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tcounihamorning folks08:17
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CTtpollardare you here jeremiah?09:04
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waltminer=== AGL Layer Design Meeting Starting ====12:02
* paulsherwood is unable to contribute to this log much today12:02
waltminerActually had a couple of questions about CI srt up12:03
paulsherwoodshoot :)12:04
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waltminerImage names changed with Tanikawa-san’s patch. Need to update Jenkins12:11
kooltux__sorry guys... this is Stephane from - I can hear you all but can't speak :\12:15
waltmineryou can type a comment or question if need to12:16
waltminerDecided to create sub groups for reviewers of kernel, OS/Libs, Multimedia, automotive subsystem12:17
waltminerProbably create a general reviewer groups as well12:17
waltminerFulup asked if we need a security group as well12:19
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kooltux__waltminer, got it12:22
kooltux__so at the moment, does it mean that we only should push to master branch ?12:27
waltminerkooltux_ no the problem will occur on master as well12:29
waltminerCannot do jenkins builds on meta-renesas due to click through license issues so those will neither get +1 nor -1 from CI system12:30
kooltux__yep - understood12:31
waltminerRenesas understands the problem and is discussing how to change it12:31
waltminerJan-Simon pointed out that TI does not use click thru but allows the build system config parameter to be used12:32
waltminerthat allows the build system to automatically accept thel license12:32
kooltux__not the same Stephane :)12:42
* waltminer will add kooltux_ to SAT mail list12:42
kooltux__cool thx12:42
dl9pfI need to leave the call. I'll change the build targets in jenkins to match the commits later today and merge those changes.12:46
waltminerok thanks12:46
kooltux__seems ok for now12:48
kooltux__thx walt12:48
kooltux__bye folks12:48
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waltminer=== End AGL Meeting ===12:48
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Tarnykoivi-shell patch is ready \o/ retrying build on qemu + porter, pushing afterwards14:36
fredcadetethat was fast14:37
Tarnykosome of the functions I left out were responsible for glitches14:37
Tarnykowhat's nice is that Qt5 apps should work out-of-the-box14:39
fredcadetewith the ivi-shell support in qtwayland, or with the wl_shell emulator?14:39
Tarnykoqtwayland ; just had some hints from n.tanibata on GENIVI about wl_shell emulator, still pending need to try this out14:40
fredcadeteI never tried that one either14:41
fredcadeteby the way, do you know if the multi-screen stuff tanibata-san is talking about includes showing the same surface on more than one screen/layer?14:41
fredcadetebecause I just found a bug that probably impedes that14:42
Tarnykowl_shell was in their first releases but they discontinued it ; I wrote a xdg-shell once (, shoud still work, but not kept for strategy14:44
Tarnykonot sure for multi-screen, need to check14:44
fredcadeteI'll post it to the list anyway14:45
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Tarnykowould also be nice if ivi-shell could take screenshots... may propose a patch15:02
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fredcadeteI thought that was what "LayerManagerControl dump" was for15:16
fredcadeteor do you mean with Super+S15:16
TarnykoSuper+S, did not know about LayerManagerControl dump :shame:15:21
fredcadeteLayerManagerControl is supposed to give better control15:21
fredcadetebut it output an empty bmp up until recently15:22
Tarnykobinary seems to be in wayland-ivi-extension, not ivi-shell itself, need to give it a try after I'm finished15:23
Tarnykobackported it quickly, seems to work ok15:38
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ToxicGumbo-workWhat is AGL in most need of right now from the external community?  Philanthropy, awareness, code contributions/review, software testers, usability feedback…all of the above?17:13
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Tarnykohi again folks, the IVI-Shell patch has landed in Gerrit (, please review20:13
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