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sukesham getting repo init error for genivi (syntax error near unexpected token `newline')07:23
sukesham not understanding ..whats wrong with newline07:25
persiaUsually that error means there is an unbalanced quote, bracket, or similar somewhere further up in the interpretation path07:47
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sukeshHi am not able to access "" for genivi raspberry pi build.. any alternative?09:12
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fredcadetesukesh: was it supposed to be something like this?
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* CTtpollard returns from FOSDEM09:45
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fredcadeteCTtpollard: how was it?10:01
fredcadeteI heard Lennart Poettering's keynote was not as scandalous as I was expecting :(10:01
CTtpollardfredcadete: good :) I also got to meet people f2f for the first time which was good10:01
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sukeshfredcadete, am following this page : There repo file is fetched from that link10:12
CTtpollardsukesh: and you have installed repo ok?10:13
sukeshrepo is ok10:14
CTtpollardsukesh: I've not built from that from a while, but it did work. Do you specifically require / want to test with the raspi?10:15
sukeshi want to test with raspi..10:15
sukeshI feel "curl > /tmp/repo" doesnt work.. that link is not accessible10:16
CTtpollardyes, 40410:16
sukeshis there any alternative link?10:17
sukeshmay be server down i guess10:17
franredcurl > repo ?10:17
sukeshthanks .. will try it..10:19
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* radiofree wonders why the lifecycle mailing list archives require you to login10:22
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paulsherwoodmost of genivi's lists were originally started as member-only10:23
paulsherwoodand since the contributors were aware of that, and contributed on that basis, it's non-trivial to open them up now10:23
radiofreeis the AGL HVAC source available anywhere?10:36
radiofreei get a "Not found" error message from gerrit using the link on
CTtpollardjeremiah: great talks :)10:42
radiofreejeremiah: on the NSC site there's a quote "...essentially "extends" systemd to implement some IVI requirements that are not done by systemd itself because they are not generally applicable for all Linux systems (as determined through discussion with the systemd community)"10:59
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radiofreeis there any documentation on that discussion?10:59
* radiofree wonders how relevant this is 3 years down the line11:00
dl9pf_radiofree: that is the old proof-of-concept UI from last year.11:03
radiofreethanks dl9pf_11:03
dl9pf_the new one is here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master11:03
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waltminer== AGL Dev Meeting Starting ===13:01
dl9pf_## Topics13:04
dl9pf_## System Architecture Team 'reboot'13:04
dl9pf_### Walt to send more emails out today to initiate first meetings13:05
dl9pf_### more feedback and volunteers welcome13:05
dl9pf_## AMM talks/participation13:05
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dl9pf_### Short talk track (BOF) proposed. Walt calls for participation to submit short talks.13:06
dl9pf_## Yocto 2.0 update13:07
dl9pf_### Done13:07
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dl9pf_### LTP test results/bugs logged in JIRA13:09
dl9pf_### For missing userspace programs, we create a packagegroup and add it for the LTP test builds (could be in an image agl-demo-platform-test)13:10
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dl9pf_## Discussion on JIRA issue SPEC-9213:17
dl9pf_### reviewing use cases here:
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jbocklagemaybe something like a "rights matrix" would help here ;)13:35
CTtpollardTarnyko: great talk at FOSDEM :)13:38
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CTtpollardor Tarnyko1 for that matter :)13:48
dl9pf_### refining use cases in wiki13:57
dl9pf_## No other topics14:00
dl9pf_== AGL Dev Meeting End ==14:00
Tarnyko1CTtpollard: thanks :) !14:01
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chbaei'm wondering about reference board.14:22
chbaeWhy AGL is only using Renesas board? Do you have any plan to support cheaper board such as raspberrypi2, MinnowBoard, and so on.14:23
chbaeNow I'm seeing in
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dl9pf_chbae: minnowboard max14:55
dl9pf_wandboard is WIP but not complete.14:55
dl9pf_chbae: this will work on minnow:
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CTtpollardtrying an experimental build of gdp9 on raspberry pi15:38
radiofreejlrmagnus: how's the testing coming along? :)15:40
radiofreeout of interest, over what time period were thoes results you mentioned yesterday?15:40
jlrmagnusradiofree, The results were per second.15:45
jlrmagnusWe will expore AF_NETLINK, which seems to have a very nice multicast setup.15:45
jlrmagnusThen we will move into mmap/futexes to drive this into 10M+ published signals / sec.15:46
radiofreewhy is there a requirement for such a high number of signals/sec?15:46
jlrmagnusBecause the need for state awareness is rising very, very fast. We have several services and apps that need to know everything from general vehicle state down to very specific data (center diff temp, for example) in order to carry out their work.15:47
jlrmagnusWe need to create a signalling system that is fast enough to render CPU load virtually undetecatble during normal signal load.15:48
jlrmagnusOn our least advanced vehicles, we are looking at probably 50K+ raw signals per second, with virtual signals (calculated from the raw signals) on top of that.15:50
jlrmagnusSo we should be able to handle at least 100K published signals / sec, where each signal is read by 10 subscribers.15:51
jlrmagnusSo the UDP/IP loopback broadcast works, but we will sniff for more lightweight solutions.15:52
radiofreeah, i see15:52
jlrmagnusThe signals will be the raw data feed for content generated by the vehicle, intended both for on-board and backend server consumption.15:53
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chbaedl9pf_: Thanks23:57
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