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westonthe build is finished :) Tarnyko204:57
Tarnyko2congrats !04:59
Tarnyko2now only need to flash the card, and you're done :)05:00
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Tarnyko2had a lot of progress myself, too05:03
westonTarnyko2: I need to flash the u-boot, kernel and rootfs05:04
westonnot the rootfs alone05:04
westonSo porter u-boot work for koelsch?05:04
Tarnyko2weston: I suggest following the Koelsch instructions on for this part, at least05:04
Tarnyko2weston: we needed to change a few things for Porter, so Porter insts may not be 100% accurate05:05
westonTarnyko2: okay. My question is whether porter u-boot work for koelsch?05:06
Tarnyko2weston: should work05:06
westonTarnyko2: ok.let me check the wiki05:06
westonTarnyko2: sorry, I didn't see the koelsch instructions05:08
Tarnyko2weston: yw. they worked back in the day, wouldn't want you to go through extra issues05:09
westonTarnyko2: Should I follow your pdf or elinux for koelsch?05:11
Tarnyko2weston: for the the u-boot configuration part (the bootargs things), elinux05:12
Tarnyko2most notably, Porter & Koelsch have different mmc adapter configuration05:13
westonTarnyko2: let me check05:16
westonand come..let me set up the board in my pc first05:16
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Tarnyko2starting to patch Mesa... things are getting serious..05:43
westonTarnyko2: there06:46
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westonTarnyko2: hi there07:26
westonFlashed the uImage into flash and rootfs into sd card07:27
westonu-boot didn't change from my previous build07:27
westonit seems not booting.07:28
westonWrong Image Format for bootm command ERROR: can't get kernel image!07:28
Tarnyko2weston: already got that : probably loading from the bad SD/MMC card adapter07:35
Tarnyko2weston: or : do you have /boot/uImage+dtb on the filesystem (1st partition ?)07:36
westonTarnyko2: I am trying with different method07:50
westonu-boot -> already into my flash (last project)07:50
westonuImage - build new flashed into flash using tftp07:50
westonrootfs built new into SD card07:50
westonso the u-boot param will have rootfs from SD card07:51
westonI was using this combination07:51
westonso took your kernel and rootfs07:51
westonneed to see, your kernel support booting from flash07:51
westonbootcmd=sf probe;sf read 0x40007fc0 0x140000 0x370000;sf read 0x40f00000 0x100000 0x900;bootm 0x40007fc0 - 0x40f0000007:52
Tarnyko2yes need to see, afraid I never tried07:54
westonTarnyko2: I solved the bad image issue07:54
Tarnyko2wrting this down, may let you know07:54
westonNow, stuck at starting kernel...07:54
westonLoading Device Tree to 407f4000, end 407ffc29 ... OK WARNING: could not create /chosen FDT_ERR_BADSTRUCTURE. fdt_initrd: FDT_ERR_BADSTRUCTURE  Starting kernel ...07:54
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westonTarnyko2: Do you have koelsch board?07:58
Tarnyko2weston: yes07:58
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westonTarnyko2: if you have time, can you try the porter images?07:59
westonbootargs=console=ttySC6,38400 vmalloc=384M ip= root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootwait rw rootfstype=ext308:00
Tarnyko2written down, will let you know (working on sth else, and too early for tests)08:01
westonTarnyko2: okay08:01
westonTarnyko2: going for my lunch...see you in 1 hour08:03
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CTtpollardpaulsherwood: I'll look into it08:57
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paulsherwoodCTtpollard: tvm08:59
paulsherwoodi'm assuming there's a commmand to run08:59
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toscalixToday we will have the first GDP call. It is open. It will start at about 10:1509:04
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toscalixwe will announce it in advance the coming weeks09:04
paulsherwoodwill it include a conf line?09:04
toscalixwe kick off today the new schedule for several meetings and we will need some time to be on time09:05
paulsherwoodtoscalix: there's no dialin on that meeting?09:06
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toscalixjust a sec...09:06
paulsherwoodunless you mean for folks to log into the bit meeting?09:06
toscalixtoday it will be the same conf. call number. The first proposal is how to manage them and we should have a different one09:08
toscalixor a different code09:08
toscalixtoday is kind of Call #009:08
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westonTarnyko2: hello09:13
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Tarnyko2weston: will be a bit busy, putting me as AFK meanwhile, syl09:22
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CTtpollardhmmm my kernel has touch enabled by default, so I'm not sure why others are having to enable it in yocto09:22
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toscalixkanban board GDP09:31
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toscalixwiki page09:33
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toscalix GDP dashboard09:35
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jbocklagejust got the OK to attend the AMM in Tokyo! see you guys there!09:39
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toscalixjust in case you are wonder, tools team meeting in the new schedule, that is wed at 10:00 UTC will start next week10:37
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Tarnyko3weston: hey. So you were talking about flashing with tftp. Do I also need a TFTP server to reproduce your setup ?10:51
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pedroalvarezfredcadete: thanks for answering the email. I think you are right with your suggestion, given that I'm getting "[18:41:15.185] ivi-shell: source rectangle is not yet set by ivi_layout_surface_set_source_rectangle" in weston logs.11:38
radiofreeLayerManagerControl get surface 111:38
radiofreeis useful11:38
radiofreesource region hasn't been set at all, not sure if the original size has always been fixed at 1024x76811:39
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radiofreedo you have a working image? check the hmi surface values there11:39
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fredcadetepedroalvarez: np.11:42
pedroalvarezi can deploy the image pre-update again, yes11:42
radiofreeweirdly i have to set the width of the surface (using LMC) to width*2 for it to fill the screen correctly11:45
radiofreeyikes nouveau 57000000.gpu: DRM: skipped size 011:46
radiofreeon boot, continually11:46
pedroalvarezseen that too11:47
fredcadetepedroalvarez: unfortunately I don't see where the application's source rectangle should normally be set11:47
radiofreeCTtpollard: can you pastebin the output on LayerManagerControl get surface 111:48
fredcadeteyou *could* also set it in the hmi controller but it's not a real solution, it should come somehow from the application11:48
radiofree(from your board)11:48
CTtpollardradiofree: I will when I return to my desk11:49
radiofreeLMC is also hanging when you call it on surface 1 (e.g get scene will hang on surface information... get surface 1 hangs after printing out basic info)11:49
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radiofreeso yes setting the source region to the original resolution of the surface, then adjusting the width and height solves it11:56
radiofreeso basically set_source to the same as set_destination11:57
radiofreeeverything else is still broken though ;)11:57
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CTtpollardradiofree: still want me to boot one of my boards?12:00
radiofreehave you also upgraded to weston 1.9?12:00
radiofreeis that the plan for the gdp now? upgrade to 1.9?12:01
CTtpollardweston 1.9 is in planned (yocto wise) for the next baseline 1012:01
radiofreebut not the next gdp release?12:02
CTtpollardthe images on my boards are 1.512:02
CTtpollardthe next gdp release will be based on baseline9, with weston 1.612:02
pedroalvarezthis will be for gdp 10, which is not next release12:02
pedroalvarezradiofree: i have the working gdp (pre weston upgrade) now running12:03
radiofreeand everything is hunky dory there?12:04
radiofreehow do i disable weston loading on boot? i did "systemctl disable weston" but it just launched it again12:04
pedroalvarezhm.. there might be other services launching weston12:05
pedroalvarezon pre-upgrade, all seems to work12:05
CTtpollardradiofree: I've got into the habit of killing weston, and then rerunning it with --no-config12:09
CTtpollardand killing the hmi processes12:09
radiofreepedroalvarez: what's the source region for surface 1?12:09
kanupatarTarnyko2: hi there12:20
pedroalvarezradiofree: x=0, y=0, w=1024, h=768  ( )12:20
fredcadeteis layer 100 configured OK as well?12:34
pedroalvareznote: those values ^^ are for teh pre-upgrade and working version of gdp12:38
pedroalvarezlayer 100 on pre-upgrade gdp:
* pedroalvarez switches to the upgraded version to compare data12:40
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pedroalvarezweird... on the upgraded version, `LayerManagerControl get surface 1` hangs12:43
fredcadetemy past experiences with ivi-shell components is that when they hang, a wl_list is corrupted12:46
fredcadeteporbably the surface render order in this case, given that the information print stops just before printing that12:47
fredcadeteaside from that, the surface does not have source region set, as we were guessing12:48
pedroalvarezre wl_list corrupted, that means bugs in wayland-ivi-extension?12:49
pedroalvarezI'm tempted to use wayland-ivi-extension 1.5.0 now, to see if that error has been introduced later..12:50
fredcadeteif it's confirmed, yes12:52
fredcadeteI would advise against using mismatched wayland-ivi-extension and weston; it's not guaranteed to work and makes support more difficult long term12:53
fredcadetecould you check the cpu usage when the process is hanging?12:53
fredcadeteor attach with gdb and print a backtrace12:53
pedroalvarezfredcadete: cpu 100%12:56
pedroalvarezabout gdb, never used it sadly12:56
pedroalvarezoh! `gdb attach pid`12:58
* pedroalvarez goes to lunch12:58
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fredcadete"So Qt 5.7 will not be available under LGPLv2.1 anymore."13:05
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fredcadetepedroalvarez: 100% cpu matches infinite loop13:14
fredcadeteI am guessing in the call to ilm_getSurfaceIDsOnLayer, at print.cpp:34213:15
CTtpollardI'm currently trying to build gdp based off meta-ivi9, and fido 1.8. Automotive message broker no longer builds
CTtpollardI've seen this error before due to the change from libjson0 and libjsonc13:15
CTtpollardpoky is building cmake 2.8.12, and the cmakelist from message broker requires 2.8.11 or higher13:18
FigureNew libraries and tooling wille be availabe in OS in 5.713:19
Figurefew that might be interesting are Virtual Keyboard and Wifi utilities13:20
CTtpollardah, a thread
CTtpollardand meta-agl-demo does not build it13:33
fredcadeteCTtpollard: isn't that a missing boost module?13:38
CTtpollardfredcadete: also json13:40
fredcadeteCTtpollard: oops, never mind, it's pkgconfig for json13:40
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kanupatarTarnyko2: progress in booting13:50
kanupatarable to solve the stuck issue13:51
kanupatarNow, mouting is waitin13:51
kanupatarWaiting 3sec before mounting root device... Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk1p1...13:51
kanupatarinfinite wait13:51
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jonathanmawit would seem that the amb_allow_sessionbus patch doesn't apply to later versions of the automotive message broker. I wonder if meta-genivi-demo includes the rationale for its existence.14:12
jonathanmawhrm, that was added back when it was in meta-ivi.14:13
CTtpollardyep, it was in the initial commit of the repo14:15
jonathanmawhrm, the patch appears in meta-ivi's commit "automotive-message-broker: Add newer version"14:15
CTtpollardjonathanmaw: who was the commiter, the .patch is a just a diff14:17
jonathanmawother commits in meta-ivi referring to the automotive-message-broker don't appear to shed light on it, either.14:17
jonathanmawCTtpollard: the committer was Florin Sarbu, of windriver14:18
jonathanmawCTtpollard: I'll E-mail him. Remove the patch for now, and note in the commit message that this might cause a regression14:21
jonathanmawthough it looks like the only part of the GDP that uses the AMB at the moment is the FSA (which is not currently working)14:22
CTtpollardjonathanmaw: do you think we should also go ahead and move to the latest commit?14:23
jonathanmawCTtpollard: I suppose our choices are 1) The earliest commit that fixes our json-c problem, 2) The latest commit that the patch applies at, 3) The latest commit, or 4) The latest version14:24
jonathanmawI think we'll probably have the best luck stability-wise with 4), which would appaear to be commit 5612167afded0ab5f455488c69d902dd1207818e "Version bump 0.14.802"14:28
CTtpollardI'll go with 4 for now14:34
CTtpollardand drop the commit14:34
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CTtpollardcurrent issue trying to build the latest commit of AMB
fredcadetesource dir vs build dir?14:51
fredcadeteor, did you inherit cmake or cmake_qt?14:54
CTtpollardfredcadete: originally just cmake, I've listed both now in the recipe14:54
pedroalvarezlooks releveant14:55
CTtpollardcheers :)14:56
CTtpollardfredcadete: still not going to fosdem?14:59
fredcadeteCTtpollard: nope, family > foss14:59
CTtpollardfredcadete: understood, ofc14:59
fredcadeteit'll be for next year14:59
fredcadete^^ I've missed 2 out of 3 fosdems saying this15:00
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* pedroalvarez gives up with gdp-hmi15:59
pedroalvarezhah :)16:02
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: why? :/16:02
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paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: florin is no longer at wind iiuc16:03
pedroalvarezI feel like I will need loads of help to be able to.16:04
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paulsherwood's ok... there are helpful people here? :)16:17
CTtpollardpaulsherwood: it looks like bitbake automatically generates a rootfs manifest for the built image16:20
CTtpollardI'll pastebin the one from gdp16:20
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: excellent16:20
CTtpollardis what it produces16:23
CTtpollardas part of the image dir16:24
* pedroalvarez will probably upload that file for published images in the CI16:25
paulsherwoodgood idea16:25
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: thanks!16:25
CTtpollardpaulsherwood: np16:27
CTtpollardthere's also a package.manifest & licence.manifest in the licence dir16:30
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pedroalvarezthose are interesting too16:31
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paulsherwoodwhat's the difference?16:53
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* rjek says something unwholesome about mailing lists that allow HTML-only posts.17:15
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AlisonChaikenIn case anyone cares, I've now left Mentor Automotive and will soon join Peleton Technology, a maker of big-rig ADAS systems.18:42
AlisonChaikenPeloton, as a startup, is a member of neither GENIVI nor AGL, but who knows what the future holds in store.18:43
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ToxicGumbo-workCongrats, AlisonChaiken.  I'm sure if they head that direction, you'll have had some influence on that choice.19:33
AlisonChaikenWe can hope.19:34
AlisonChaikenA startup's highest priority has to be getting the first product out . . .19:34
AlisonChaikenObviously I have a high opinion of GENIVI and AGL, but any decision has to make sense in terms of the product plan.19:42
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ToxicGumbo-workBest wishes regardless.  I imagine you made this decision very carefully.19:48
AlisonChaikenI'm just weary of remote work.19:54
AlisonChaikenI rollerbladed to my interview at my new office, where there will live human collaborators every day.19:54
AlisonChaikenMentor has been a great employer, though.19:54
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myselfHope those were diesel rollerblades.19:57
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ToxicGumbo-workI hope her diesel rollerblades ECU was properly accounting for and consuming AdBlue.20:26
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waltminerGood afternoon. All hail the glow cloud!20:32
waltminerAlisonChaiken - congratulations, but human is interactions are overrated.20:35
AlisonChaikenwaltminer hope springs eternal, although that I note that I am single.20:36
AlisonChaikenBeing single and working alone was just too much for me.20:36
waltminerand even when you went into the office there was no one there20:37
AlisonChaikenI bought my own i.MX6 board and am building a rootfs for it.20:37
AlisonChaikenJust so, waltminer.    I did work sometimes at MGC Fremont office and sometimes at Hacker Dojo, but I missed having a real local team too much.20:37
AlisonChaikenDiesel rollerblades is a scary thought.   I guess I could mount the exhaust pipe on my helmet.20:38
waltminerDays like today when it is -2 in the morning, I do not miss commuting20:39
AlisonChaikenIt's a bit wamer here.20:39
ulf`AlisonChaiken: Got your eat fixed? I heard there was some nastiness going on.20:42
AlisonChaikenThat turned out funny.20:42
ulf`Not sure I would find that funny :)20:43
AlisonChaikenI had about half a silicone ear bud inside my left ear.20:43
ulf`That's about what I heard20:43
AlisonChaikenMust have been there for a while I guess, but all of a sudden I couldn't hear.20:43
AlisonChaikenScared the heck out of me.   I had no idea.20:43
waltminerfrom a set of ear buds?20:43
myselfear frenemies, more like20:43
AlisonChaikenOn my *second* appointment with a specialist, the doc pulled it out of my ear.20:43
ulf`AlisonChaiken: They say q-tips are bad. For this reason I disgaree20:43
AlisonChaikenMust have been way in there if first doc didn't see it.20:44
ulf`AlisonChaiken: Or the first doc was useless20:44
AlisonChaikenOf course I obsessively tried to clean my ear, but I probably pushed it further in.20:44
myselfwhich i.MX6 board?20:44
myselfto be inadequately off-topic..20:44
AlisonChaikenNitrogen 6x from Boundary Devices.20:44
AlisonChaikenI had a plan if I was going deaf: I would get a hearing aid, and tell everyone it was a prototype new Google Ear.20:45
ulf`AlisonChaiken: lol20:45
AlisonChaikenAnd then tell them that, unfortunately, I couldn't say more.20:45
AlisonChaikenWhat do you bet I would have gotten phone calls from _Wired_ and _Gizmodo_ and _The Verge_ the same day?20:46
AlisonChaikenI bought Blue Ant earbuds.   The old Etymotics had better sound though.20:47
AlisonChaikenIt's such a plausible lie: I live in Mountain View, CA; I have lots of friends who are Googlers; I did honestly have hearing problems.20:48
AlisonChaikenAnd it would be a follow-on for Google Glass.   I almost believe it's true myself.20:48
myselfWell, April Fool's day is right around the corner.20:49
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*** dannas has joined #automotive21:08
AlisonChaikenGreat idea, myself.   Such a low-effort prank.21:12
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