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westonhi all, gm05:14
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sukeshHi, am building genivi code. Am getting this error : I/O error : Attempt to load network entity
sukeshfor libdrm module06:18
sukeshmy system have these pkg docbook-xsl, docbook-utils.06:20
sukeshdo i need to install anything else?06:20
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toscalixGENIVI tools team meeting in 2 min.09:58
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toscalix=== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting ===10:01
toscalix* Discussion Meeting:10:01
toscalix** Topics10:01
toscalix** Next Meeting?10:01
toscalix** Channel?10:01
toscalix* WIP update10:01
toscalix** Link to kanban:
toscalixany other topic?10:01
gunnarxFor me, I think most topics can probably be handled under those headings. Nothing to add.10:02
toscalixbefore we start,,, who is here?10:02
* toscalix here :-)10:02
toscalixwho else?10:03
toscalixlet's wait 2 min for other to join then10:03
gunnarxHello, hello, hello....  Is there an echo in here? :)10:04
gunnarxI know gmacario1 may be offline, he will not be in SAT today.10:04
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gunnarxok philrob and steve_l joining now...  jeremiah, you awake?10:05
gunnarxklaus is not here it seems10:05
steve_lI will need to drop by about 10:4010:05
steve_lwe just on IRC or on something else as well?10:06
gunnarxPeople who use bouncers need to go /away when they're away... IMHO.10:06
gunnarxb/c I see lots of names with a stake in tools...10:06
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gunnarxsteve_l, we are only on IRC I think10:09
steve_lk just saw augustin's email on that10:10
toscalixsorry....had an issue10:10
toscalixpoint one of the agenda10:10
toscalixshould we have the discussion meeting next week?10:10
gunnarxok, not too many people registered as active so I'd propose we keep it quick and short?10:11
toscalixthe answer implies we will have time to prepare them :-)10:11
toscalixand linked to that... which topics we have on the table that requires discussion?10:11
gunnarxA audio conf next week would make sense IMHO.  Easier to discuss some of the finer points and overall goal setting10:11
gunnarxI've been working on yet another summary of git process and tools...10:12
toscalixany other topic we should include in that meeting?10:12
toscalixaham... that is a good one10:12
gunnarxto try to reach conclusion on github, gerrit, etc.10:12
toscalixsteve_l: any other proposal?10:13
gunnarxjust added a ticket to migrate to new server.  but that should not affect anyone if done right10:13
gunnarxit's part of that topic10:13
toscalixthat is on the PMO plate10:13
toscalixI am assigned to that10:14
toscalixworking on the proposal, although I am late already10:14
toscalixgoals and git process could be enough10:14
toscalixfor 1 hour10:15
toscalixplus 5 min for any significant update10:15
gunnarxI proposed to bzh guys to adopt the franca install project for their eclipse installations (docker image) presented at FOSDEM10:15
gunnarxI'm considering renaming it to eclipse_installation_automation instead, because that's what it is10:15
toscalixShould we first wait to get their answer before including it in our discussion?10:16
steve_lExpect you will do this but in proposal can it refer to the areas Gunnar listed in his email, rather than just use "mirroring" everywhere. On its own its not exact enough10:16
gunnarxsorry I'm jumping ahead.  ok, "mirroring", don't we already have all the aspects of this known?10:17
toscalixI think we can discuss it here once the PMO has discussed10:17
gunnarxdo I have to summarize the summary I'm working on :)  or should we move this to mailing list which I think would be more efficient?10:17
toscalixif we need to in terms of implementation10:17
toscalixif we move forward10:18
toscalix+1 to mailing list10:18
gunnarxI have no idea what topic is open on PMO meeting about this.   It just seems to be passed around.  Who cares about the forum I say, let's solve it10:18
gunnarxok mailing list itis10:18
toscalixany other topic we should include?10:18
toscalixSo, next meeting will be a discussion one.10:19
philrob_mirroring is tracked in the pmo; because the deployment will have a cost and also because of the license compliance10:19
gunnarxinclude when, now? on mailing list? on next call?10:19
toscalixinclude in the next discussion meeting10:20
toscalixwe have so far10:21
gunnarxinteresting meta discussion.  I would propose to include everything that is open on our issue tracker.  as a start.10:21
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toscalixThat is not realistic, I think. The idea is to reach conclusions, not to translate the IRC to video chat10:21
gunnarxI see.10:21
toscalixwe pick up 2 or 3 topics that requires long conversations and push them forward through video chat10:22
gunnarxYes, I see.10:22
toscalixthe status/follow up kind of meetings are through IRC10:23
toscalixso.... two topics then: Tools goals and the git strategy10:23
toscalixcan you develop?10:23
gunnarxno parse10:24
gunnarxdevelop what?10:24
toscalixlgtm.... I thought it was a new topic?10:24
gunnarxno, no new topic10:24
toscalixthen we move forward. Next decision is the channel we will use for the meeting10:24
toscalixwe have webex as default10:24
toscalixdo we want to try a different one?10:25
gunnarxplan for next audio/video conf looks alright.  you could add goal setting for sdk/dev environment although I think we have a pretty good idea already10:25
gunnarxI'm ok with any choice10:25
toscalixin gdp call we are making tests. If today's one works fine, we can use that one. If not, webvex10:26
toscalixno objections?10:26
* rZr _o/10:26
steve_l_I tried connecting to first one jeremiah mentioned - dont have name to hand - but it was blocked as irc site. can see if i can get it unblocked if necessary...10:26
gunnarxlast webrtc test was not perfect.  for me a good audio connection is necessary10:27 you mena?10:27
rZrsorry I am came to meeting, I am not really involved into automotive project, and did present myself10:27
rZr^ i am late...10:27
gunnarxbut I'm ok with testing some things out when it's not a critical discussion10:27
gunnarxHi rZr10:28
toscalixso we will propose an option and if not.... webex10:28
rZrIRC is fine when there are many persons10:28
steve_l_I'll try whatever you proposed for gdp before meet :)10:28
toscalixfine, solved.10:28
rZrvideo is ok if few pple else it's a mess10:28
toscalixwe have about 10 / 15 min for WIP10:28
toscalixAgenda topic: WIP10:29
toscalixgunnarx: do you want to start?10:29
gunnarxok.  going through "todo" then .10:29
gunnarxtool-28 run EA on wine.  Have not tried. low prio.10:29
gunnarxtool-31 test eclipse automotive, last time I checked I was waiting for more input from Klaus.  I will reassign.10:30
gunnarxbut I think it is obsolete question for me.  I'm ok with the current basis for franca automation which is eclipse-dsl10:30
gunnarxtool-36 build more dlt configurations - I tried to outsource this to dlt maintainers via mailing list.10:31
gunnarxNo response I think, unless I missed it on the list (nothing addressed to my inbox at least)10:32
gunnarxso waiting on that10:32
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gunnarxmove go to new server, yeah it's brand new.  I suspect delivery date on this is around 4 weeks or so.  It's not urgent.10:32
gunnarx"in progress": publish proposal.  It's done.  Let me close up the final action and close ticket.10:33
gunnarx^^ that was tool-710:33
gunnarxtool-9 git and mirroring and stuff is for next week's conference then10:33
gunnarxtool-10 is done.  I will comment and close10:33
gunnarxtool-15 all common api builds.  all but one is done.  would appreciate more participation from the component maintainers here10:34
gunnarxok, there are too many topics assigned to  me.  let's bring someone else in now :)10:34
steve_l_tool-39 lava prototype - no progress this week10:35
steve_l_and i'm done with my list :)10:35
toscalixTool-9: I am late but progressing in the proposal for PMO10:35
toscalixtool-14: Pedro posted our conclusions about gerrit and
toscalixSo we have something to discuss next week10:36
toscalixTool-44: done just now10:36
toscalixabout the discussion session10:36
toscalixTool-42: I have a mail from Joel about this in my inbox but haven't gone through it10:37
toscalixit is also related to the new status for our jira and the unassigned request from gunnarx10:38
toscalixI have solve some of the issues for GDP10:38
toscalixif the mail is about having permissions to do the same for Tools, I will do it10:38
toscalixthat is it from my side10:38
toscalixquestions about the status provided?10:39
toscalixany other point before leaving?10:39
toscalix== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting Ends==10:40
steve_l_k got to drop talk to you in gdp this afternoon10:40
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rZrgunnarx, so let me present myself10:43
gunnarxI know :)10:43
rZrI didnt want to disturb your meeting10:43
gunnarxI think... saw your talk at FOSDEM?10:43
rZrcool I should have shake your hand sorry for that ;)10:44
rZrso I am still working into Tizen10:44
rZrfor a korean family run bizness.10:44
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rZrand I thought I could help other related projects10:45
rZrby keeping connections alive and eventually cooperate on what is making sense10:45
gunnarxyes, why not, makes sense to hang around automotive10:45
rZrmy today topic is Connected things ... and cars are things arent they10:46
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gunnarxindeed they are10:47
rZrFor others who werent able to attend FOSDEM this is the kind of tech I have in my basket :
gunnarxYes.  SMACK taking over the world and all that ;-)10:48
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rZrI am not a security guy10:48
rZrI am better at breaking stuff ;)10:49
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gunnarxme too10:49
sukeshhey i am getting build error for genivi for raspberry pi build.. i am following this link : Error is coming for libdrm module : "I/O error : Attempt to load network entity"10:49
rZrjobol, is the one that could stop us ;)10:49
CTtpollardsukesh: can you provide the build log error in a pastebin?10:49
jobolyes I am10:50
rZrso anyway my today question is simple, is there an entry point for a developer to build and evaluate GDP ?10:50
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CTtpollardhey, sure rzr:
CTtpollard* rZr10:54
* rZr clicks10:55
rZrCTtpollard, thx10:56
CTtpollardsukesh: try installing docbook-style-xsl on your build machine10:57
rZrCTtpollard, thx, I'll try that on my dead time, my minnowmax is bored10:59
CTtpollardrZr: awesome :) can't tell if mine is bored or not11:00
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rZrthx for the tips guys, ask me if I can help regarding Tizen or IoTivity project11:06
CTtpollardrZr: I'm currently doing some testing using a tizen fork of meta-raspberrypi11:07
CTtpollardso I might ping you for that11:07
CTtpollardfor vc4 support11:08
sukeshCTtpollard, docbook-style-xsl is available for 12.04??  do you have any idea? .... and Can I build it on 12.04??11:11
rZrCTtpollard, kernel went away ;)11:12
rZrI have to go, keep in touch11:13
CTtpollardsukesh: docbook-xsl is in 12.04, apt-get install that and see it it solves the issue11:14
rZrFOSDEM was so great and motivating11:14
CTtpollardrZr: catch you soon :)11:14
rZrThanks for behind here , AGL, GENIVI, OE, Tizen , an happy family ;)11:15
rZrfor being there sorry11:15
sukeshi have docbook-xsl already.. but am not able to find docbook-style-xsl..11:15
sukeshit does not work with docbook-xsl11:15
Tarnykodl9pf_: hi. Do patches reviews inside "meta-agl" still trigger minimal "agl-image-ivi" rebuild, or is it full-fledged "agl-demo-platform" now ?11:16
CTtpollardsukesh: hmm, you could append the recipe to to not generate man docs, but with docbooks & dockbooks-xsl installed I'm unsure what the problem is11:17
CTtpollardsukesh: can you use a more recent release of Ubuntu?11:21
jani^ or if not, compile inside a container with never buntu ..11:23
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sukeshI am using common server.. It will disturb others.. i can try in virtual box..11:23
sukeshCTtpollard, How about blocking libdrm?11:24
sukeshdoes it have major impact on build? .. I guess libdrm is for drm file playback right.. hope it wont impact much11:26
leon-anaviHi CTtpollard, which kernel for meta-raspberrypi for vc4 support are you using?11:26
rZrleon-anavi, it's not yet merged is it ?11:27
rZrit's still experimental IIRC11:28
leon-anaviLast time I tried building Tizen with enabled hardware acceleration graphics in Wayland/Weston I spotted an issue with the exact commit used in the kernel recipe:
rZryea I told you it gone away11:29
leon-anavirZr, no, it is not merged into the upstream of meta-raspberrypi and I am not sure if there are any plans to do it.11:29
rZrsearching in trees could help11:29
rZrbut I have a version that works on wayland egl using userland11:29
leon-anavirZr, I have other tech problems to solve right now :)11:29
CTtpollardleon-anavi: the fork I have uses 4.111:30
rZrsure we can keep this for later11:30
leon-anaviCTtpollard, is this the fork from samsung osg git repos?11:30
dl9pf_Tarnyko: agl-demo-platform11:30
CTtpollardleon-anavi: yup11:30
CTtpollardpicked up from the tizen blog on raspi211:31
Tarnykodl9pf_: thanks !  I didn't understand why my review (  wasn't building at first11:31
leon-anaviCTtpollard, if you try downloading and building everything from scratch you will end in my situation as described at Tizen ML :)11:31
Tarnykodl9pf_: by the way, it removes all Yocto 1.7 legacy from meta-agl, if you want to take a look11:32
CTtpollardleon-anavi: indeed, I've switched the source url to a mirror of that commit :)11:32
dl9pf_looking ... we can merge 5365 first and then recheck/merge11:32
leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok11:32
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: the source you changed it to, did it work ok?11:33
dl9pf_Tarnyko: reviewing ... big +1 already for the reduction.11:33
Tarnykodl9pf_: looks good to me, maybe just wait for it to build sucessfully (no reason for it to fail)11:33
leon-anaviCTtpollard, rZr this meta-raspberrypi fork is outdated. I will try to contact Samsung guys cause someone needs to fix it and keep it up to date or get it merged in the upstream11:33
Tarnykodl9pf_: thanks ; well, keeping all this stuff may have caused lots of headaches later11:34
leon-anaviCTtpollard, my quick fix (as described in that mail) was good enough to build an image but I am not sure that it had hardware acceleration in Wayland/Weston.11:34
rZrleon-anavi, best is to report bug on jira, then I know what to be done11:36
leon-anavirZr, ok, lets keep this for #tizen I have this rpi2 task in my todo list for my spare time :)11:38
leon-anaviCTtpollard, cool, thank you!11:38
CTtpollardnot the cleanest way, but still a mirror of the commit11:38
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dl9pf_Tarnyko: could you push meta-efl to meta-renesas's conf.sample, too ?12:55
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Tarnykodl9pf_: sure, doing the patch right now !13:08
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Tarnykodl9pf_: here it is :
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radiofreehi, what version of systemd is in poky?14:13
radiofree ??14:14
radiofreeyes that's it14:15
dl9pf_Tarnyko: merged14:29
Tarnykodl9pf_: cool ! thanks14:34
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jbocklagetoday's SAT meeting was canceled?15:30
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toscalixRemember, to join the GDP open call at 16:00 UTC please click here:
toscalixGENIVI Demo Platform open call in 4 min.15:56
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toscalixwe have 4 people on the call16:04
*** CTtpollard has joined #automotive16:04
toscalixwe will start in one minute16:04
toscalixRemember, to join the GDP open call at 16:00 UTC please click here:
toscalixwe are starting16:06
* paulsherwood is in a meeting considering software download, and is wondering what is the latest state of the GENIVI SOTA project? could i describe it as 'in development, poc, alpha, beta, production-ready, battle-hardened' or what? :)16:10
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steve_lhowdy, is a good masterclass in how not to design a HMI16:27
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toscalixwhat we are about to ship is beta16:33
steve_lok cant get on talky. It blows so hard16:33
toscalixsteve_l: we will then leave the topic for next meeting16:33
toscalixsteve_l: have you try mobile16:34
steve_lios only. another reason why it blows. problem is UI for enabling camera..16:36
toscalixjoin without camera16:36
toscalixrequest from stephen16:36
steve_lseemingly you can't16:36
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toscalixsteve_l: we are in AOB. If you join...we talk about your request. If not...we leave it for next week16:41
steve_lThanks. but cant join via that hateful sw. I'll probably take it to the ML16:42
steve_lneed an answer on it very soon16:42
toscalixsteve_l: we will try a different one next time16:42
toscalixphilippe also had probelms16:42
toscalixwe are 5 people in the call16:43
steve_lFirefox one JF suggested perhaps. They may have actually tested their s/w..16:43
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toscalixsteve_l: sorry about that, It seems we haven't found the perfect solution yet16:46
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steve_lok better luck next time16:53
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toscalixpaulsherwood: not sure if you read my answer above16:53
toscalixif you did, forget about it16:53
toscalixit was not referred to SOTA16:53
paulsherwoodi guessed that :-)16:54
toscalixI was in the middle of the gdp call16:54
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jlrmagnuspaulsherwood, ATS is integrating SOTA with SWM.17:06
jlrmagnusI would say that it is ready for pilot use after that.17:06
jlrmagnusWe still need to flesh out SWM with actual rpm/deb/fdisk/dd calls, but allt he infrastructure is inplace17:06
paulsherwoodjlrmagnus: ack17:07
paulsherwooddoes the project include/recommend/prescribe any scheme for effecting actual update(s) once the new code is delivered at the vehicle?17:08
jlrmagnusI'll mail you the spec.17:08
paulsherwoodok, great, thank you. sorry i guess i could have googled this! :)17:08
paulsherwoodgreat - is that doc public, by any chance?17:12
*** gunnarx has quit IRC17:13
* paulsherwood wonders if it could/should live at (which seems to be the official genivi SOTA homepage?)17:15
*** ctbruce has quit IRC17:19
jlrmagnusIt is CC 4.0, so it is public, although not officially approved by GENIVI.17:19
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jlrmagnusThe SOTA code needs to be moved to Genivi's git repo.17:19
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paulsherwoodi'm not sure i agree... that github pages implementation is lovely, and very easy to navigate - i'm not sure genivi has any equivalent functionality?17:23
jlrmagnusTalk to Jeremiah and Philippe about that one.17:24
paulsherwoodheh :)17:24
jlrmagnusI'd be happy with github17:24
paulsherwoodwell, if we *dont* mention it, maybe the code can just stay where it is? :)17:25
paulsherwoodlet's just keep this conv between ourselves :-)17:25
jlrmagnusYeah, in this private forum.17:25
paulsherwoodwe're among friends17:25
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jeremiahjlrmagnus: paulsherwood I'm watching you!18:58
gunnarxFYI, will take down Go-server for maintenance in 10 min.  The data center ops will reboot the machine to fix a bios setting...18:58
jeremiahdata center ops?18:58
gunnarxlet me know if it's a problem and I'll delay it18:58
gunnarxya, the super ops18:58
jeremiahWhat will the Network Operations Control say?18:59
gunnarxGo server is located in Buffalo, NY.  It's like your back yard or something.18:59
jeremiahRebooting to fix a bios setting? Is it running on Azure cloud or something?18:59
jeremiahI knew I didn't like it for some reason19:00
jeremiahAside from it being Java19:00
gunnarxI want them to confirm that hardware virtualization support is enabled since it's failing to run vagrant jobs with virtualbox19:01
gunnarxCTtpollard.  OK with you?19:01
jeremiahYeah, that makes sense, vagrant is good to have19:01
gunnarxAnd then I will sell virtual servers to the masses and profit!19:02
gunnarxnot really...19:02
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jlrmagnusjeremiah, And I am watching you.19:08
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