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kanupatarhi all, gm05:07
kanupatarI am started trying AGL on koelsch board. Now, I am setting up the build env for yocto05:54
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westonI am trying to follow the latest document for AGL on Porter board. I could set up till bitbake step. But during bitbake, I am hitting this error.
westonAlso, please see my local.conf file.
e8johanit looks as if RDEPENDS on a comment07:31
e8johanmust be something strange in that bb or something that it includes07:31
westone8johan: here is that bb file
e8johanyup, found it on github. I guess something that it requires, RDEPENDS on #, which is harder to find ;-)07:34
e8johanbut it looks to me as if you have a comment in an RDEPENDS line that confuses the bitbake parser07:34
westone8johan: like07:34
e8johanweston: I've got to go now to make it to a meeting, but I'll be back in ~1h here07:35
westone8johan: np..carry on.. I am having my lunch then07:35
e8johanI think that you are looking for something like RDEPENDS = #, but I'm not sure whree07:35
e8johanenjoy your lunch!07:36
westone8johan: thank you07:36
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westonTartarus: hello08:27
westone8johan: hi there08:32
westonERROR: Required build target 'agl-demo-platform' has no buildable providers. Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['agl-demo-platform', '#']08:36
westonAny clues?08:36
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fredcadeteweston: there's a comment when setting the RDEPENDS of something?08:40
westonfredcadete: where08:40
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fredcadeteyou could also do: bitbake -e agl-demo-platform &> environment.dump08:41
fredcadetethen look at environment.dump08:41
fredcadeteit will tell you where every variable is set08:41
fredcadeteI don't have an AGL build setup at the moment so I can't really look into the actual files08:41
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fredcadeteweston: that's with the -e flag???08:46
westonfredcadete: yes, copy-paste from your comment08:48
fredcadeteand is there anything in the environment.dump file?08:48
fredcadetebecause the command I suggested has a redirection to that file08:48
fredcadeteI fold08:50
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westonUpdated the local.conf and it started building :)09:41
westonsee the updated local.conf
westonTarnyko1: gm09:43
westonfredcadete: e8johan it is solved09:43
fredcadeteweston: cool09:44
Tarnyko1weston: gm ! was catched by a client yesterday, sry09:46
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westonTarnyko1: np09:52
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westonCurrently 4 running tasks (172 of 4759):09:53
westonMy plan is to use latest Qt5.5 3D, latest wayland,latest openGL09:53
westonWhether this build offer this?09:54
westonShall we discuss on each versions?09:54
Tarnyko1mdurnev: hi ; just notified you of and
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Tarnyko1weston: do you need Mesa's OpenGL ES 3.0 headers ? otherwise, as I understood you are looking for performance improvements (vertices numbers ?) it may be tight to Imagination PowerVR driver version09:57
Tarnyko1weston: this built has Qt 5.5, Wayland 1.9.0 (latest stable is 1.9.0), have to check OGL ES09:58
westonTarnyko1: ok10:01
westonwaiting for OpenGLES version10:01
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westonTarnyko1: No, it is clearly bounded to OPENGLES version10:05
westonnot powervr10:05
westonpvr support 2million polygons10:06
westonbut OpenGLES 2.0 only support 65536 vertices10:06
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westonbut, OpenGLES3.0 support 2^32 vrtices10:06
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Tarnyko1current release has Mesa 10.1.3, which technically means it supports ES 3.0 ; we are just not providing corresponding headers because no application requires it10:12
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westonTarnyko1: thank you10:25
westonTarnyko1: Do you have the mapping of Mesa-OpenGLES?10:25
Tarnyko1weston: mapping ?10:30
westonmesa spec and OpenGLES spec10:31
mdurnevTarnyko1: thanks for the notice10:32
Tarnyko1mdurnev: yw10:34
Tarnyko1weston: never mind. on Porter/Koelsch, GLES development headers are provided by proprietary driver10:37
Tarnyko1weston: gles-user-module-dev/usr/include/GLES210:37
Tarnyko1have to commute, will reconnect in 1h10:50
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toscalixjeremiah: ping10:55
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leon-anavihi, the video with AGL demo from CES 2016 is really nice :)11:52
leon-anaviI had a look at the source code of the QML apps11:53
leon-anaviIs the QML Media Manager capable of playing video?11:54
westonI also brought up x-visor on iMx611:58
westonneed to identify two OS11:58
westonOne is Linux and other TBD11:58
westonshould be any RTOS11:58
westonany suggestions11:58
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fredcadeteagree with leon-anavi, the video is really nice12:41
leon-anavifredcadete, absolutely :)12:41
leon-anaviI'm wondering about the Media Player because in the video it was used for playing audio only and I see a mp3 among its source code.12:43
jbocklagepoor Slowhand... "Unknown Artist"...12:43
waltminerI asked for Adele, but she did not show up12:45
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jbocklage"the bottle" is missing!13:08
dl9pf_Albacore branch used for updates for the next few (yocto 1.7)13:10
dl9pf_master is open for blowfish development13:10
dl9pf_discussion now on when to update to YP 2.013:11
leon-anaviso... do you know if the Media Player from the CES 2016 demo is capable of playing video as well :) ?13:11
JEEBooh, media player. this sounds like an opportunity to try out libmpv for a demo13:12
waltminerQuestion of backwards compatibilty with Yocto 1.7 on BB13:12
dl9pf_Fulup/Walt: more or less on same page here. Albacore branch is 1.7 and Blowfish will use 2.0. We won't likely support 2 yocto versions in master at the same time.13:13
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waltminerAA branch will stay with Yocto 1.713:14
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waltminerTanikawa-san is working on updating master to Yocto 2.0 on QEMU and Minnowboard max13:16
waltminerYannick is working on the 2.0 for meta-renesas13:17
waltminerHardware acceleration needs to be updated for 2.0 so it will not work on the porter for now.13:18
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waltminerTanikawa should coordinate uprev to Y 2.0 with Jan-Simon so Jenkins will not be out of sync13:20
dl9pf_ETA planned e.g. 1-2 weeks13:21
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dl9pf_Brilliant Blowfish planning:13:23
dl9pf_- YP 2.0 uprev13:23
dl9pf_- plan for more BSPs to be added13:23
dl9pf_  (e.g. meta-fsl)13:23
dl9pf_- common API13:24
dl9pf_  ( e.g. w3c ... some follow-up discussiong)13:24
dl9pf_( e.g. w3c ... some follow-up discussion)13:27
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westonTarnyko2: lot to go14:52
westonCurrently 4 running tasks (3189 of 4759):14:52
Tarnyko2weston: yes, that's approximately the count (last tasks are Qt, take longer)14:53
CTtpollardqtwebkit ;)14:54
Tarnyko2we disabled this one by default after some time :)14:54
westonTarnyko2: yes, I may leave my machine at work :(14:55
CTtpollardgdp still use it for the browser14:55
CTtpollardTarnyko2: can you provide me the commit sha you use for meta-qt5 in meta-agl-demo?14:56
Tarnyko2CTtpollard: it's jethro, aka d5536e315:09
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CTtpollardok, that uses qt 5 5.5.115:13
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CTtpollardTarnyko2: I presume you also use jethro poky?15:17
Tarnyko2no, dizzy (but we're targetting jethro for next release Brilliant Blowfish)15:18
CTtpollardhmm interesting, so you've managed to get qt5 jethro to work with it already15:19
Tarnyko2yes ; meta-qt5/jethro does work with poky/dizzy, and Qt patches in meta-agl-demo are written for jethro15:19
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paulsherwoodyocto wizards... what's the best way to generate a manifest (packages + versions) from a given build/system/set-of-recipes?16:51
CTtpollardpaulsherwood: bitbake -s <image>16:59
CTtpollardis the only one I can think off the top of my head, you could redirect that into a log maybe17:00
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: oh, ok. if it's easy, would you mind running it on a GDP image for me?17:01
paulsherwood(assuming you have some)17:02
CTtpollardthat was on genivi-demo-platform17:03
CTtpollardpaulsherwood: p.s those recipes will differ from the ones used in the current gdp, as it was generated from my work build which is a dev branch17:07
CTtpollardbut it at least shows you the output17:07
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: great, thanks. i wonder how it calculates those versions, though...17:07
pedroalvarezI've seen version numbers in some recipes..17:08
paulsherwoodah, so created by manual inspection?17:09
pedroalvarezI don't really know, just pointing out a curiosity :)17:09
paulsherwoodfor example hostap (iiuc) has an odd versioning scheme
paulsherwoodbut the manifest shows hostap-conf:1.0-r15 hostap-utils:0.4.7-r4 and hostap-utils:0.4.7-r417:12
paulsherwoodoops... hostapd:2.2-r017:12
paulsherwoodin any case, now what i need is an image of AGL Agile Albacore :)17:13
CTtpollardTarnyko2 ? ^17:16
paulsherwoodi should be able to track it down.. it's being built every day iiuc17:17
Tarnyko2CTtpollard: no idea ; I don't use this feature, but it's possible that hostap-conf & utils are inside the same recipe, but have different sources & versions (ex : with submodules)17:18
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paulsherwoodTarnyko2: thanks. do you know where the AGL images are published? i'm sure i used to have a link17:21
paulsherwoodperfect, thanks!17:22
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paulsherwoodCTtpollard: any chance you could generate a manifest file, similar to
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parcohey guys, any truck driver channels?21:22
rjekThis channel is mostly about automotive electronics, parco.21:37
rjekIt is pretty dry :-)21:37
myselfahh, there's #cars but... nah.21:44
myselfer, is it ##cars maybe? whatever.21:45
myselfnothing for LTL/OTR trucking on freenode that I'm aware of.21:45
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parcorjek whats automotive electronics22:15
rjekThe thing in your car that lets attackers crash it over the internet :-)22:18
waltminerBreaker 1-9 do you read me Big Bear?22:23
waltmineror maybe Car Talk?22:26
waltminerDon’t drive like my brother22:26
paulsherwoodhey, waltminer - happy 2016 etc!22:27
waltminerhi paulsherwood - Happy New Year. May you have better luck than Agustin’s luggage this year22:28
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