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toscalixAs announced by mail, GDP call moves to Wed at 16:00 UTC11:13
toscalixGENIVI Tools Team meeting remains unchanged11:13
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sanjeevI was able to successfully build the AGL repo following
sanjeevI would now like to test the demo platform using qemu11:25
sanjeevI couldnt find any instructions about it11:26
sanjeevcan someone help me ?11:26
sanjeevI found this to work.
jbocklage@sanjeev: hi. you were sooooooooo close to it: Scroll down the page you mentioned. Then click the file11:47
sanjeevyes, I ran the CES 2016 demo - all good.11:48
sanjeevthanks jbocklage.11:49
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jlrmagnusSo. I messed around with a DBUS signal replacement mechanism during the weekend.17:16
jlrmagnusUsing localhost UDP/IP broadcasts, each packet bundling 32 signals, I reached a max throughput of 1M sent signals and 52M consumed signals at a 45% total CPU load.17:17
jlrmagnusThis was with 2 producers and 50 receivers.17:18
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jlrmagnusWIth DBUS, using python, we got 30K signals with a single sender and receiver pair.17:18
jlrmagnusThe DBUS solution does not scale for signals since you have to do a separate UNIX socket write for each subsriber.17:19
jlrmagnusI'll run some more tests and post to the projects list.17:19
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parcohey guys, anyone who might be familiar with the J1939 diag connector, i was wondering how large of a voltage could be on the power pin?17:55
parcoit says the power pin should be VBattery17:55
parcodo all semi-trucks, heavy duty trucks have 12-24V batteries?17:56
jlrmagnusparco, We may not be the right people to answer this. We mostly work with Infotainment software and have limited electric system knowledge.17:58
jlrmagnus... apart from in-vehicle data buses.17:58
radiofreejlrmagnus: what are the purpose of these tests?18:01
radiofreeyou want to replace dbus?18:01
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jlrmagnusradiofree, DBUS is too slow for the signaling load that we will need.18:41
jlrmagnusSo we are investigating alternatives. Please note, however, that for RPC calls, DBUS is still our main target.18:42
ulf`jlrmagnus: Kdbus :)18:51
jlrmagnusulf`, Very dubious future for that one. We spoke to Greg, and there seemed to be no clear path forward.18:51
jlrmagnuskdbus would have been nice, though.18:51
ulf`jlrmagnus: sigh18:52
jlrmagnusYep. You and me both: sigh.18:52
jlrmagnusWe are sniffing around a mmap/futex solution that would allow us to do signalling without leaving userspace.18:55
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ulf`jlrmagnus: What's the matter with setting a kdbus direction? I thought systemd developers and RedHat are actively driving this?19:25
jlrmagnusFrom Rudi Streif's email after him talking to GregKH19:33
jlrmagnusEssentially, kdbus in its current form will not make it into the kernel. Apparently, there were some design issues although GregKH did not elude to what they are.19:33
jlrmagnusI don't know anything further than that19:33
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