FigureTarnyko: so you are not able to cross compile webengine to porter?13:42
TarnykoFigure: it compiles well, but fails at runtime (building with GCC 4.9 fixes this ; GCC 5.2 on x86 also works)13:43
FigureTarnyko: does it fail also on -platform eglfs ?13:44
TarnykoFigure: there are no warnings at build time apart of this one (, I backported the patch, but it does not solve the issue13:44
TarnykoFigure: -platform eglfs segfaults ; let me try to get you a gdb log...13:44
Figurewe are using gcc 4.9.1 to build everything13:45
Figureactually 4.9.x13:45
TarnykoI can understand that ; interested to support 5.2.0 (Yocto 2.0) soon ;) ?13:45
FigureQt 5.7 should come with Yocto 2.0 support13:46
Tarnykowe are pioneers13:46
Figureyeah seem so :D13:46
Figuretoo bad we still do not have any porter boards here :/13:46
Figuredo we already have imx6 support? those we have plenty here13:47
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FigureTarnyko: could you try running the test bworser with eglfs?13:47
Figureand also you could try the quicknano browser13:48
Figureto see if there is a difference between the qml vs widget13:48
TarnykoI'd like to lend you one of your boards, if possible13:49
Figureand you can also enable qt logs QT_LOGGING_RULES=*=true13:49
Tarnykonanobrowser : same error with default platform, eglfs gives "Unable to query physical screen size, defaulting to 100 dpi.13:50
TarnykoTo override, set QT_QPA_EGLFS_PHYSICAL_WIDTH and QT_QPA_EGLFS_PHYSICAL_HEIGHT (in millimeters). Segmentation fault'13:50
Figureyou probaly need to kill the weston first13:50
Figureoh and what's the gpu in porter?13:51
Tarnykoho yeah, it's a lower-level thing13:51
Figureyeah pure hw13:51
TarnykoPowerVR Imagination GX13:51
TarnykoSeries 6 C6400 if I am correct13:52
Tarnyko(which proprietary blob of course, "" is not the Mesa one)13:52
Tarnykohere with weston stopped :
Figureyeah you are missing the eglfs device integration13:55
fredcadete_just curious, what's the eglfs platform?13:57
fredcadete_I assumed (very lazily) that AGL was using -platform wayland-egl13:58
Figurefredcadete_: wayland-egl yes if you want to use weston13:59
Figurefredcadete_: eglfs directly talks to the hw with out weston in the middle13:59
FigureTarnyko: you probaly need the eglfs_kms plugin to get the eglfs to work at least that was required with the rcar-h214:00
fredcadete_Figure: ooh I see. thanks14:01
FigureTarnyko: export QT_LOGGING_RULES=*=true also should give you some more debug logs from Qt side14:01
Figurefredcadete_: also Qt has API for creating your own compositors so you could replace weston completly if you wanted. More info from and
TarnykoFigure: yeah, I also added this variable (see the logs)14:03
FigureTarnyko: when the eglfs plugin fails it doesn't give any more info but with the wayland-egl it should14:03
FigureTarnyko: what's the actual name / model of the porter board? we are in discussion with Renesas so we could ask some14:04
Tarnykogives "Failed to create display (No such file or directory)"14:04
FigureTarnyko: did you start the weston again? :)14:05
TarnykoFigure: haha you're right, silly me :)14:05
FigureTarnyko: Porter == ?14:06
TarnykoFigure: (
TarnykoFigure: this is helpful, thanks Risto : . I get the impression that EGLConfig is wrong, we had the same problem with Weston recently because it used too recent APIs for our EGL driver14:07
Tarnykoforget it, here is a better log (forgot LD_PRELOAD) :
Figureok so it at least try's to render something14:11
Tarnykoyet it does bring the browser window, but the inner canvas is missing (fully white) and the QtWebEngine --type=renderer process is not running14:11
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Figurethe first error messages you posted are coming from the chromium backend it self14:12
Figureso there must be something weird going on in there14:13
Tarnykoyes, I get the impression the error is in the Chromium process, from which Qt should be "grabbing" the rendering14:13
Figureand the chromium exits so the whole pipeline fails14:14
Tarnykoyeah, trying to debug this, wish me good luck..14:15
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Tarnykoby the way, any infos on how QtWebEngine synchonizes with upstream Chromium ? rebases schedules e.g.14:17
harigollamudi01CTtpollard: Are you able to compile the code for QEMU x86?14:21
CTtpollardharigollamudi01: it is still going, no issue with mesa so far14:21
FigureTarnyko: not sure but I'll ask around14:23
FigureTarnyko: I would suspect that each Qt version would have the latest available then14:23
TarnykoFigure: thanks ! do not bother if you are overbooked.14:23
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FigureTarnyko: so pretty much they try to keep the newest as possible. Looking at the board our webengine team sais that the 5.7 currently has chromium 4714:30
Figurethey still aim to have 49 but if there is some trouble they will use 48 but any how latest as possible :)14:30
Tarnykogreat, very nice !14:31
FigureTarnyko: btw I sent email through our pr guys to Renesas if they could ship couple of porters to us :)14:36
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TarnykoFigure: nice move :)14:38
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CTtpollardharigollamudi01: mesa compiled15:59
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jlrmagnusDo we have a good place in Genivi to store pre-built debian package files that match a specific source code release?21:40
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