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kanupatarhi all06:00
kanupatarhow was the CES 2016 show06:00
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Figureback from vacation08:50
Figurehave you seen Manuel here?08:52
FigureI'm wondering regarding the feedback loop in the html5 demo app they have created08:53
Figuree.g. if you have physical mute button08:53
Figurewhat should I listen to get the sound muted change?08:53
FigureI'm refering to the email sent on 7th of Jan08:53
Figureany ideas? :)08:53
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* pedroalvarez finds some patches for gdp-hmi in
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janiany ideas what gfx drivers renesas porter board images/source release is shipping with ?11:00
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Tarnykojani: hi, latest drivers are available as a separate download on the Renesas website ; the README mentions it somewhere12:58
Tarnykojani : (see page 9)13:00
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janiTarnyko: thanks. i do have the latest proprietary drivers from renesas, main reason i was asking that is that i wasnt able to get them included into poky build  - and as i spotted the announcement yesterday, i wanted to see how agl might have implemented that ..13:28
Tarnykojani: in fact, if you look close, the meta-renesas "copy*.sh" scripts do extract the driver files at specific places within the Yocto layer (the real restriction is on redisitribution, no ability to dowload them programmatically)13:31
janierm. Thanks! :)13:45
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toscalixHi, I hope you read the mail I sent earlier today about the Tools team meeting13:58
toscalixnobody has proposed a topic so it will not take place13:58
toscalixThe new schedule will be confirmed today or tomorrow, I believe13:59
toscalixso expect an announcement about it13:59
gunnarxHi toscalix.  We're moving to the new wednesday time then I suppose?13:59
toscalixgunnarx: it is just that the transition is still to be decided, but I am expecting to be decided today or tomorrow14:00
toscalixand announced14:00
toscalixIn conclusion: no Tools Team meeting today. We will move the meeting from Mondays to Wednesday. The exact time and when we will start will be communicated asap14:01
gunnarxworks for me14:02
gunnarxKlausUhl, thanks for responding to the build issue I reported on CAPI D-Bus tools.14:04
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westonTarnyko: hi there14:18
westonTarnyko: Can I use the same gfx drivers for koelsch board also? I dont have porter board/14:19
Tarnyko weston: hi ; you totally can. I personally often switch between Koelsch and Porter with the same image, and the video card works 100%14:24
CTtpollardweston: I concur14:26
gunnarx+1 :)14:26
gunnarxIn GDP we build two branches simply because MACHINE needs to be set to the right board, the BSP can handle some of the hardware differently14:27
gunnarxOtherwise the branches are close to identical right CTtpollard ?14:27
westonTarnyko: So, I would be going to set up the build for porter and I will be able to use the u-boot,uImage and rootfs in koelsch?14:28
Tarnykoweston: yes. And video, network, etc, will work in both cases14:28
westonTarnyko: great thanks man14:29
westonTarnyko: This is the latest yocto guide?
gunnarxKlausUhl:  By the way there is a posted patch and I just tried it and it works.  I think the problem not as complex as it seemed on your responses?  Relative paths work, assuming they actually exist it seems like.14:29
CTtpollardgunnarx: yep, only differences are in bsp and local conf :)14:30
KlausUhlgunnarx: I have seen the patch but did not have the chance to try it.14:31
gunnarxI just did, it works14:31
Tarnykoweston: I consider it to be the most up-to-date (disclaimer : had a part in writing it, not really neutral :) )14:31
westonTarnyko: thank you. You work in Renesas?14:33
KlausUhlgunnarx: I am pretty sure that I had tried exactly the same thing before I added my comment to the defect. But I have to double check. Some other things like the Java version, Maven version, etc. may be interferring. "Works for you" does not necessarily mean "works for me" :-)14:34
* weston plans to run koelsch board with OpenGLES 3+ to show case the graphics14:34
gunnarxSure, you're probably doing something more advanced :)  I'm just trying to follow the README and a straight up command line  mvn build14:34
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Tarnykoweston: sort of. we are not internal Renesas but partners/suppliers14:37
gunnarxKlausUhl, builds are already up on the Go server which reduces the "works for me" factor.  If this patch is added D-Bus tools should go from red to green I expect14:37
westonTarnyko: okay. Are you attending DevCon 2016?14:37
KlausUhlgunnarx: I have just started testing on my machine. Maybe I can tell more in a few minutes.14:39
Tarnykoweston: attended CES2016, thus somebody will probably be in DevCon, once the little details have been sorted out14:39
Tarnykoweston: do you plan to showcase there ?14:40
westonTarnyko: fine. I registered for it today14:40
westonTarnyko: probably. But my graphics is poor14:40
westondue to OpenGLES2.0 limitation14:40
westonso, I need to try out the latest demo build14:41
westonI use Qt14:41
Tarnykoweston: interesting. what features do we need,some shader things ?14:41
westonThe combination is14:41
westonQt 5.5 3D --> wayland-->weston-->egl-->opengles -->powervr14:41
westonTarnyko: nope, number of vertices14:42
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westonmy 3D images are now running with less than 65535 vertices14:42
westonso, first I need to try with a demo14:42
westonto check the graphics performance improvement14:42
KlausUhlgunnarx: [ERROR] Failed to resolve target definition /tmp/commonapi/common-api-dbus-tools/ Failed to load p2 metadata repository from location file:../../common-api-tools/org.genivi.commonapi.core.cli.product/target/repository/: URI is not hierarchical -> [Help 1]14:43
gunnarxBuild common-api-tools first14:44
gunnarxI got the same error having not built common-api-tools14:44
KlausUhlI have built common-api-tools first.14:44
KlausUhlI agree with you ;-)14:45
gunnarxstrange, I got the same error, went in and built common-api-tools and then went back and it worked.14:45
gunnarx"works for me" :)  Anyway, as I said we should try to prove that a clean build  works on go server14:46
KlausUhlYes. Having the CommonAPI tools being built on the go server is definitely a good thing.14:48
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CTtpollardIt looks like the porter can handle touch input when deploying gdp from master, without creating a specific uboot rule for the evdev calibration15:20
CTtpollardgood to know!15:20
CTtpollardwell, it isn't calibrated very accurately, so I'd still advise to do it15:21
gunnarxKlausUhl and all, so the commonapi-dbus tools build cleanly now.  If someone else feels like testing the resulting binary...15:39
gunnarx...then take it from the Artifacts tab of the "build" Job of the relevant pipeline.  It's the "bin" directory15:40
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gunnarxThe Some-IP tools required the exact same treatment as DBUS tools.  At least these projects are quite consistent :)  So simple copy&modify and those are now also built and artifacts are available on, FYI.17:05
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